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Meet Arjun Amin The Man behind Urbanaac Infrastructures

Meet Arjun Amin: The Man behind Urbanaac Infrastructures

Revolutionizing conventional building activities with tailor-made precast elements

As the year 2021 is dawning with new hopes for the business world, Business Connect presents an edition that will be a stimulus to the budding entrepreneurs in the New Year. Here, our magazine has come up with an enthralling success story that will kindle the flames of entrepreneurship within you.

Our team has caught up with the MD of  Urbanaac Infrastructures, Arjun Amin, to be acquainted with the significant offerings that he has introduced to the infrastructure sector.

Urbanaac conveys the success story of Mr. Arjun who begin this entrepreneurial venture with the motivation instigated in him by his father. Talking about his father, Arjun reveals that he was an avid believer of Krishna’s Philosophy and rigidly reckoned on the concept of ‘Karma’.

Leading Urbanaac at the forefront as the Managing Director, Arjun is making his name in the game. He shares that his father was a perfect exemplar of a hard-working and ambitious individual. But unfortunately, Arjun happened to lose his dad at a very young age. Having to believe that his father is watching over him all the times, has been his pedestal of strength and motivation in the journey.

Regarding the infrastructure and construction industry, Mr.Arjun shares that this industry contributes to around 20% of India’s GDP. The sector is majorly responsible for propelling India’s overall development and receives intense focus from the Government for facilitating the policies, that would ensure time-bound creation of a world-class infrastructure in the country. He further adds that to turn India’s vision to become the largest economy into a living reality, the smarter infrastructure development process has become the necessity of the moment. But still, a majority of construction processes relies upon conventional methodologies.

The prolonged timelines of infrastructural projects cause enormous financial loss to the nation. Mr.Arjun asserts that keeping the Indian market and its present scenario into consideration, Precast seems to be the most amicable solution to shorten the timelines and improve the quality of these processes.

Being substantive in the industry, Urbanaac strives to emerge out as a torch bearer to provide absolute Precast Solutions for the first time in Gujarat and catalyzing the transformation of unorganized Infra and Construction Industry in the best possible manner.

In its core, Urbanaac envisions to see India evolve as an ‘Infra- Driven Superpower’ by offering revolutionary changes in the respective industry. Its adamant commitment towards delivering best-in-class precast solutions via innovation, automation and value engineering is allowing it to ensure a competitive edge over its peers.

The company at a glance
Urbanaac is one of Gujarat’s Leading Turnkey Precast Solution Providers that spans over an area of 1.2 million sq. ft. manufacturing facility, located 40 Km away from the city of Ahmedabad. The company renders absolute solutions in Detailed Designing, Production, Transportation and Erection of RCC precast elements for Infra and Construction Industry, right from the conception to the completion.

Urbanaac, with its world-class manufacturing facility, has made a mark in the industry with its turnkey infrastructural solutions that ensure wonders with prompt access and its distribution of premium infrastructure components at a breathtaking pace.

Commendable foresights to deal with challenges
The MD expresses that embracing the challenges wholeheartedly can help one emerge out as a roaring success. Moreover, he states that unforeseen challenges are an inevitable part of every journey we choose. To him, what is crucial is to stay unnerved and forge ahead without deviating from the right path. Unforeseen challenges bring uncertainty to life, trying to deviate one from one’s core focus. But, Arjun believes one must avoid making impulsive decisions at such uncertain times to be a success in any aspect of life.

Working together on a united front
Mr.Arjun believes that healthy interaction between the team members and continuous nurturing of the team has been of utmost importance to the organization.

Their fundamental framework stands steadfast on the foundation of establishing new benchmarks with quality products and create infrastructure marvels with the help of a combination of innovation and technology.

The  MD  elucidates, “We have incorporated the best international practices of standardization to provide the best-in-class product to the client on time, to raise the bars of service standards and pave the way for the industry to follow our footsteps. We reckon on the notion that establishing an appropriate system is the key towards delivering a quality product & services to our clients and for this, we ensured ISO standards right from our inception and followed them rigorously.”

Success Mantra
Resilience, perseverance and discipline are the key aspects of living a quality life, asserts Mr. Arjun. He firmly believes that life should be perceived with a crystal clear vision. To be successful, one must make decisions that are not influenced by anyone.

Furthermore, he states that leadership is all about bravely facing the failures and simultaneously working hard towards attaining the best results in one’s favour. “Excellent leadership can be predicted by looking at the team’s dedication and determination. Urbanaac is blessed with an efficient and hardworking team that relentlessly endeavor to take the company to greater heights.”

Dynamism inspired from the dynamos
The COVID-19 scenario has been more about reading and introspecting to him. As a committed adherent of Krishna, he always seeks guidance from his teachings. The lessons learned from Krishna’s life have played a significant role in shaping what he is today.

Additionally, Arjun is extremely inspired by the career trajectory of Mr. Ratan Tata who is considered a role model for millions of entrepreneurs across the globe. “Mr. Tata is a competent, courteous and optimist individual who dedicated his skills, knowledge and efforts towards nation-building while building his empire that is well-reckoned for its business values across the world.,” continues the MD.

Furthermore, he also has been reading a lot about Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, one of the most influential personalities the world ever witnessed. He finds Dr Kalam’s journey, from plinth to paramount, truly exhilarating to mankind.

The MD shares that breaking the monotonous pattern of the daily routine is essential to relax the mind and enhance one’s efficiency. To him, travelling is the best way to do this. He reveals, “Whenever I get an opportunity, I would pack my bag and go to explore an unseen destination. Travelling to explore different places fills me with great excitement. It helps a lot to expose oneself to newer dimensions and better thoughts and also a perfect way to stay updated with the latest happenings across the world.”

About the milestones
Since its establishment, Urbanaac has envisioned the implementation of Precast in Gujarat and set up a relevant infrastructure in this regard. It is the first and foremost milestone, it takes pride in achieving as a startup. At present, the company’s production capacity is of 4.5 Million sq. ft, with an unprecedented capacity to expand by up to 5 times that ensures a promising start.

Mr. Arjun states, “Having been able to contribute towards some engineering marvels and one- of- its- kind structures, grant us with immense satisfaction. We are majorly contributing to the development of infrastructure at – Motera Stadium – ‘World’s Largest Cricket Stadium’, that is entirely precast-based and considered the first-rated infrastructure globally.

Apart from that, we are also working for Gujarat’s most prestigious University – ‘Ahmedabad University’ and also associated with one of Mumbai’s most luxurious hotels, situated at the T2- Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. These are some of the major projects that we have a hand in so far and have high hopes to emerge out as flag bearer in this industry.”

Glimpses of the future endeavors
“India is a land of burgeoning opportunities for the opportunists. Taking major steps to emerge out as the World’s Largest Economy, India will soon become a self-reliant country. Now, India is being looked at as a strategically investing nation by the rest of the world. Also, the corporate world has been seeking these possibilities long since and converting these possibilities into opportunities is now in our hands only.,” opines Mr. Arjun.

The team is inclined towards expanding its production facility from 4.5 million sq. ft. to over 22 million sq. ft. within the existing facility in Gujarat in the upcoming five years. Post-2025, Urbanaac will expand its facility to 4-5 different locations, ensuring PAN India presence.

A token of advice to budding entrepreneurs
The Managing Director advises youth to chase their passion and incessantly strive to succeed accordingly. He firmly believes that there is no substitute for hard work and people should always strive for perfection.

“It is perhaps a beginning of a new era, post the pandemic, where it is going to be all about re-learning, re-thinking and re-innovating and how quick we transform ourselves.  We have to be optimists to fill our surroundings with positive energy. Failures are major steps towards progress. Any mistake will teach you a lesson that will bring you closer to your success. Moreover, building a committed team is a key contributor to a company’s success. And, the coordination of your staff with your mission is a crucial aspect of influential leadership. So, maintain harmony among all these aspects and be a pioneer in the domain.,” conveys Mr. Arjun.

An inspiring analogy from the MD’s desk
There are moments when you come across different challenges. Stay strong and focused, and you will be able to recognize these difficulties with a better perspective when you have gained experience, abilities, and trust to help you transform these barriers into stepping stones for success. Let’s make it clear using an analogy. If a trekker constantly keeps fretting about the rough footslog, he will be devoid of the enthralling experience from the scenic elegance of his surroundings. As they say- It is about the journey; not the destination, businesses operate on the same philosophy. One must learn to relish the journey while chasing one’s goals to reach the pinnacle and make a mark in the world.  – Mr. Arjun Amin

Urbanaac is a family within itself, where we work together on a united front and its success lies on the fact that each team member aligns his efforts towards the vision and mission of the organization while contributing to its success from the heart and soul.
Mr. Arjun Amin
Managing Director
Urbanaac Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.

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