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The need for Cyber Security in the systems and processes becomes quintessential as the number of security threats is incessantly hitting the crescendo. TOAE Security Pvt. Ltd. is one of the global leaders in providing security, technology services, and digital security enablement. It helps the organizations with designing, building and running of cyber programs that overall assist in protecting their information and enhances their creditability among their customers. After having a thorough knowledge of their client’s requirements, then only they suggest suitable cybersecurity measures that are beneficial to them instantaneously as well as in the long run. TOAE Security has its own R&D team, which continuously works on new types of cyber threats and cyber-attacks.


Web Security: Their service is certified, extremely customizable, SIEM prepared and fine-tuned for obstruction threats with token false positives. TOAE Security net Performance Solutions assist you to interact with the customers with quick, personalized on-line experiences that sectionalize you to extend revenue opportunities, gain IT lightness and scale globally.

TOAE Security provides protection in-depth with their reconciling threat protection, serving to evolve you towards a zero-trust design and protect you from the most important and most subtle attacks.

Security Monitoring Services: The application of action-based insights from the past analysis of your network information will drastically improve as time passes by which you will discover and answer the potential security threat.

TOAE-CERT:  If your system is already breached, report to them and let TOAE Security-Cyber Emergency Response Team takes over the situation. TOAE Security– CERT will try to help you the best they can to get your services back to normal within hours.

Network Security Assessment: Their team will test your network infrastructure which has servers, routers, firewalls for vulnerabilities, misconfiguration, and design.

Red Teaming: The professional consultants can enter a corporation by any suggests that is doable. Here, they tend to mix each technology and human social skills and techniques.

TOAE Security enables organizations to realize their business ambitions with their core expertise and solve their data security breach threats. It even helps organizations with planning, building and running of cyber programs that overall assist in protecting their data and enhances their creditability among their customers. TOAE Security has always delivered extraordinary services to its clients. They have addressed the main pain points of their customers. They look for the vulnerabilities of the computers and websites against cyber-threats and appearance forward to neutralize advanced threats, protective and securing the organizations’ most vital assets. TOAE Security has created a powerful guarantee to its customers along with surprising them with new solutions which can be very easy to integrate. With the cyber world failing massively these days as a result of cybersecurity threats, TOAE Security Solutions is here to secure you. With its clientele of assorted sizes (including macro, micro and multinational), the corporate has served 50+ clients inside one year of beginning and these days in charge of providing their services to leading government agencies as well.


They completely rely upon R&D as new threats keep on popping up every day, so it is very essential for them to keep upgrading themselves. TOAE Security R&D Wing is established to develop security technology for the protection of the cyberinfrastructure for numerous firms. They offer management, technical, and material professional support for the big selection of analysis, development, testing, evaluation, and transition activities. The wing operates at intervals in the division beneath the CEO & the CTO of TOAE, which is extremely necessary for the development of technologies and the services they offer. The team works with analysis organizations, vital infrastructure operators and developers, and others to develop and fortify security technology to raised shield the business’s cyberinfrastructure.

The Research and Development team brings the leading international experience into the Company from business, intelligence, academia, and the startup scheme.

  • User-Behavior Analytics- Once someone’s username and parole square measure are compromised, whoever has them will waltz onto a network and have interaction altogether sorts of malicious behavior. That behavior will trigger a red flag to system defenders if they are using user behavior analytics (UBA). The technology uses huge information analytics to spot abnormal behavior by a user.
  • Data Loss Prevention- A key to information loss bar is technologies like secret writing and tokenization. They can defend information right down to field and subfield level, which may profit an enterprise in a very range of ways: Cyber-attackers cannot monetize data in the event of a successful breach.
  • Deep Learning- Deep learning encompasses several technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Regardless of what is known as there is a good deal of interest in it for security functions. Like user behavior analytics and deep learning focuses on anomalous behavior. You need to grasp wherever malicious behavior deviates from legitimate or acceptable behavior in terms of security. Instead of gazing users, the system appearance at entities.
  • The Cloud- The cloud goes to own a transformative impact on the safety technology business typically. It is explained that as additional organizations use the cloud for what has historically been the domain of on-premises IT, more approaches to security that are born in and for the cloud will appear. On-premises techniques will be transitioned to the cloud. Things like virtualized security hardware, virtualized firewalls, and virtualized intrusion detection and bar systems. But that will be an intermediate stage.


The recent revenue has been 3.1 million USD and currently, they have a tendency to gaze at over the approaching years. Their current focus is to extend the worth in addition to cyber security. Revenue will certainly flow in if smart work is being done. As a startup, they do not essentially want a sales roadmap to trace what deals they are attempting to shut. They have got stripped customers and are still hacking away at the product or service-market work. They are targeting upcoming product or service options and sales goals they would like to hit. In their company, virtually everybody has access to your roadmap. Their count should be sufficiently little so that they will feasibly have everybody collaborated on this living document since product or service and business data ought to be consistent across the complete business at this stage.


Shubham Mishra (Founder, Director& Chief Executive Officer): Shubham Mishra is India’s youngest cyber security expert and ethical hacker with 10 yrs. of experience in the field of Hacking and Cyber Security. Having been in the field right from his teenage years, he today offers Cyber Security training to the public, private, government bodies. He is a millennial of modern-day India and a passionate businessperson, avid reader, and huge technology geek. Having grown up in the Internet era, he is an inquisitive person and loves to understand the How-To’s related to the technology surrounding him. Highly motivated by the self-made entrepreneurs like JRD Tata, Narayan Murthy, Azim Premji to name a few, he started his own venture TOAE Security Pvt. Ltd in 2017 and successfully helping organizations by identifying their backdrops and stands tall in the highly competitive market. He is well known for his extensive knowledge in the cybersecurity arena and methodologies for tackling problems related to it without disrupting the flow. In his leisure time, he is either found in the company of books, spending quality time with family or watching football.


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