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Quale Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Quale Infotech Pvt. Ltd.: A Renowned Name in combining Robotic Process Automation with Software and Artificial Intelligence

Technology is an important component of our life which not just makes our work trouble-free but saves time. Each and every part of our lives is very much influenced by technological advancements. 8 out of 10 people in today’s world are using smart devices to upgrade their lives to the next level. It is not only limited to devices but mankind is also affiliated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital learning which engages them in a technologically advanced connection with the virtual world. Like this Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technologically advanced process that is integrated/combined with various AI technologies to make judgement-based decisions to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks with ease that previously required huge manpower to perform. These tasks can include queries, calculations, and maintenance of records and transactions.

Quale Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is a tech giant that deals in helping companies scale their traditional RPA deployment and using AI to build personalized user-experiences and engage their customers while making their operations efficient.

A Digital Services Firm incorporated to be best in customer service

Quale Infotech was started in 2017 and has offices in chief cities (Delhi, Gurgaon, and Bangalore). The inception of the company was primarily with a focus on innovation in AI technologies. AI is an evolving technology and even today is seen as the future of how companies would operate. Quale wants to establish itself as a leader in AI innovation, and help define how AI will impact organisations and people in general.

A problem solver with a unique technological approach

Quale Infotech took its first step with a vision to enhance the digital experience of organisations, whether it is their customer’s experience or employees or simply the way they operate. Moving towards digital as a strategy is integral for a company to be successful and that does mean looking at the holistic picture. Quale Infotech digital consulting practice helps do a dipstick assessment for organisations on where they are in being a digital company. From here they create a road map for organisations to move towards adopting digital and support in the technical implementation of the same. Using Automation, AI, and Experience as key levers, Quale Infotech supports its customers in truly becoming a digital organization which makes it a technology partner for customers.

A daring firm in the digital market

The company faced the standard challenges as any startup in the country, like finance and regulatory issues. However, the key industry-specific issues are the readiness of Indian customers to adopt digital transformation. The traditional mindset of businesses has been “Why fix it if not broken”. Quale Infotech invested its concern in helping them change their theory and understand that being digital is the only way they would continue to be relevant. For e.g. Oyo or Uber, which are digital companies and have shaken the fundamentals of the hotel and transportation business.

An innovative leadership Team

The company tends to be a leader in the domain and as such is piloted by a crew of innovative ideas. They are –

Siddhartha Singh (CEO): The man is a maestro in IT and BPM space and has an experience of 20 years in managing many global businesses and delivery centers.

Ashish Khosla (Head, Human Resources): Ashish is the caretaker of people and their culture of the company. He carries an experience of more than 15 years in the dept. and has been a leader in organisations like Compass Group and NIIT.

Nikhil Pasricha (CMO): He is the architect of digital marketing, Brand design systems, Media advertising and interface design of the company and carries an experience of 20 years in the same.

Gaurav Kumar (Head RPA COE), Gaurav is responsible for all the RPA proceedings in the company. He has a deep knowledge of the tech industry and puts his efforts towards RPA tools like UiPath, Automation Anywhere and BluePrism to oversee customer services.

Tusar Kumar (Vice President, Strategic Accounts), Tusar has worked for more than 12 years in the field of Enterprise Sales and Business Development reflecting year-on-year success in achieving revenue and business growth objectives.

Saurabh Suman (Innovation Manager), Saurabh looks after the technology trends in the market. He has acquired a bachelor’s degree in Technology and has worked with firms like Cognizant Technologies.

Pillars on which the company earns economy

The company is focused on 3 key operational units. First is the large System Integrator (SI) companies from India who have a large customer base but are not able to provide digital expertise to their customers. The second business unit is focused on Banking and Insurance space, where we work with customers to adopt automation and AI in their operations. The third business line is working with global technology partners and offer software products and expertise for them to implement in their markets. Each of these 3 business lines works on their own profitability and cost models while sharing common resources of the company.

Ensuring Quality to the highest standards

Quale Infotech excels in quality in every delivery they undertake. The focus has always been to ensure that they deliver the best and sustainable models for their customers and they don’t let cost compromise Quality in their deliverable. Technology is also a factor in strategizing the quality standards of the company. The company comes with a focus on both domain expertise and technical expertise.

Inception of a Holistic work culture

The Company has incorporated an enthusiastic approach which they call #QualePanti. It is their way of life, keeping fun and excellence in their behavior and work. The approach has ensured a holistic work culture through collaboration between employees, clients, and partners. Employees are the most important resource for any organisation. So to keep them engaged and strengthen the bond, Quale Infotech organizes numerous recreation activities like monthly sports events and festive celebrations. Some other commemoration activities include informal lunches with different teams, birthday celebrations, etc.

Accolades to be pride about

From the initiation itself, Quale Infotech Pvt. Ltd. has always ensured quality, commitment and satisfaction in their products and related services, which has won them a multitude of awards like Top 10 APAC Robotic Process Automation 2017, by CIO Advisor, 50 Best Entrepreneurs 2019, by CEO Insights, 30 Best Indian Founded Companies 2019, by Silicon Review, and One of the Most Promising Business Leaders of Asia 2019, by The Economic Times. The company has also announced delightfully that they will be launching their own RPA software soon.

Unfolding a future of growth and opportunities for all

The company is focusing on growth in F.Y. 2019-20. During F.Y. 2017-19 Quale Infotech was focused on building a base and strong practices within the company. Now their intent is to look at hyper-growth in the next couple of years. Expansion into new geographies and segments will be the main strategy for achieving this growth. The company is also focused on being the partner of choice for its customers, keeping along with profit and revenue. Building long term customer relationships is always a profitable approach, and since India is one of the growing economies, the company tends to have a strong customer base here while opening the services to other geographies.

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