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Resotel Consultancy

Written by: Vikas Jha

The trendsetter continuing its leadership in the hospitality consultancy

For the last few years, entrepreneurship has taken the center stage in India. A whole lot of new ideas are being explored and are successfully implemented by the visionaries of young India. One such unique concept that has flourished in last few years is “Hospitality Consultancy”. One name that resonates quite well with the idea is Resotel Consultancy.

It is a Kolkata based hospitality consultant for hotels, resorts, pubs, lounges and anything and everything related to hospitality, under one roof solution. In Kolkata, maximum pubs, breweries, and lounges are shaped by it. The company has its presence in 4 countries and 8 cities. Till date, Resotel has completed 72 projects consisting of F&B, Retail, Hotels, Resorts, Lounges, and Breweries.

The company has mastered theme based restaurant. It completed Eastern India’s first three theme based restaurants:

  • Fly Kouzina – Airplane model restaurant
  • Kouzina mining – Coal mine theme restaurant
  • Kouzina marine – Sea theme restaurant

With the changing times, the company always stays updated with the latest infrastructure. For this, the co-founders travel a lot, visit all F & B outlets. Outside West Bengal also, they visit a lot. Not only this, they come with their own concept quite often which is followed by others later on.

As far as brewery is concerned, Kolkata’s one of the oldest and the biggest brewery Raise the Bar were conceptually designed by the company. Then, the market started following them. Apart from this, Siliguri’s biggest lounge and pub Hash tag and Barcode respectively were also created by the company. The company has its presence in one of the seven sisters states Sikkim too. It is a consultant for more than 9 hotels in North- East. It has presence in Oman too. In Nepal, Indian village, the most famous restaurant in Nepal has also been created by the company.

Reverberating the idea of owners

The company aptly corroborates the job of a consultant by representing the thoughts and giving shape to the thoughts of owners. It is found that the owners usually don’t possess the knowledge required to run a business and that’s why they go to consultants. You are required to take into that position where the owner feels that you are thinking on behalf of him. You have to shape his dreams.

The company has earned that confidence which is reflected very well by the terrific numbers of 70% people who are glued to the company since the inception. The company has successfully retained them just because of the kind of services it provides. Even after the completion of project, the clients and the company share a good cordial relation.

When the business was started, this consultant concept was barely visible in the market. Saying that the company is a trendsetter won’t be an exaggeration. What’s interesting to know is that its maximum business has come through references.

It is quite easy for one to dream of becoming an owner of a restaurant but it takes a multitude of planning and expertise to run the business in a proper manner. People used to be under the impression that if they go out for dining, they can make restaurant. “If you are a diabetic that doesn’t mean that you will be a diabetologist”, humors Soumya Sengupta, co-founder of the company.

The company takes it as a priority to make its client clear about the relevance and importance of a hospitality consultant. The company has worked to change the old school mindset of people in a positive manner. That is why, in the Eastern India, the company has emerged as an undisputed leader; 70% market is under its umbrella.

Giving the human touch

The company is a logistical consultant in Kitchen designing, equipment specification, menu planning, menu pricing, menu presentation, F & B Logistics and many more. Although we are living in an age of technology, still in many cases human touch is preferred. The Company firmly believes that rather than going the robotic way, it should focus more on the animated touch with the customers. This sets a positive vibration with the customer that goes a long way.

Talking about the workforce, Mr. Sengupta says, “Our people are our strength”. Since the inception of the company, they have been the strongest pillar to carry forward the company in the smoothest way possible.

One of the traits that place the company apart from others is its rock solid attitude to face the competition. The company strongly believes in competition as this motivates to better the service each and every time. The threat keeps you on toe and doesn’t make you complacent.

As far as future planning is concerned, by 2021, it is aiming to have 2 restaurants chains under its own brand. Apart from this, Soumya himself his coming up with Bengali theme based sweet shop – Bong Moyra. In long term, it is aiming to go for hotel segment. He says this is the right time for entrepreneurs to set their foot in the hospitality consultant domain.

For last five years since its inception, it has retained most of its clients including Ethnotel, Fly Kouzina, Raize the bar, Ethnotel Kolkata, Fly Kouzina Kolkata, Raize the bar, Kolkata, Hashtag Siliguri, The Signature Asansol, Kouzina Mining, Terma Linca Resort and Spa Bhutan, Hotel Norkhil Bhutan, Airport guesthouse Kolkata among many others.

It is said that the hard work never goes in vain. Due to its excellent work in the domain, it has been honored by few business magazines.

About the minds

Mr. Sengupta has 20 years of experience. He is a Pusa graduate from IHM Kolkata. He has worked in all sorts of 5 star properties. He loves spending time with family members and watching movies with them is a real treat for him.

And in his support is his partner Chef Divyendu Ghosh with 24 years of experience and he also has been a celebrity chef in many renowned hotels.


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