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 Time flows like an uninterrupted river – its stream brings constant evolution in the dress we wear, the technology we use, what we eat, etc. In short, our lives are significantly re-shaped, with developments in time. Now, with time, people’s preference has shifted from safe and healthy to healthy and delightful, when it comes to food. To be very specific, they prefer something innovative that revolutionizes the old practices. From toddlers to kids and matured ones, milk is quite an uninviting food and even adding flavours doesn’t incur any incremental value. Now, this is a big problem, and the world needs something – delightful yet innovative.

Nevertheless, when issues grow too high, people step up to fix the issue, causing significant change. In this case, a fantastic duo –  Rajat Jain (Head of Production) and Shashank Jain (Head of Marketing) formulated Strawfit’, and revolutionized and the long-standing practice of consuming milk. Strawfit is a one-of-a-kind product contrived under the banner of Bourgeon Foods LLP. It is extremely research-driven and valuably synchronized with the emerging market. Strawfit has been conferred for quality all over the country and has a valuable recognition on pioneering e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

The name ‘Bourgeon’ is coined on the Company’s focus to grow by procuring out-of-the-blue products, and has been growing rapidly since 2016. With a one-of-a-kind concept and exemplary advancements, Bourgeon Foods aims to deliver health at customer’s doorsteps using smarter & faster manner, with creative innovations and techniques without harming the environment.  Strawfit is India’s first & only patented Immunity-Boosting Milk Flavouring Straw and that makes it unique. It’s the most interesting substitute for conventional malt-based powdered flavour products and revolutionizes the way of drinking milk in India.

Strawfit enjoys popularity on various Social Media Platforms as well. The Company collaborates with bloggers and social media influencers on digital platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc. and also run offers and giveaways to connect, with newer audiences and spread awareness of the product. In-shop promotion, branding and live sampling encompass their offline promotion efforts. Along with the duo the helm is held by P.K. Sharma (Chief Business Advisor). He has 3+ decades of experience in sales & marketing and was Business Head for South East Asia with Pidilite.

How do you infuse health and innovation to curate a breakthrough product? First, gather all the goodness of nature and science, blend them and carve an alluring form, and pack them into a hygienic material. Finally, put it in an attractive package. This recipe is, actually an excerpt of the arduous process that forms Strawfit. Essential vitamins and minerals, proteins and the goodness of Colostrum make the core ingredients, which are mixed and formed into uniform flavour balls ‘Pearls of Goodness’, as the Company calls it. Afterwards, the pearls are packed in a BPA free recyclable straw to ensure an enjoyable and mess-free consumption of the milk. Then the straws, are individually sealed in a flow wrap to preserve the taste, health and happiness it is set to deliver. Lump formation is a big issue in powder milk products, especially in monsoon and degrades the quality of milk. But, Strawfit ensures a safe and healthy milk consumption as it comes packed in moisture free and hygienic wraps.

Strawfit’s unmatched quality is, accredited by GMP and similar certifications such as ISO:2015 & ISO:22000. From procuring raw materials to manufacturing and packaging, everything is closely monitored. Every batch goes through strict quality parameters before it moves out of the production unit. Moreover, Strawfit encompasses a young and adroit workforce seasoned in digital marketing trends, latest online tools & tactics to stay up in the game. Its also has an in-built CRM & Sales Software to streamline their operations. “From production to sales, I feel we tick all checkboxes in technological advancement’s aspect”, acknowledges Rajat enthusiastically.

Although the majority of Strawfit’s consumers include adolescent kids, who require more immunity & energy for their complete growth & development, it is made for everyone. Whether its a toddler ready to leave the bottle habit, the young lad who hates milk, kids with low immunity, the young fitness enthusiasts or even the toothless grandfather or grandmother. The world is growing at a faster pace and to meet the speed one needs be to fit & smart. In such a fast-growing environment, Strawfit is a big step towards health and taste in a single product.

But behind the curtain, the leaders and a team of enthusiasts relentlessly worked on R&D for – 2 years, bringing together the concept, concept, taste profile and machinery. We started out as a bootstrapped foundation on a single idea; we spent uncountable sleepless nights, researching and brainstorming to get what we wanted”, asserts Shashank. Nevertheless, the hard work paid off & now their product is, enjoying a wide presence amongst kids & parents. Many of them have accoladed the product for inciting the love for milk in their children.

Strawfit’s foundation levitates on three core values – Concept, Convenience &  Complete health. Strawfit positions itself at the forefront of the FMCG market; the innovative minds behind it, play an integral role to maintain this position. Strawfit burgeoned its wheels with only Rajat and Shashank on board, but in its way, it has amassed a team of experienced members filled ideas and creativity. Every team member exhibits deliberate enthusiasm and pushes effort for constant development and innovation. This special combination of experience with enthusiasm makes the team a one-of-kind.

In its journey, Strawfit has shown admirable growth surpassing various challenges on the way. The recent pandemic was the biggest challenge for Strawfit in its short history, but it opened a window of opportunities as well. Since physical interaction was strictly barred, it focused on e-commerce platforms and channelled a wider presence on the online space. “Our main focus during the pandemic was to deliver immunity at the doorsteps of our customers by keeping safety as our priority”, asserts Shashank. Staying integrated and leveraging on digital platforms always give them an upper hand. Furthermore, team members in production and delivery were provided, with safety gears for protection.

The sheer will and motivation of everyone at Strawfit have rewarded it with several accolades. The first breakthrough came when Bourgeon Foods LLP got “Start-up Recognition“, and the joy doubled when Strawfit earned its patent. For its durability, the Amazon Launchpad recognized Bourgeon Foods as the “Indian Innovators” of the year 2020.

After an award-winning journey across the nation, Strawfit sets its next pitch for the International market. “our R&D team is working hard to bring revolution in the area of food with innovative ideas and resourcefulness, developing richer taste and happier lives of our customers and community”, says Rajat.  Shortly, the brand is aiming to introduce exotic Indian flavours and other range of option for the International market.

“India is a country of enthusiastic heads and aspirers, who need to be clear of their business plan and be updated, with the market trends. They need to surround themselves with optimism, learning and resilience, for these will bear ripe fruits”


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