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S S Systems- Correctly Aligns Your Web Content To Maximize Sales

S S Systems- Correctly Aligns Your Web Content To Maximize Sales

More than 90% of all online interactions begin with a search engine. This is a clear indication of the importance of investing in correct SEO activities and it will improve your search engines and Google rankings. In principle, it can be the best means of advertisement for your service or product to rate your company page high in search engines.

On average, Google currently handles over 40,000 search requests per second, equating to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year across the globe according to Internet Live Stats. Emarsys claims that 3.2 billion social media accounts are online every day, representing about 42% of the population. You can attract a larger audience and help the company reach higher heights if you are skilled in social media marketing.

Every day, new businesses are established, resulting in fierce rivalry in the business world. To succeed with a new company, it needs to meet customers, create guidelines, and then turn them into sales. Now with the rise of the internet, as more people spend their time online, this is where digital marketing becomes so crucial.

Business Connect brings to you a story of one such fantastically built digital firm that helps you go digital.

S S Systems is a group of Digital Marketing Experts and Website Designers who collaborate to get the company online. They would analyze the company’s requirements and provide you with the best available Digital Marketing Services for your industry.  Through their Digital Marketing Services, you can enjoy the benefits of the digital age.

S S Systems’ most valuable commodity is its satisfied users. It is one of the few digital marketing firms that guarantee increased online visibility. S S Systems provides flexible and high-quality digital marketing platforms for a variety of sectors, whether it’s a small company or a large corporation.

The Inside Story
S Systems Pvt Ltd., an ambitious venture that began in 2017, is now a well-established enterprise led by relentless innovators.

S S System takes you on a multi-dimensional trip through the worlds of digital marketing, software development, web design, mobile app development, training, and consulting. We are a well-known software and website design and development firm headquartered in Patna, India. Be it launching a profitable e-Commerce Store or building a Corporate Online Presence, our experienced Web Development Team offers a broad variety of Creative & Technical Web Solutions, including Web Designing & Development, Web Hosting, Digital Marketing & SEO Services.

“Our objective is to provide all our clients around the globe with world-class technology services and solutions. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience in client-server and internet consulting. SSS is also a startup studio, a company that builds companies. We have created an ecosystem to identify, build, fund, and grow businesses by providing our expertise in technology and digital marketing.” says Mr. Aamir Junaid Ahmad, the Chief Executive Officer at S. S. Systems.

The company recently launched, which is an online ticketing site. The definition of dynamic price for bus ticket reservations with the AI Analytical Benefits is being introduced for the first time. Bus seat prices can vary depending on the season, activities and the number of seats available.

This will, however, be carried out subject to stakeholder consent. In order to resolve the problem of missing baggage, which puts travelers at great stress and costs for the bus travel industry, the use of IoT is being introduced. plans to introduce IoT tools to minimize maltreatment of luggage at bus stops.

“We are guided by a desire to have unforgettable opportunities for our travelers and partners.” believes the CEO.

Meet Aamir Junaid Ahmad- The Man Who Built S S Systems
S S Systems Pvt Ltd’s CEO and Founder, Aamir Junaid Ahmad, had a startup concept of a very different business model. He decided to assist others with getting their businesses off the ground. Young people’s entrepreneurial ambitions are on the rise. Many people wish to start a business but are unable to do so due to a lack of technological resources and advice.

He began advising some of these entrepreneurs, and within a few years, he had assisted more than ten startups in various fields. A serial entrepreneur, Aamir Junaid Ahmad has incubated, created, financed, consulted, and validated new business concepts in eCommerce, education, food, real estate, apparel, and digital marketing, some of which have developed into established businesses.

Get Started to take the lead
Our primary goal is to teach entrepreneurs how to use web marketing to expand their client base, says the CEO. Many businesses underestimate the importance of successful digital marketing, making it very difficult for them to compete. Unfortunately, when it comes to effectively running a company on a tight budget, there are no shortcuts. Any business owner must realize that strategic digital marketing is critical to their growth. Most businesses either don’t have a digital media campaign in place or have an online presence that isn’t strong enough to yield significant results.

“This is the gap which we are concentrating on and we target to onboard 100 small and large businesses for our digital marketing services in the coming financial year,” he explains.

Redefining the brand’s relationship with its consumers.
“By combining evidence, technology, and media in novel ways, our team of experts is redefining digital marketing. By placing digital at the core of marketing, media, and commerce for companies, we are committing to reinventing marketing, media, and commerce across” explains Mr. Aamir.

S.S Systems assists your company in gaining a better understanding of how consumers discover their brands and how brand stories are communicated through all media platforms. The team not only offers strategic advice and ideas; but also develops intelligent interactions that redefine the brand’s relationship with its consumers. S. S Systems’ seasoned and skilled pool of software experts offers expertise in on-site and off-site software creation methodologies.

The CEO signs off with a powerful life lesson to all the young business entrepreneurs striving hard to build a name

“Change has the power to be beneficial to all. Adopt a philosophy of being receptive to this. Change is something that good leaders welcome with strength and compassion, and they train their organisations for it. We prefer to clutch information closely in usual times, but I agree that in unpredictable times, we must loosen our grip and lean into resilience and adaptability. Working and adapting to the changing world, I believe, will be the theme for 2021. The healthiest course of action is to relax your grip and be adaptable.”





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