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Educational assessment plays an integral role in an aspirant’s life. A good career assessment makes candidates mindful of their performance, knowledge-base, areas of improvement and the job market as well. On the contrary, it gives educators a clear picture of the aspirant’s progress, helping them devise the most suitable approaches to increase efficiency. The conventional procedure of assessments focuses on the aspirants’ interests, aptitudes, values, and skills to determine what their real interests are and where exactly they fit in the job market. However, this framework often shows equivocal conclusions and it becomes a back-breaking task for companies, to churn out the perfect candidate, with the right skill set.

Technology has been an incremental component, for the growth of the education industry. Tech-upgrades namely Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have helped the arena see new heights, in a short time. The digital platform has also played a crucial role in education assessment. During recruitment, companies tend to find candidates with, the perfect blend of skills and education. However, the prevalent framework makes it a huge challenge to identify the right candidate in the crowd.

This calls for a specialist such as  Skynet Experts. Headquartered in Pune, the Company has conceived a state-of-the-art online platform that assesses an aspirant’s career interest and helps them find the perfect job.


Skynet Experts Pvt. Ltd. is a tech-innovative online assessment platform that expertise on screening the adept talents, who can stimulate growth for an organization. Their platform is structured, with AI-based tools that help them assess and churn out the ideal candidates. Their trove of online services includes Online Training, Assessments, Business Consultancy, Proctoring, and Product developments. Skynet is encircled with adept professionals having decades of experience in technology, management, skill development, and evaluation field. The Company works with many notable universities, educational ministries, states, and competency councils in the sector and has access to more than one million applicants through their online assessment platform.

Skynet was established in 2019 and is led by Dr. Rajesh Joshi, Chairman, and Managing Director. Skynet was conceptualized with the drive to create something innovative and pioneering, that can contribute to society by adding value to someone’s life. This focus helped them envision a digital platform – connected to the community of students, across the globe. The platform was devised to help candidates increase their self-awareness and understand the job market. Skynet’s services are catered to State/ Central Government, Skill Universities, Vocational Institutions, NGO’s from skill development background. “We aspire to be a global leader in the field of online Learning and educational assessment and help today’s generation in shaping their career,” asserts Mr Joshi


Skynet is lead by cultivated professionals from various business verticals. Dr. Rajesh Joshi is a seasoned leader holding a decade of experience in policy designing for the central and state of India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. He also has a Ph.D. in IT & operations, Prince 2 Certified and PMP Certified, as well. He has worked in various MNCs like HCL and Microsoft, where he worked on the development of native tools and designed and deployed lots of large scale projects. In addition to Dr. Joshi, the company is overseen by  Mr. Devdatta Sathe, Dr. Firoz Syed &  Dr. Rupali Joshi.

Mr Devdatta Sathe oversees the backbone of Skynet – The IT team. He has inculcated 2 decades of IT experience, by working with notable MNCs of the IT arena namely Lupin Pharma and IBM. Mr Sathe’s core specializations encompass IT Products development, software programming and Web and Applications development.

Mr Firoz Syed supervises the International business framework of Skynet. Mr Syed has accomplished 20+ years of experience, in diverse arenas namely IT services, education and placement industry within India and abroad.

Dr Rupali Joshi heads the entire operations of the company. she has 20 years of experience in the diversified sectors of Health Insurance, Corporate Insurance broking, healthcare and holds a Six Sigma Black belt. She is also a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner and ICF Coach as well. Having worked for reputed organizations such as Aon Global Insurance Brokers, Marsh& McClennan Insurance brokers, she has got outstanding exposure in managing business operations with expertise in the areas of Strategy & Planning, Process Management, Customer Service Delivery, and the implementation of techno-commercial projects and the management of large teams.


Educational assessment is the need of the era; It creates a great impact on three surrounding social pyramids – Education, Organisation and Students. Comprehending to this, Skynet offers a cutting-edge remote proctoring solution. Organizations need certain skillset, to analyze and identify the perfect candidate; that’s where Skynet comes into the picture. The Company collaborates with educational institutions, colleges, universities, organizations, and certification providers, providing them with faultless online Learning Solutions and AI-based proctored safe test experiences, with high quality. Quality audits are a key part of Educational capital markets and Skynet stands as a notable quality assessment system in India.

Furthermore, their products ensure test operators comply with the test integrity and use the best-in-class approach to support Learning and test participants throughout the process. The AI-based Remote Proctoring solution is capable of recording the behavior of participants through screenshots, audio or video files. It can also remotely disclose transgressions using intelligent photo capture, video sharing, which helps in detecting cheating during online exams. Designed with ML algorithms, the platform detects Potential infringements and significantly reduces human efforts.

Along with the Proctoring solution, Skynet’s products include Smart Exam Management app, Smart Admission Management app, Smart Aadhar app, Smart Employee and Smart Attendance app. These products contain advanced format questions banks with – video queries, images, graph analysis, software tools, precision and speed typing, speech synthesis etc. and are compatible with regional languages.


Skynet has played a pivotal role in restructuring the entire model of conducting assessments and certifying the candidates. The prevalent skill development ecosystem was ambiguous and restrained the objectives and purpose of training the youth in vocational areas. Having no integrated framework or appropriate platform, the system had no reliable assessment procedure. The lack of an able monitoring process eventually created huge delays for results after training was done. There had been instances where the candidates had to wait for 3 years before they were assessed and certified. In, short the framework was a huge loss for aspirant as well as the country’s economy. Conquering these challenges, Skynet has proffered a business model that can procure comprehensive assessment reports. Its conventional solutions are highly accredited, by Maharashtra State Skill Development Society (MSSDS) and Maharashtra State Council of Vocational Training (MSCVT).

On another note, Skynet works as a Government Consultant in the criteria of skills training and business evaluation. They also provide counseling & placement for the Blue & White-collar workforce in the organized sector.


Within a year of business, Skynet has witnessed the integration of disruptive technologies, across various industry verticals. Being a technology company to the core, they have also installed many tech-upgrades in their products like Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML). In addition to that, every product is devised under CMMI Level 5 and Six Sigma Black Belt Standards of Quality. The amalgamation of technological advancements and foremost quality standards create a robust and scalable platform that can assess & empower young talents and also provide suitable candidates across all domains.

Their product is also playing an instrumental role in the current crisis. Due to the refractory outbreak of COVID-19, millions of lives – across the globe has been shattered. In this situation, staying at home and maintaining social distancing are the foremost ways to be safe. However, time doesn’t stop and Skynet emphasizes this, through its products. By leveraging on AI and ML, they have built a pioneering online platform, which is a boon during this time of social distancing.


The nationwide panic due to the COVID-19 outbreak has afflicted the livelihood of the entire country. Businesses are witnessing severe hardships and need to adapt to the transformative way for a new normal. Digital Technology has revealed an avenue of transformative opportunities to learn and adaptin this period of self-isolation. Fathoming to the scenario, Skynet is diversifying its assessment services to online learning solutions and other tech-based projects as well. Since the conclusion of the current situation remains inconclusive, Skynet is focusing on aspects it can control. Specifically, the company is prioritizing on customer retention, including the quality of services, value orientation, and ensure spending only on crucial aspects. Since they’re shifting from the conventional path, they’re keeping a clear communication channel, short and crisp meetings to value each others time, sending pre-reads and use meetings to drive decisions.

The pandemic has created a huge turmoil for several businesses and consumers in India. However, Skynet believes that it has helped them innovate new possibilities. They are emphasizing on capital preservation for sustaining their business and investing in deploying remote communications, artificial intelligence and contactless services in the aftermath of the pandemic.


Skynet maintains a sensible approach towards its workforce. Enthusiastic employees portray a holistic picture of the company; hence, Skynet prioritizes the needs of their employees just like their clients. The Company maintains the integrity and a transparent communication channel, that helps them answer the issues, and querries employees might have. Employees’ efforts and hard work are acknowledged, which further keeps them motivated at work. “We try to be transparent and honest with them as we consider this can be an opportunity to build trust with the team.” acknowledges Mr Joshi. The company also organizes, team lunches, recreational activities picnics, get-togethers, birthday celebrations, etc. to further maintain their zeal. Also, to safeguard their employees from the contagion, they are providing work from home.


Within a while, Skynet has established a strong presence in the industrial arena. Recently, they have established a record in the ASIA Book of Records and India Book of Records by evaluating 3000 candidates in a single day on 15 July 2019, on World Skills Day. This stands as one of their grand milestones.

In addition to this, Skynet has conducted assessments in more than 15+ states and Certified 2.5 Million candidates across 12+ sectors with Sector Skill Councils, which includes Telecom, Sports, Rubber, and Domestic Sector Skill Council. With remarkable performances, they have established a strong presence in the Countries Like Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. The global alliances have helped Skynet garner local knowledge and bring in the best practices, to each of its engagements. They are also working with leading MNC’s under RPL Project (Recognition of Prior Learning).


Besides assessing viable candidates and providing them with prosperous jobs, Skynet is contributing towards consolidating the backbone of our country i.e. Women and the farmers of  India.  For the coming years, Skynet is gearing up with projects, subject to Women’s Self-development and Entrepreneurship. A program for women Self-defence in partnership with, Maharashtra Government and Maharashtra Police is already in process. Along with that, Skynet is initiating a farming and agriculture project by September 2020. Also, programs for the tribal and rural population, are to be started very soon.


“We are mostly influenced by the environment and our attitudes. Man, in his attempt to improve himself, constantly endeavours to conceive innovative ideas and indulges in experiments, subsequently bringing transitions in his attitude and the surrounding environment. This process eventually gives us wings to fly up on the horizon and achieve our dreams.” – Dr Rajesh Joshi


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