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Headed by dynamic leaders, Ms. Dipti Agrawal, CEO and Co-Founder, and Mr. Tushar Apshankar, CTO, Tudip Technologies has made a name for itself by providing creative, innovative software services to clients all over the world.


Two young energies, Tushar Apshankar and Dipti Agrawal created a collaboration of their dreams to establish an enterprise which would focus on the clients and their requirements by customizing and providing solutions in a cost-effective way. The approach was very straightforward: to build a value-driven software service company named ‘Tudip Technologies’.

The firm believes that the cookie-cutter solutions don’t often work. Every enterprise needs personalized attention. With the agility of a startup but the processes of a well-established enterprise, Tudip Technologies forms a unique combination as a service provider. This firm has developed over a hundred products over a period of nine years since its inception. Their focus lies on the markets of Europe, the US and areas around. They work with the latest technologies like Google Cloud, AWS, IoT, etc.

Tudip Technologies Services helps their clients by deploying cutting-edge technologies and demonstrates to them how to leverage their Cloud-native platform to remake their organization into a next-generation enterprise. They share processes that help build capabilities for rapid and secure deployment so their clients can move fast, forever.

Tudip Technologies is a one-stop-solutions for clients. Services provided by Tudip Technologies include, but are not limited to:

Internet of Things: Tudip enables organizations to transform business needs into competitive differentiators by delivering innovative IoT powered solutions. From integrating the right sensors and deriving inspired insights into choosing the best-fit platform, they provide a vast range of comprehensive IoT services to their clients.

Product Engineering: They help enterprises by delivering innovative and powerful product solutions.

Cloud Computing: Tudip gives a greater feature velocity on the workloads that power the clients’ businesses on Cloud.

Web Development: They specialize in the design and development of a well-organized, impressive and dynamic user experience. Website and UI for web applications with trendy features and responsiveness is their forte.

Mobility Solutions: Tudip through its suite of services defines, architects, implements and maintains mobility solutions.

Quality Assurance: Tudip’s Assurance Services provides an incomparable suite of services and solutions that empower organizations to provide best-in-class IT application quality and superior client experiences.

Tudip Technologies has a wide range of clients, varying in scale, in industries, regions, and in technology. Tudip has also worked on various international projects with global leaders and niche players across various industries including Smart Appliances, OTT, Agriculture, Healthcare, eCommerce, eLearning and many more.

Their clientele includes Google, Training Amigo,  PaloAltoNetworks, Livongo, etc.

Tudip Technologies has become one of the fastest-growing IT organizations in India. One of the best things about entrepreneurship is that you face new challenges daily. With new challenges come new opportunities to perform better.

They have learnt from their past experiences that technologies that seem hot today can be seen being pushed to oblivion in absolutely no time. Tudip Technologies is a fast-moving company. Transition and learning is in its blood. They are opting for very challenging domains such as translation services and IoT and are ready to push their limits to excel in those domains.

They have got an opportunity to work with clients like Google, PaloAltoNetworks, BrightSide, etc, which is why they have always been ahead of the curve to provide them with best-in-class technology whether for a small project or a big one.

THE WORK CULTURE AT Tudip Technologies

Tudip Technologies operates with an in-house team. They have their own team of software developers, quality assurance engineers, business analysts, network specialists as well as translators. With this, they ensure more growth within the company for each and every employee. They invest in the employees that they hire, and they treat them as assets for the company and not as a resource. They provide the necessary training to the freshers and mould them for a better tomorrow and make them competent.

Tudip admits that employees are the backbone of the company: happy employees lead to happy clients which in turn leads to a successful company. The organization has many recreational events for the employees to keep them engaged. Regular training sessions are organized on various software related topics to keep the employees updated about the latest software. The firm ensures that all kinds of precautions are taken to keep the employees motivated. Tudip fosters a culture of transparency and ownership in the collective conduct. The firm is accountable for the employee’s thoughts, actions, and communication. All the Values are “non-negotiable” and can/ will not be compromised for personal or corporate gains. Tudip consistently applies moral & principled behavior in all the transactions, which builds trust and honesty.

At Tudip Technologies, employees are encouraged to get certified and learn more about various software. They have certified employees who have been certified for ISTQB, and Google and Amazon Cloud certified engineers.

Aside from taking time out for recreation quarterly, the team celebrates small achievements with the Tudip family like birthdays, festivals and work anniversaries. This happens once a week in the office premises.

They also have Improvement Day on the last Saturday of the month, where the team discusses the updates of the month and discusses areas of improvement.


Tudip Technologies has celebrated a number of victories on its journey as innovative digital entrepreneurship. Some of these are:

  • They completed their first Government Project (for Pune Municipal Corporation) and were invited to develop a mobile application for the GST by the Central Government.
  • They became Google and AWS partners.
  • They have also opened offices in Columbia and Argentina. Tudip intends to expand further in South America in the immediate future.
  • They opened another office in Pune, which is bigger and better in terms of infrastructure.

They have plans for the near future and long-term goals as well. As a company, they keep updating themselves with the latest technology and keep themselves ahead of the curve by providing services to their clients and grow with a strong foothold.

Their long-term goal involves being a global partner and the first choice for their clients by providing leadership in specific domains and helping them accelerate the value-creation process.

Tudip Technologies Vision “Is to be a Global Partner and the first choice for their customers by providing leadership in specific domains to help their customers accelerate the value creation process.”

Its mission, “To create a niche by offering cutting-edge integrated services across technologies empowered by innovation, best in class process and best of breed technology.”


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