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Prova HealthCare

Palliative Care – Therapeutic Healing the Prova Way

In the hustle of modern-day existence, subsistence is now a daily fight for sustenance, and indeed, survival. While endeavouring to earn an earnest livelihood ensues, the demarcations segregating work and personal life are dwindling rapidly. Ergo, timelines & deadlines have become the new reality. These days, most are time-tested. Doubtlessly, an excess of anything stimulates repercussions in everything. Inevitably, withstanding such hectic work schedule tribulations weaves a dreadful web of constant stresses, perpetual perturbations, and endless anxieties for the one who endures. Soon, ramifications percolate down to the corporeal level, manifesting as a whole gamut of ailments – lifestyle diseases or acquired disorders.

Getting diagnosed through an efficacious prognosis, some get placed on salubrious treatment procedures for augmenting healing. In this scenario, a proper medicinal procedure suffices for expediting the curative aspect. At times, surgical intervention becomes exigent, especially, for ailments concerning the musculoskeletal system. Herein, the significance of a therapeutic orthopaedic rehabilitation system comes to the fore.

A recent survey about India’s orthopaedic rehabilitation industry underscores the realm of opportunities awaiting emancipation. With an ever-growing populace breaching the billion mark, and a proportionately burgeoning infirm population, the orthopaedic instrumentation market is poised at a propitious cusp, even as mind-boggling numbers point towards a statistical enormity – $2.4 billion.

Founding on the prerequisite traits of compassionate empathy and humaneness, which form the pivotal component in any palliative care, a revolutionary brand foraying into manufacturing of musculoskeletal support belts got established on December 21, 2012, aiming to assuage the suffering of millions. An insightful Tete-e-Tete reveals, how Harsh Mehta is not merely the active director at the helm of affairs of Prova Health Care but, also the quintessential entrepreneur etched with essentials of perspicacious acuity and a  profound sense of business acumen – a contemporary era rarity.

On getting quizzed, Mr Mehta chronicles the diverse healthcare product range, responsible for a speedy recuperation of their client –

  • Musculoskeletal Support belts

  1. Cervical Collars
  2. Lumbosacral Belts
  3. Rib-chest Belts
  4. Abdominal Belts
  5. Tennis Elbow Brace
  6. Knee Caps
  7. Ankle Support
  • Body Movement Aiding Products

  1. Walkers
  2. Walking Sticks
  3. Quadripods
  4. Auxiliary Clutches

In own words, the forthright corporate honcho justifies the paradigm -shift from outsourcing production to a comprehensive in-house manufacturing unit, catering to the clientele with specific instruments, which are tailored to fit their requirement, as a much-needed perspicacity in the ever-evolving healthcare sector. According to Mr Mehta, incessant RD forms the crux in the therapeutic avenues, on which a blueprint of ingenuity gets instituted.

Additionally, incorporating off-centre marketing initiatives, revamping the hierarchical structure, heralding novel technologies, re-calibrating managerial policies, foraying into the App-based platforms for greater reach, and ushering ingenious revenue enhancing stratagems are measures propelling their organisation towards commercial progression.

To preempt growth stagnation, the bigwig enunciates his organisational forte – perpetually attempting for progress, instead of, brood about past laurels and achievements, thereby, giving them an edge over the rest.

Incidentally, regarding the ordeals and hindrances endured during the initial days, Mr Mehta categorically lays the onus on substandard quality, quixotic pricing by rivals, apart from monetary enticements for luring their sales team into subversion, with the lamentable intent at sabotaging the reputation, earned earnestly over time. Consequently, their commercial voyage witnessed an unprecedented diminution in market share, followed by a glaring loss of revenues, not to mention the inestimable erosion of stature, leading to the abject lack of self-belief.

Subsequently, a rectification of anomalies needed hiring employees from other professional spheres, implying rebuilding from scratch. However, providing ample cognitive leeway that fosters fertile space for visualization of groundbreaking ideas, undeniably, gets the unambiguous nod in his perception.

Even though, in these crazy times defining the parameters borders on absurdity, Mr Mehta emphatically articulates his eight-fold mantra for success in the realm of business –

  1. In-depth analysis
  2. Meticulous evaluation
  3. Painstaking research
  4. Trust your instincts 
  5. Eagerness to learn and adapt
  6. Touch base with ground realities
  7. Connecting with the clients
  8. Avoid cutting corners, patience pays

Without an iota of doubt, having an average annual turnover of roughly 7o million gives profundity to his words. Sagaciousness to incorporate laudable attributes is a sign of inventiveness, innate within those belonging to resourceful kind. Explicitly, the Head of Prova Healthcare estimates the importance of peerless marketing methodologies over product quality. He vehemently states, “Quality in tandem with frivolous administrative policies is a sure-shot recipe for ruination.”

There’s no debate to the contrary.

Our interaction invoking inquisitiveness traverses reticent matters relating to the inspirational role models in Mr Mehta’s life. Nostalgic recollections about the remarkable contributions by family stalwarts unfurl. Fervid instances of toil by an ageless Grandsire, a sedulous Uncle with conscientious streaks, & a father’s expertise in merchandising, portrays the hidden benevolence encapsulated within a pragmatic exterior. Appending the list are revered names akin to steel baron Sunil Mittal, airline tycoon Richard Branson, & homegrown industrial magnate Dhirubhai Ambani, citing a few.

Accentuating the urgency of extending the brand worth offshores, the unpretentious man promulgates the plan for turning the company into a global marque. Dodging the curveball on the initiatives of the incumbent governments, both at the centre and state, Harsh invokes prudence, offering a subtle response about how policy benefits are trickling down to ground zero.

Taking umbrage on the clarifications sought regarding female workforce equality, Mr Mehta fervently asserts that gender equanimity is a prevailing ideology of their   corporation, embedded into the everyday functionalities, with apt timings, felicitous job profiles, adequate sanitation facilities, proximity hiring to avoid inordinate commutes, & remunerative maternity leaves as some of the criteria adhered to the hilt.

Notwithstanding the 60-month inception, Prova Healthcare has more than 100 products making beelines in its assembly line, along with a cent percent revenue growth in the preceding three years adding to the already illustrious cap.

Once in aeons, treads a mortal whose entrepreneurial brilliance replete with resolute tenacity, unwavering perseverance, self-abnegating zeal, and oceans of forbearance become the genesis of manifesting an entity, which not merely subsists but, transforms into a breathtaking phenomenon, for generations to emulate.

Harsh Mehta, heading Prova Healthcare is one such trailblazer par excellence.   

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