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V- Financial Services(VFS)- A one-stop platform for cost efficient and unbiased financial services guidance

V- Financial Services(VFS)– A one-stop platform for cost efficient and unbiased financial services guidance

Financial service sector is crucial for any economy, ensuring earnings and equity market capitalisation. A variety of companies are dominating this segment with their exemplary services offered to the customers or businesses for the financial goods. But, the delicacy of this sector is the need of a reliable financial advisor who can manage clients’ assets and offer them with enlightening advises for better outcomes.

In this direction, Business Connect Magazine has featured some outstanding financial service providers in its brand-new edition to recognise the contribution of a few credible companies. Here, we are featuring the success story of V-Financial Services that is being led to greater heights, under the stewardship of its CEO– Vandana Upadhyay.

Company overview
A wealth advisory firm, V-Financial Services, has been rendering innovative and unequalled financial solutions to corporates as well as individuals. As a group of qualified financial professionals with an enriched experience of 18+ years in the BFSI sector, VFS has emerged as a female-led company with PAN India and cosmopolitan presence.

With an exclusive vision to bridge the gap between investor’s behaviour and investing, they ensure the adoption of an investment process that is robust against behavioural decision-making errors.

“The idea behind forming this group was to bridge the gap between client’s wealth planning, its execution and financial goal achievement,” states Vandana.  Most of the financial intermediaries are mainly converged on pushing particular products to customer and post-product sales, the customer is left on his own to commence the financial journey alone. This is where V-Financial pitches in to make a difference.

With the novice concept to deal in Wealth Advisory by providing appropriate support to the clients, VFS started its journey to emphasize consolidating and reviewing all investment in a single-window Platform. Keeping it as the primary focus, the company has designed an investment plan that could meet the client’s requirements effortlessly. Team VFS is always dedicated to ensuring the trust of the customers in their services. Their offered solutions are not just limited to provide a solution to the client but also, to guide their path to any issue related to financials aspects.

Idea behind inception
When asked about the motivation that led to the inception of the venture, Vandana states that VFS was conceptualized to provide goal-oriented Financial planning and unique solutions to HNI & UHNI segment, to act in the best interest of the clients.

Through its vast experience, VFS learnt that the concept of a “consolidated financial plan across all asset class” is less adopted by various financial intermediaries due to lack of expertise in all asset class and technology available for the same. Thereby,  VFS considered this gap as an opportunity to be substantive to the industry. In this direction, Vandana asserts, “The client would be better motivated to opt for your service as a planner if you take care of his long- term financial goals rather than focusing on short-sighted benefits.”

Standing apart from the rest
VFS prioritizes clients’ requirements at any cost. It ensures service beyond product domain such as Equity, MF, Insurance, Lending, Health, PMS, AIF, etc., for hassle-free life by advising the customers on various parameters –Taxation, Estate Planning, Will deed etc. of their financial journey and work closely with customers to help them reach their aspired financial goals.

“Our USP is Right Advise,Trust and Relationship followed by robust service support to the customers,” adds Vandana.

Addressing several pain points for the customers in financial space, they are helping the customers to set their measurable financials and investments periodically while re-evaluating financial plans to maintain continuity. From managing their existing portfolio to ensure a comprehensive 360° reports and overall net worth of the customers across all asset class, their ceaseless product & service support across all asset class under a single window gives them a leading edge. “Our absolutely dedicated digital and hassle-free services by our adept female brigades take care of all service related issues,” continues the CEO.

Team VFS also considers the role of R&D quite instrumental in the growth of the company. To them, R&D is a dynamic segment that allows them to be abreast of new product variation and any change in the regulatory framework for right guidance to the clientele.

Reliance in the tech-tools
Team VFS reckons that asset allocation is crucial to portfolio return and without the help of technology, its management is unimaginable. Since from its inception, the company has leaned over technology for seamless and uninterrupted services to the customers that allowed them to help their clients amidst the glooms and dooms of the nationwide lockdown too. The firm is leveraging technology in every aspect of the work.

Be it E-on boarding of new customers or new application processing, tech-tools help them perform every business operation effectively. A few of their in -house developed software help them to manage client’s reports. Moreover, they lean on the utilization of the software such as BSE-Star MF, 3 tense and other digital platforms for their transaction, reports and services.

Culture that thrives ‘customer-first’ motto
At V-Financial Services, the employees are polite and humble to help the clients in best possible manner. The company thrives a culture of fun where the team enhances its productivity by being in a pleasant environment where light instrumentals are played during working hours. The management ensures more collaborative approach where each associated individual is treated as a part of Business/Family rather than employees. Here, an open culture is nurtured where timely feedback is shared and employee engagement is promoted in every possible manner.

“Our team always thrives on improving area of development to have seamless customer experience. The performance of the team is evaluated annually on 4 scale rating and they are rewarded with Long-Term Service Award along with Respect and Dignity,” cites Vandana.

Even amidst the prevailing crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, VFS stood beside its employees and no deductions on the pay checks were made by the management. Contrary to the scenario, they offered the employees with appropriate increment too. In this respect, they feel their digitalized workflow played a significant role to serve its clients even amidst the unprecedented times.

Glimpses of the milestones and achievements
Recently, they have started operating in HNI & UHNI segment in Mumbai. Soon, they aspire to expand their service verticals to semi-urban areas of north and eastern parts of India. Furthermore, they believe their collaboration with some major financial brands such as Aditya Birla Capital, HDFC life, Motilal Oswal, SBI Mutual Funds, HDFC Ltd, Bajaj Finance, Bajaj Life, etc., is their foremost achievement as their esteemed clientele testifies their excellence.

Words to be conveyed
As a concluding note, Vandana conveys some parting words for our readers,” India is a country of savers and domestic saving is very high percentage of GDP. We should try and make our nation not only good saver but also become good investors by propagating concept of right asset allocation to the length and breadth of the country.”


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