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SPIWD: Redefining the Skill Measurement domain with its revolutionary breakthrough product- Pareekshn

SPIWD: Redefining the Skill Measurement domain with its revolutionary breakthrough product- Pareekshn

With the surging competition, the recruitment procedure has become quite a tedious task for HR managers. Giving a boost to this scenario, the elevating population has made the recruiting processes more challenging than ever, to dig out the best talents from a deluge of people.

To combat such circumstances, Digital Assessment Tools have been revolutionizing the market that brought ease to the recruitment processes. Be it for the public or the private sectors, assessment tools and technologies associated are the latest trends in the market. Though the domain has a myriad of such providers offering the online assessment tools in the respective area, there is a dearth of a credible company that can ensure satisfied customer base and add value to the enterprises via their Skill Measurement Solutions.

Pareekshn has been actively working in this industry for the last four years.  From AI-based technology platform to its world-class content, Pareekshn is known for its scalability and reliability. The CEO, Arvind Srivastava has been leading the organisation at the forefront and allowing this business venture to stay ahead of the value curve.

The online assessment platforms address the need for relevant, skill-based assessment to help companies reduce time and effort on training recruits. These services may include creation and management of assessments of multiple competencies, hands-on testing, simulation-based measurement of skills, AI based and human proctoring, actionable analytics and easy as well as efficient content upload meant for freshers, as well as lateral recruitments.

Team Pareekshn has been associated with many large conglomerates and helped them reduce training costs. Candidates undergo a skill-based assessment, based on the organisational needs. Having been benchmarked, their strengths and weaknesses are analysed. Then, training modules to suit different skill gaps are designed and deployed, making the training processes more efficient and effective.

Pareekshn has been associated with various sector skill councils, awarding bodies, schools, colleges, and deemed universities to offer skill measurement solutions to measure the skills, based on occupational standards and qualification packages.

With the AI- enriched tools, they have provided the skill measurement solutions to different enterprises, assisting them in hiring the right talent for a given job role. Post-Covid 19, many schools, colleges, universities have shown a key interest in online examination solutions.

‘Pareekshn’- A trademark registered brand, Class 35 and Class 41, Controller General of Patents, Design and Trademark, Government of India is a result of diligent efforts of the team that is being led by Arvind. As a fastest growing talent& skill measurement solution provider, SP Institute has etched a niche for itself by developing Pareekshn in the respective domain.

Let’s have an overview of the extraordinary journey of this impressive enterprise that has made a difference in the domain owing to its exemplary tools and services.

How did it all start?
When asked about what motivated him to get started with this business venture, Arvind revealed that while working in large scale enterprises, the biggest problem he faced was the absence of Quantifiable Skill Measurement Solution in the recruitment processes. The line managers largely relied on their experience/gut feeling rather than a credible skill measurement solution. There is too much subjectivity in the recruitment processes and an urgent need for standardization.  He saw this as an opportunity while working for a New Jersey-based IT-company.

Arvind aspired to offer a digital assessment experience to both- the candidate or the participant and recruitment company to ease the entire recruitment process.

Starting a company from scratch is not a piece of cake and that too, when a person belongs to a service- class family that is fanatically fond of government jobs. From the inception of SP Institute to the development of Pareekshn, Arvind’s business voyage has seen extraordinary success.

Past 4 years of journey in the entrepreneurial space has been evident to prove that if you put your heart and soul to something, success paves its way. His entrepreneurial journey has been fantastic so far after he chose to quit a high-heel job in USA, and came back to India to start a business. With the support of his Friends & Family, he pursued his dreams and turned them into reality. His professional acumen, technical expertise, and extraordinary vision have allowed his brainchild to transform into a well-reckoned institution, offering one-of-a-kind online assessment/ examination services across the domain.

Arvind’s innovative instincts concluded in the formulation of Pareekshn. This outstanding offering by SP Institute, under the guidance offered by Arvind, is targeting different markets, industries and geographies. They primarily aim to eliminate all the challenges related to the conduct of the digital examinations/assessments, be it for educational institutions or corporate ones. With the AI-powered tools, they have envisioned to offer a convenient and secure examination or assessment environment to both- the facilitator as well as the candidate.

A glance at Pareekshn’s exclusiveness
Arvind states that Pareekshn, an online assessment platform, is devised to measure the skills, Knowledge, talents & competencies. The key areas this exclusive platform targets are skill assessments, emotional intelligence assessments, aptitude test, campus hiring, psychometric assessments, clinical assessments & examination solutions for an education institution. Backed with experienced consultants and Subject Matter Experts(SMEs), Pareekshn allows the participants to assess their skills, knowledge, cognition and behaviour needed in the context of job role, company, industry and geography. They can compare themselves with the universe of participants for the given skill set and arrive at P score. The P score helps a candidate understand the overall rank and can be a proxy to any competitive examination.

Pareekshn also addresses the challenges caused out of COVID- 19  crisis effortlessly. There are multiple risk factors related to conducting the examinations at home/remote. This platform mitigates such risk factors effectively by exterminating multiple challenges. This holistic product allows a cheating-proof online assessment experience to a participant with its eye-lid movement sensors, facial recognition software, multiple face detection, screen recorders, electronic-object detection tool, speech sensors, Secure Browser and much more. With Pareekshn, the examination facilitator could be assured of 100% cheating proof conduction of examination.

It authenticates the candidate with Aadhar- based API/facial recognition tools/OTP based login/ live video streaming & random snapshots of the candidate.

Report making is crucial for an assessment that needs utmost attention. Here, many of the reports are AI-driven, whereas some need to be formed manually that requires certain analytical skills. Owing to their AI-powered tools, they can effectively provide the candidates with the reports suggesting them the key areas for improvement. It has inbuilt AI-based auto proctoring tools to flag any deviation from the standard operating procedure.

Addressing multiple challenges to conduct the examinations in a user-friendly environment, the questions can be text/picture/audio/video-based including AR/VR based and the response can also be captured in all formats. It has a provision to take multiple-choice questions/ subjective examination and video-based live interface on a scalable and secure platform. According to Arvind, the Voice over feature in 24 regional languages makes very easy for Visually Impaired candidates to give assessment.

Moreover, Arvind believes in formulating such tech- tools that are as efficient as they can be alongside being extremely easy to be used by the participants. He believes that technology is not about ensuring complexity to the solutions, rather it is about bringing ease of use to the masses. He has approached each solution formulated by his team with this unique insight only. Features in any tech-powered tool can be copied but the ease of use and content are key differentiating factor that makes any tech-based solution stand out of the crowd.

He asserts that it is a blend of technology and Content which has made Pareekshn such a successful product in short span of time.

Views on R&D
Arvind firmly believes that it is R& D that ensures the growth of any organisation. Pareekshn has also invested its significant portion of money and time on this aspect to build exclusive technology solutions. This allowed him to identify that solutions cannot be the same for all market/geographies. Today’s technologies need to adapt to the local environment/markets/industry/geography to bring ease of use. It has to become an indispensable part of people’s lives to bring a positive change in them. Product development also requires a lot of investment in future technology to remain relevant and move up the value curve.

Hence, Arvind elucidates that R&D is an aspect that requires intense attention to build a relevant product, otherwise, such effort goes in vain.

Perceiving leadership from a different angle
Be it the development of AI-powered tools or formulation of Pareekshn, each effort made by Arvind contributed to his success as a leader. Owing to his deliberate practices, he was able to commence his dream venture and also, scale the greater heights within the short span of 4 years. When asked about his perception of leadership, he says he believes in leading from the front.

To him, leadership is to identify the right people for the job and later, retain and motivate to align their career goals as per the vision of the company.

“I avidly believe that leadership is all about manoeuvring and motivating the talented individuals towards the common objective put forth by an organisation. It is about collaborative efforts of all the team members to synergise each other’s efforts to achieve an organisation’s goals & objectives.” asserts Arvind. According to him, leadership is all about bringing the best out of each team member, irrespective of outcome.

Insights on success
When asked about his insights on success, Arvind comments that there are different parameters of measuring success and each person can be successful in his own way. There is success in personal front and professional front or long term success and short term success, it all depends on the objectives that a person has established for himself.

Success is a positive outcome of objectives/mission/vision set by each individual in the given environment. The outcome is relative and always used basis competition. Be it a small success or a big one, he believes both need to be celebrated with a similar zeal to achieve more success in one’s life.

The work culture at a glance
Multiple studies claim that exuberant and motivated work culture is the secret sauce to the roaring success of any business venture. Arvind has ensured a joyous and positive work culture in the organisation. He states that building a positive culture in a company is not a one day task. It takes a significant amount of effort, dedication and time to formulate a culture that pours optimism and enthusiasm.

To him, work culture is a perfect blend of leadership and moral obligations and it is also a critical differentiator of the enthralling success of any organisation. He says “As a leader, every reaction and decision you make puts a significant impact on the minds of the employees. The way you behave inspires your workforce to do the same. So, keep a track of your actions as they will formulate the kind of work culture, you want under your leadership. Our organisation ensures to resonate as per the expectations of its workforce that have showered us with immense success.”

Many ex-colleagues and ‘people in the know’ have conjoined to support his exclusive vision for this Institution. He reveals that his team is like a family to him that motivates him to lead them with compassion to scale the heights of success altogether, where everybody is ensured with better growth opportunities and exciting career objectives.

Altogether, the team members in the company ensure to live up to the expectation of its clients and restore the trust factor. They constantly strive to reinvent better solutions to address the challenges across the targeted domain. Arvind claims that his organisation has assured International culture to the employees making them a howling success.

Arvind believes this industry is about to grow exponentially and post-Covid scenario will witness it with full intensity. This will bestow the Institution with a myriad of new opportunities to expand its horizons. Within the 4 years of their journey, over 12 lakh assessments have been conducted that allowed them to be enlisted as one of the Top Five Online Assessment Solution Providers in the country. Pareekshn foresees a bright and blazing future ahead, as shortly, the virtual portals and ed-tech platforms are about to dominate the education sector.

Words to convey to the aspiring entrepreneurs
Arvind states that to become an outstanding success, taking the risk and responding intuitively to various variables is a critical differentiator. Before delving into any business just make a thorough research on the subject that will help you avoid the pitfalls and roadblocks in your way. He elucidates that when you start focussing intensely to something, your conscious and subconscious brain starts making way for you undoubtedly.

For any entrepreneur, before formulating any innovative offering, it is of utmost importance to first believe in yourself and the product you aspire to create. Moreover, he says that the young talented professionals need to identify better business opportunities in India, rather than heading abroad.

Being a country with the youngest population in the world, our endeavours should be focussed in utilising this demographic dividend and create opportunities for innovative product development in line with the vision of our honourable Prime Minister – Sri Narendra Modi for Atamnirbhar Bharat.

As a company, we endeavour to scale Pareekshn in the domestic market, learn from our experience before offering the solution to our International clients.


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