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Teeth Care Centre Dental Hospital

Taking care of your ‘Smile’ by its cutting-edge Dental Technology

Lately, people have become more concerned about their health and their overall physical appearance. This can be corroborated from the latest figures and data wherein the consumption of Cosmetic Dental Procedures, Dental Implants and other correlated products have seen dramatic rise. Amongs a congregation of such health segments, Dentistry is a domain that has seen a steep rise owing to an increase in customers’ desire to have an appealing and charming smile. Patients are getting more and more aware about the prevalence of dental problems and are now able to realize the impact of bad smile on their overall personality.

The recent advancement in technology has made way for a painless and affordable dental services. India has been fortunate to have world class doctors who are capable of treating any critical illness pertaining to dental care. There is a pole star that is shining bright in the galaxy of dentistry. That is none other than Teeth Care Centre® Dental Hospital, Ahmedabad. The Company has been instrumental in bringing State-of-the-Art services.

“We believe that adapting to newer technologies is very essential in today’s era. And that’s why we strive to invest in the ultramodern technologies. We are equipped with all the latest instruments in dentistry.”, promulgates Nirav Patel, MD of the Company. Also, he keeps himself updated by acquiring continuous education.

State-of-the- Art Dental care

Hospital’s ultra modern infrastructure, cutting edge technology, latest dental instruments and stringent sterilization protocol gives it an edge over its peers. Maintaining the status quo has not been an easy task. The Company faced many obstacles in initial years. Although Dental care in India has gained a huge traction in recent times still it is far below the developed countries. People in India still give very scarce attention to the importance of oral health. And that’s why a large chunk of the people are not ready to spend money for oral health. It’s still a big challenge today. To overcome this, It continuously spreads awareness on different platform on dental issues. It has dedicated staffs who are involved in awareness activities.

Sharing his learning of struggling days, Dr. Nirav Patel, MD of the company says, “Not comparing myself to others, has been the biggest blessing. Moreover, being receptive to the latest technologies and incorporating them into my dental practice certainly made a huge difference. Sparing more time to address all the queries of the patient is equally crucial”.

The Ahmedabad based Teeth Care Centre Dental Hospital is ISO 9001: 2015 certified multispecialty dental hospital with international standards, latest technology and eco-friendly concept. It provides high quality dental care and is also involved in public awareness in the field of dentistry. Teeth Care Centre Dental Hospital provides all kinds of dental treatments.

A thorough discussion of treatment plan with the patient prior starting the treatment is the key to their successful practice. This gives the overall treatment idea to the patients, which in turn gives them sufficient time to think and analyse about the entire dental procedure. This ensures transparency and saves patients from unexpected surprises in future.

“We constantly try to upgrade ourselves by investing in the latest dental technologies and by learning latest techniques. Today, we are equipped with the latest dental equipment from the internationally renowned brands”, says the 39 years old. Moreover, it believes in hospitality so it has PR officer who takes care of its patient’s needs and requirements.

“One of the best things about the company is that it is India’s first eco-friendly hospital”.

Bringing many laurels

  • Ranked No.1 Dental Hospital in Gujarat 2015 presented by National Business & Service Achievers Award at New Delhi.
  • Received International Gold Star Award for excellent performance & outstanding contribution for the progress of the nation & worldwide at Dubai (UAE).
  • Global Business and Service Excellence Award presented by Prime Time Research Media for best Dental Care Centre in Gujarat at New Delhi.
  • 1 Dental Hospital in India 2017 presented By Katalyst Research – B.D.H. Award at New Delhi.
  • Mother Teresa Excellence Award presented by ICSEP for outstanding achievements at Bangalore.
  • Health Icon of Ahmedabad 2018 presented by TOI Group at Ahmedabad.
  • National Healthcare Achievers Award presented by Praxis Media at New Delhi.

This is just a tip of the iceberg taking into consideration the large number of recognitions it has got. Today, it is the most preferred choice of many celebrities and elites.

The man behind the ideation

Dr. Nirav Patel is a Dentist, an Entrepreneur and an Explorer, who likes excitement in survival. He is a dynamic doctor with most brilliant ideas, sympathetic attitude and a deep rooted sense of dedication to duty. There are only few businessmen who are as flamboyant as him. He has a clear, logical mind with a practical approach to any obstacle and a drive to see things through to completion. He is always incredibly ambitious and works actively to achieve his goals and getting closer to his aim of becoming the doyen of global industry. His greatest passion in life is to use his funds and technical know-how to benefit other people and organizations; knowingly he is a philanthropist at his best.

He has received many awards at national and international level. He is a Post Graduate in Orthodontics with honor from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. He has received PhD degree from Pacific University. He has completed his advanced cosmetic program under New York University College of Dentistry and Smile Care.  He has undergone numerous advanced trainings to further sharpen his professional skills. He regularly attends several significant seminars, symposia, workshops, program and conferences on different topics to acquires valuable knowledge.

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