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Proud Moment: Shine Projects now an NSDC Affiliate

Proud Moment: Shine Projects now an NSDC Affiliate

We are proud to announce another achievement made by Shine Projects, after being awarded as the best startup of the year 2020 by Business Connect and best company in focus 2021 by Prime Insights, we are now recognized by NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) which is a major contributor to the Skill India Mission, having the primary mandate of catalyzing the skills landscape in India.

NSDC having a Training Partner network of over 450 affiliates, 38 industry-led Sector Skill Councils and various enabling systems and initiatives provides support to build scalable and profitable vocational training institutions across the country. It also acts as a catalyst in skill development by providing funding/technical assistance to enterprises, companies, and organizations associated with skill development.

All the stakeholders of Shine Projects will benefit from this affiliation and accreditation with NSDC as it elevates the status of the company. The accreditation standards of NSDC are stringent and require the organization to be very fit and genuine. The training of the organization/ institute is carried out by the Centre under the accredited Sector Skill Council (SSC) in which the Centre follows a prescribed syllabus drafted under Qualification Pack for National Occupational Standards.

The training centres are inspected for meeting Sector Skill Council requirements of the infrastructure before the commencement of the training and they do so also during the course of the training. The NSDC certification received from an accredited training centre is considered valid thus enhancing the chances of placement.

The value added to our certification courses in various skills through NSDC will help our students to gain an extra edge over their competitors, giving them CV points. The revised modules and fresh methodologies will let the students gain more experience in the field making them armed and ready for the market. It goes without saying that the certificates issued to interns (Marketing & HR) and also the work experience certificates to the staff will also be all the more valuable further to the accreditation.


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