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Tritent Legal

Securing your future with a medical specialist by your side

Injured due to medical accident? Tritent Legal is your one stop solution for getting access to a medical negligence specialist. The firm deals in all kinds of clients disputes and specializes in the medical negligence litigation. Their team provides all kinds of solution to disputes which results ranging from negligence of the doctors, medical professionals, inadequate patient care and criminal offences by doctors. In today’s times when there are ample of cases where hospitals have been found to behave in an adverse manner, they provide legal help to the aggrieved patients and their families.

“One who understands your particular needs and has the skills to deliver the best result. Our job is win your case and to obtain the maximum compensation in the minimum time. But how we go about it will be tailored to you, because it is also about getting the right treatment, rehabilitation and expert evidence at the right time in your recovery. It is about keeping you at the centre of the process without it dominating your life,” says Rakesh Malhotra, Managing Partner, Tritent.

The Beginnings

“Initially when we started out, it was difficult to establish ourselves and to be recognized. What was much more difficult was to win trust of our clients, but we have come to carve a niche for ourselves through our constant efforts and patience. I thank all my mentors who have guided me to reach this height today. Our team believes in the value of empathy towards the society, thereby making us more reachable for help when needed. We care for the people in general by understanding their problem as our own and adopt reasonable resolutions. Tritent Legal is committed to resolve people’s issues in a sensitive manner and make legal process as smooth as possible,” expresses Malhotra. Tritent Legal firm believes in the value of hard work as irreplaceable to be successful. They are committed and equally loyal to their clients. They are passionate about what they do and thus are devoted to their work. The team believes in the motto ‘Work is Worship’ at Tritent Legal firm.

India’s Legal Setup

There is much which is changing in the Indian Judicial system today. Justice is being given to those who were neglected and downtrodden. Our judiciary is ensuring the human rights to its citizens as we can see from the recent Supreme Court judgments. India is moving towards a future where people’s rights will be respected and protected. With the increase in the law students who are graduating each year, they hold not only the responsibility of maintaining legal profession bust also carry the burden of social justice and legal reforms on their shoulders. They have an additional responsibility towards the country which is greater than any other profession, the reason being that they are well equipped with the knowledge of the justice mechanism of the country. Law plays an important indirect role in regard to social change by shaping a direct impact on society.

Malhotra’s, Law Firm who also took part in High Court Bar Association Cricket Tournament and also in Cricket Corporate Cup feels that the future lawyers hold special responsibilities to resolve those disputes which have arisen from the past and are brewing in the present. He feels that young lawyers will have to shoulder responsibility with their peers to be the protector of the civil and criminal rights of the people by fighting for their cause.

Firm’s Daily Economics

According to Malhotra, this is the best time to work for the people towards the betterment of the society and legal profession. For building a nation into a fundamentally powerful country it has to first build a strong legal framework and justice dispersal mechanism. The state of its legal affairs depicts a lot about the people and the future of the nation. Legal parameters are reflective of the state of the basic rights of the people and the rule of law. Lawyers thus have a very crucial role to play in making a country leave a mark on the world. Lawyers, judges, legal academicians and law professionals have time and again risen to the demands of the time in nation building.

The tritent family believes in constant improvement and look for ways of how they can help their clients. They have upgraded to provide services through electronic means and to be in touch with daily developments of laws. Sh. Prem Kumar is a mentor to Malhotra, who has guided and shared a lot of wisdom and also motivated Malhotra to always work in a positive Direction and at Present Mr Sanjeev Sharma, Mr Bharat Malhotra and Mr Sahil Ahuja is working in Malhotra’s team and the members of the team are young and enthusiastic lawyers who are hardworking and passionate about the work been given to Tritent and strive for success.

“We believe in delivering what we have promised to. We give our cent percent effort for the dispute resolution and providing justice to our clients. Clients will be faithful towards you only if you are loyal to them, which we completely agree to, thus giving them our best. I believe that if you are a good leader you will work with your staff and be a good example for your team. I believe in working together with the team and providing with opportunities and incentives to the deserving staff-members,” asserts Malhotra.

Further, Malhotra is of the view that Law should act as a tool for social reform and this should be taught to each and every lawyer. They should be made conscious of the legal impediments which India is currently facing and they should actively take part in eliminating these problems. Lawyers should themselves have a moral sense of being active elements in the machinery of the State. Lawyers should be made aware of their potential to revolutionize the social transformation; they should know the importance of law in changing the fabric of the society.

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