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Smidgen Realtech

Smidgen Realtech PVT LTD: On The Roads of Uniting the Dreams via Technology

With the aim of serving the best, they glorify the dreams, sailing the bumps of massive competition. Started their journey with the motto of making things effortless, suave and convenient for their users and developer. They believe technology is like art, a soaring exercise of the human imagination. Technology always empowers people to ride high in their imagination. They shape the dream into reality. They have the potential to fly high and energy to design fortune. They let people be creative; to be productive, and to be advance. it has become appallingly obvious that technology has exceeded our aspirations. It has led the humans to rule the globe. SMIDGEN REALTECH PVT. LTD. is a media lab which is constantly evolving their methodologies in order provide a better and trustworthy environment to their clients along with, a growth-oriented and friendly atmosphere to their personnel. Ina consistently changing environment, they are molding themselves to provide utmost satisfaction to their clients in the global network.

Clearing the backlog of complex real estate business, the firm has diversified itself in the heads of technical serving to vanish the fogey map of selling, buying or market research of real estate things. It perfectly adopts the key mantra of success in this evolving world. Being Fair, committed, dedicated and passionate towards every picture of life. Working along with almost 40 employees in the shed.

Established in 2018, the firm was originated in UTTAR PRADESH sighting at bringing professional and specialized beings under one roof to allow best amenities in the diversepen. The story began with just a question in mind which was resolved with the answer of “MEETING-ESTATE WITH TECHNOLOGY”.

Bridging the distance of virtual and reality, the firm is consistent in their vital up gradation. Believing in resolving the differences in the lap of technology to keep quality at bars.

With their technical proficiencies in property trading and real estate matters across the country, the company is serving the globe. The company has efficiently served many of the nationalized as well as international clients, even one of the biggest organizations in the world like with regard to their property settlements and worldwide real-estate counseling. Talking about national credentials, the firm has worked with Rindex Media Pvt. Ltd., Sanjeevani Greens, Winter line Heights Pvt. Ltd., Lakshay infrahomes Ltd., OmG Group of Companies, M/S Shri Balaji Traders, Alofttec Private Solutions and many more…


They used the weapon of networking in the battle of competitive markets. The firm is completely engaged in making thing easy, suave, and convenient and of best quality standards so that they can chart up the global network of the business. Surviving in the cut-throat competitive market is not an easy task but they managed to stand their own and make their idea been drawn in the real frame. They understood the need of learning and make their approach of technical enactment to nestle in the market.

The firm shares the secret funda of their massive approach towards their services and extraordinary performance in the frame.”It is challenging, but if you have big network, then toughest thing will deliver to you smoothly, with the time we understand the power of networking because to grow any business you need a network and to grow a network you need to grow your thoughts and that too not in your field of business but worldwide to everything.”


The firm is regulating their business investments very wisely, being optimistic about the investments which can yield better returns and stability of uncertain return of investment factors. while performing the investment it becomes difficult to ascertain future yielding, the firm focuses on the graphs of the investment and gets into it only when it seems to result sweet from the bursting balloon. Beingcalculative, opportunistic and measurable of potential risk and threats in funds employment ought to very distinguish task.


Equipped with the state-of-the-art and communication facilities, pinpoint ‘expertise in customer needs’ as its forte and ensures maximum competency along with the added benefit to have easy access to local resources for in-depth research and investigations. The company also pledges to deliver various inputs and valuable insights for the development of the economic and commercial condition of the country.

CMD of this company PRINCE CHOUDHARY shares the credit behind the company’s successful position to his whole team who have worked with them day and night for the rising of this firm not only domestically but internationally as well. Under the leadership of such a highly experienced professional, the company is diversifying itself in its profession the by imparting discipline, commitment and honesty, and also with the ability to deliver assigned task as fast as possible. Offering the services like Social Media Marketing, Identity Development, E-Commerce, Direct Marketing Strategies, Exhibition Design, CMS Development, SEO, Social Media Workshops, Social Media Integration, Brand Consulting, Interactive Media, Marketing Concepts, Illustrations, Campaigns, Online Communications,  Web development,3D/Maya Modeling, On & Offline Communications.


MR. PRINCE CHOUDHARY AND MR. ROHIT SHARMA established the company, having its headquarters in Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. They engaged themselves in the expansion of the firm with utmost dedication, commitment& zeal and taken the firm to another level; their directions, optimistic approach and foresighted nature are helping them to be globally crowned. They both believe their partnership to be the result of the firm’s glory, believing them to be cordially related with each other like of brother from different mothers. Different from the  Adage- “do not do many expenses, always remember of your earning.; Mr.Prince Choudhary also reveals one of his ideology and unique philosophy that “Do the expenses at fullest and never kill any of your realistic or unrealistic dreams, as more you expense will always give you a reason to earn more. So, always have big desires and a biggest of heart to do expense and to earn more as per your expense. The success model inspires everyone to dream big so that one put all his efforts to achieve the same.


Apart from expanding its services globally in the near future, SMIDGEN REALTECH PVT. LTD is working on the due diligence and compliance in related Plan of synchronizing government transport services through a revolutionary mobile application project. Adaptation to technology would aid them to provide the best possible amenities to their clients overseas in the least possible time along with keeping confidentiality, satisfaction, and quality at their priority.


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