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Top 10 Best Advertising companies in India

Top 10 Best Advertising Companies in India 2024

-by Jaya Pathak

An advertising company is responsible for planning, creating and managing advertising and marketing campaigns. It is dedicated to amplify brands and messages to captivate audiences. It understands the core of a business or organisation, figure out its unique selling points and create appealing narratives that targets the audience.

Through meticulous market research, strategic planning and innovative executions, an advertising company enters into campaigns that evoke emotions, spark conversations and inspire action. With a deep understanding of media landscapes and consumer behaviour, an advertising company navigates through a myriad of platforms to deliver messages with impact. It creates meaningful connections, builds brand loyalty and shapes perceptions.

In this blog, we shall talk about the top 10 best advertising companies in India. Here presenting the list of them: –

1.Crayons Advertising

Crayons Advertising,Top 10 best advertising companies in India 2024.jpg

Founder: – Kunal Lalani

Headquarter: – New Delhi

Crayons advertising, headquartered in New Delhi with branches across India, is a leading creative agency specializing in TV, print, and radio ads. Renowned for its innovative campaigns, it has won prestigious accolades like the Dainik Bhaskar Ink Award and Gold at the Delhi Ad Club Awards.

Notable clients such as Lotto Shoes, Kohinoor Foods, and State Bank of India attest to its industry stature. With a track record of success, including Gold for the World Heart Day Campaign, Crayons continues to excel in crafting impactful and engaging advertisements that resonate with audiences nationwide.

2. DDB Mudra Group

DDB Mudra Group

Founder: – A G Krishnamurthy

Headquarter: – Mumbai

In the past, Mudra Communications Limited, now known as the DDB Mudra Group, stood as a prominent player among India’s top creative ad agencies. Established in 1980 with a modest team of 15, the company gained renown for its iconic ‘Rasna’ campaign in 1983, featuring the memorable tagline ‘I love you Rasna.’

Over the years, it has garnered numerous accolades such as the Silver for Creative Agency of The Year and Gold for Talent Development Program at the Campaign South Asia Agency of the Year. With heavyweight clients like Pepsi, Colgate, and McDonald’s, DDB Mudra remains a powerhouse in marketing and advertising in India.

3. SocialPulsar


Founder: – Ajish Nair

Headquarter: – San Fransisco

SocialPulsar, originally founded in San Francisco, has established itself as a premier media agency in India. Beyond advertising, it offers a spectrum of services including Social Media Optimization, Content Management, Brand Analysis, and Digital Marketing Strategy, driven by AI technology.

Noteworthy accolades like the ’25 Most Influential Mobile Marketing Leaders’ award from the World Marketing Congress underscore its industry influence. With a client roster featuring Renault, OPPO, Speak INC., and Skyline, SocialPulsar continues to excel in providing innovative and impactful solutions for brands seeking a strong digital presence.

4. Grey Advertising

Grey Advertising

Founder: –Ravi Gupta

Headquarter: – New York

Grey advertising, known formerly as Trikaya Grey, stands out not just as one of India’s premier advertising agencies but also as a global powerhouse in the advertising industry. Renowned for its award-winning campaigns, it also provides a range of services including public relations, public affairs, and sales promotions to its clients.

Among its numerous accolades are 10 Cannes Lions and a Clio, highlighting its creative excellence. With an impressive client portfolio featuring brands like Gillette, Pfizer, DELL, and P&G, Grey advertising continues to lead the way in delivering impactful and innovative advertising solutions worldwide.

5. Creation Infoways

Creation Infoways

Founder: –Satya Narayan Satapathy

Headquarter: –New Delhi

Creation Infoways is a reputable digital marketing agency located in New Delhi, specializing in advertising services across various digital platforms including Google, Facebook, and Android Applications. Notably, the company holds certifications from Google Partner, Germany Cert, Clutch, and NASSCOM, underscoring its expertise and reliability.

Offering a comprehensive digital marketing package, Creation Infoways covers services like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Facebook marketing, Google Analytics, and more. Its client portfolio boasts esteemed names such as Myntra, FIITJEE, National School of Drama, giBS, showcasing its ability to deliver effective and tailored digital marketing solutions to a diverse range of businesses.

6. Avail Advertising

Avail Advertising

Founder: – Akshat Shaligram & Avinash Shaligram

Headquarter: – Pune

Avail Advertising, a leading agency headquartered in Pune, India, offers a range of advertising services including print, audiovisuals, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), exhibitions, and event management. With over 25 years of experience, it has built a strong reputation for delivering effective and innovative advertising solutions. Avail Advertising’s impressive client list includes Tata Technologies, JW Marriott, fssai, Toyota, LAVASA, among others, highlighting its ability to cater to diverse industries and provide impactful marketing strategies tailored to each client’s needs.

7. Triverse


Founder: – Suresh Tiwari

Headquarter: – Gurgaon

It is a dynamic advertising agency focused on building brands of choice. It crafts compelling advertisements across various platforms like YouTube, TV Commercials, Radio, and Print, delivering impactful marketing solutions.

In addition to advertising, Triverse offers services including Brand Strategy, Brand Marketing, Website Development, Search Engine Management, Blogging, and video content development. Its client roster includes renowned companies such as SMC, Plumber FAUCETS, The Belmonte, and Godfather, showcasing its ability to create tailored strategies and content that resonate with diverse audiences.

8. Urja Communications

Urja Communications

Founder: – Prakash Chellaram Sharma&Ranjeet Nambiar

Headquarter: – Mumbai

Urja Communications stands as a premier advertising agency in India, boasting over 20 years of experience in delivering innovative solutions. Specializing in digital marketing, email marketing, and communications services, it caters to a diverse clientele. Among its notable clients are HDFC Bank, Standard Chartered, Axis Bank, Aditya Birla Capital, Jana Small Finance Bank, and many others. With a track record of providing creative and effective marketing strategies, Urja Communications continues to be a trusted partner for leading companies seeking impactful advertising solutions.

9. Web Cures Digital

Web Cures Digital

Founder: –Chetan Sureja

Headquarter: – Ahmedabad

Founded in 2013, it is dedicated to elevating local businesses to the forefront of search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yelp, and more. Beyond advertising services, it specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Email Marketing, helping businesses achieve optimal online visibility.

Additionally, the company provides expert consultancy on SEO, Web Development, and Pay Per Click (PPC) Management, with PPC advertising recognized as a valuable tool for driving increased traffic to websites. Web Cures Digital offers comprehensive solutions to enhance digital presence and drive business growth.

10. Purnima Advertising

Purnima Advertising

Founder: – Ashok Soni

Headquarter: – Ahmedabad

Purnima Advertising, established in 1994, is a leading ad agency in India providing advertising services alongside brand strategy, design, and media planning. Its varied client base includes prominent government bodies like AADHAR, BSNL, Gujarat Tourism, Himachal Tourism, as well as renowned non-government entities such as DS Group, Gits, Nirma,, Sleepwell, and Ching’s. Known for its expertise and comprehensive solutions, Purnima Advertising stands out as a top choice for businesses seeking effective marketing strategies and impactful brand promotion.

In a nutshell, advertising serves as a fundamental necessity regardless of the business’s scale. Advertising agencies play a crucial role in leveraging every opportunity to enhance visibility and create impactful advertisements that leave a lasting impression on customers, fostering long-term relationships and brand loyalty.

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