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Texfab Engineers (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Texfab Engineers Pvt. Ltd.: Rendering Green and Nature-Friendly Machines And Services To Textile Industry

Texfab Engineers India Pvt. Ltd. from Mumbai is a well-known company in the field of manufacturing of processing machines for textiles, yarns & fabrics.  They are pioneers in the manufacturing of high efficiency and eco-friendly machines for dyeing, bleaching, and drying.  The company has completed 27 years of its existence and has achieved a stable position in the market by virtue of always focusing on innovations in technology, understanding customer requirements and delivering to their satisfaction.

‘Texfab’ was established as a fabricator of Road Tankers and manufacturers of accessories of textile dyeing machines in the year 1992 and later started manufacturing Rapid Jet dyeing& U jet dyeing machines.  In 1994, the company Texfab manufactured an HTHP vertical yarn dyeing machine, which became the flagship offering of the company.  Over the years the company has developed many new products like different types of Centrifuge Hydro extractors, Hot Air dryers for yarn packages, yarn conditioning & steaming autoclaves for yarn packages, continuous dyeing and finishing machines for narrow width fabric, winch dyeing machines for Velcro tape spools, etc.

The organization has got a stable position in the market by producing the best in the breed, energy-efficient dyeing machines for all types of fibers, yams, and fabrics. With the help of its services and quality, the company has won the hearts of the clients. There are some notable clients of the company such as Modern Group, Raymond Group, Arvind group, Ideals fasteners (USA), Welspun Group, Tex Corp (Bangladesh & Vietnam) Group, Sky Industries, Perfect Arrangers, Oxford Group (Srilanka) ,Precot meridian ,Natraj Wooltex & Jindal Group.

They have supplied machines for a 30 Tons/day medical cotton bleaching plant, which is the largest such facility in South & south East Asia. The plant has achieved lowest water and energy consumption levels for their product which is mostly exported to western countries.

Having won the trust of the client’s and understanding the needs of the market, the company started working to combine the designs and innovative ideas to give the best to their clients. The Managing Director of Texfab, Mr. G.M. Shenoy says that the flagship offering of the company is HTHP yam dyeing machines. Texfab’s other products are related to the different processes in yarn wet processing. Relying on indigenously developed, yet the latest technologies for design, manufacturing and testing of its products, Texfab produces high-quality machines for its clients and have sold more than 600 machines so far.

Keeping the quality and promises made to the clients, the company Texfab manufactures all its products at its own plant that has all the needed facilities and requirements for fabrication and machining of the products. The company has set up two units at different locations near Mumbai which have well equipped-team in manufacturing, designing, maintaining quality and all required skills along with sophisticated machinery. The company also works and relies on regular vendors and sub-contractors who execute the work under the guidelines of Texfab. Along with it, the company keeps an eye on the necessary safety checkpoints and has obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certifications. These certifications prove the calibre and quality of the company.

Considering the client’s interest on the top, the company also gives complete support to the customers such as machine operation and maintenance instructions & training to the operators at the time of installation & commissioning of machine and thereafter as and when required. The company has designed its structure to render a complete satisfying experience to the clients from selling to services even after the warranty period.

Having been in the textile industry, the company Texfab is also concerned about the environment and nature because the textile industry is one of the largest consumer of water and source of water pollution. Texfab has actively worked to find out the solutions to make their machines more nature-friendly. In the year 2015, the firm began R&D on eco-friendly low liquor ratio yarn dyeing machines and started its commercial sale in 2017.  As a consequence, Texfab has been able to reduce the consumption of water, chemicals, heat energy and electric power by up to 50 percent as compared to conventional dyeing machines. The additional savings in operating cost due to these features make these new machines free of cost within a year and has become a big hit with the customers. The outcome of it is great reduction in water and air pollution.

Encouraged by the market response and need of the market, the company has now developed HTHP hank dyeing machine, with a very low liquor ratio of 1:4 as against 1:12 to 1:20 in conventional machines.  This machine also has negligible power consumption and low labor requirement and will prove a big boon to the textile dyeing industry in saving water and preventing pollution.

The company has recently launched an effluent waste heat recovery system, which reduces the coal burning in boilers by upto 35% in dye houses.

Texfab is also working on developing new technologies and machines for silk yarn industry for modernization and reducing water pollution

The Director of the company Mr. Shenoy says, “Texfab” is working to reduce the consumption of water and energy in the industry with the help of automation, higher efficiency and advanced technology. The company targets to reach a turnover of 150 million in this financial year. There is a great demand for machines of the company in the domestic and export markets. The company may reach a turnover of 500 million in the next five years. By keeping nature-friendly machines and quality products, the company will work for leadership status in its field.

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