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TryMe: Helps you create succinct, impactful and appealing videos to gain customer’s attention


1. To drive more traffic
2. To help your customers buy more number of products
3. To help your customers to purchase regularly

If given a secret to meet all of these, all of us would grab it without a second thought. It’s video marketing, and it works remarkably well. Among various strategies available to attract customers, attention a very popular model is video marketing. It is used by businesses to grow customer reach percentage, enhance sales, and upgrade customer engagement levels.

Besides increasing product awareness, it also assists businesses to establish its distinctive identity. According to a research report by Grey Sky Films, more than 76% of professional marketers have reported positive impact with video and as high as 90% of users believe that product videos are key aspects while decision making. Organizations worldwide utilize the powers of video marketing to enhance brand value and improve conversion rate.

Are you looking to create succinct, impactful and appealing videos to gain customer’s attention? Meet the team of Tryme ( Stumoh technologies ). Tryme is an excellent platform for creating and sharing informative videos. This application enables sellers & service providers to make a descriptive video of their products and services to market them among their target customersTryMe.

This will facilitate the buyers in quick decision making & closing the deal fast. The users will just have to enter the right keyword like Electrician/Lawyer/Doctor/Salon/Mechanic/South Indian restaurant near me and TRYME displays the results as short videos by the corresponding service providers, which they have made using their phone camera without using any filters (no videos can be uploaded, only recorded) to keep it real.


Tryme: Technical Specification


An easy to use app where businesses can advertise and express themselves using short videos. Customers love online video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.

Google Maps

The app automatically detects your location and shows the best results for your search and helps users to make quick decisions.

24/7 Support

Find what you need 24x 7- search and find businesses
that serve you 24 x 7 or help you out in odd hours.

Plans and Subscriptions

Create a Video for free or choose from the available plans and create longer videos of 30 seconds or 60 depending on your style and need.

Chat with Business

The inbuilt chat tool helps in connecting users with businesses. Get any info and ask questions on the go.

Payment Control

Pay as you go if you have selected paid subscriptions, no big commitments. Choose a 1-month plan to start.

Want to know more about this promising company?

We had a conversation with the Managing Director to bring you some exclusive insights on how they work, what they believe in and the inspiration behind the innovation. Here’s a quick glimpse. MD & Marketing head- Mr. Anshul Kaushik is a pharmacy graduate having 10+ years of experience in sales & marketing in organizations like RJ corp and Apollo group. He is an entrepreneur willing to bring a change in people’s life by empowering anyone skilled.

What inspired you to start your venture?

I think getting inspiration is not a one-time thing. You can not get inspired within one day, with one person or through one success story. It is a series of events and circumstances which move you towards a positive feeling about something being right. After clearing my 12th exams all I wanted was to start a business but that time my family pushed me for higher studies and It took me 10 years after my graduation to take up this challenge. So here I am in 2020 with my first venture. I always feel good when I help others and sometimes when I can’t it feels like something is missing. Tryme is one step as a company in helping those who are skilled but are not recognized.

How have you adapted yourself to the latest needs of the market?

During the process of bringing our Idea of Tryme into reality, we met several entrepreneurs who have succeeded or failed in businesses to understand the market science, also we conducted a city survey that helped us to understand the needs of both service  providers and customers. We at Tryme have chosen the best of technology standard to ensure our app and business model functions seamlessly to give  enriching experience to all users.

What gives you an edge over your peers and how your company is different from others in the same arena?

We are a complete video-based platform. Tryme helps service providers and sellers to create videos of their services and products, it helps them to share their work experience with customers and gives them the recognition they deserve. Who remembers an electrician or a plumber who helped you 2-3 years ago? For users, Tryme helps people to select the most trusted, the most talented person to do the job.

What message do you want to give to other startups in the entrepreneurial world?

Every idea is good if the execution is correct. Most of the startups come up with great ideas but they do not make an impact because of slow or bad execution.

How is the government supporting innovative startups to move ahead?

The Government of India has been supportive of startups. Our startup is recognized by DIPP and it has many benefits attached to it.

Have you identified a unique opportunity that others don’t see in your startup?

My startup idea started when I was a small kid and I used to see these Signboards above all the shops from the window of my school bus every day. I used to read them completely one by one and that made me feel confident. It was a time when there were no cell phones or the Internet. Now my Startup gives everyone a chance to create their own advertisement and show it to the entire nation. Having a signboard in 2020 is not sufficient, you need to adapt to the changing business strategies. Becoming popular, an icon in society is a dream for all and I am trying to fulfill this dream of those who have their skillset as a talent.

How do you see the future of the Company, and what plans do you want to achieve soon?

We at Tryme believe that video marketing is the next big thing that will change the entire ecosystem of the service and retail industry. The online business is limited to those who are in metro’s and is moving at a slow scale compared to other online ventures. In the service industry, there are very few players and we see high potential in them too. Tryme, on the other hand, is free to use apps that help people grow irrespective of age, gender, education etc.

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