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VHonk: Expand Your Brand Reach with our knack in Digital Media and Marketing

Creating brand value online through exemplary Digital Marketing Services, is the utmost need of today’s business world. To enhance the reach of the brand, impeccable creative design, content and strategies are required. Therefore, it magnifies the effect of the brand.

 Vhonk offers unparalleled and quite distinguished services in the arena of Digital Media and Marketing. Vhonk was incepted in the year 2016, by an accomplished Digital Marketing Expert from Hyderabad- Ms. Seshanka, and co-founded by her work companion and partner- Mr. Binesh Gaddam. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Company.

“Brands do better with us. They create while we curate!”~ Binesh Gaddam

Vhonk develops brand identities, digital accounts, and branded content to define brand culture. Henceforth, it aids to create the prodigious brand image in collaboration to expand the viewership of the respective brand online, and for Marketing, the company looks out for various Digital Marketing Strategies.

Uncovering the foundational terms of analytics and optimization to managerially functionalizing marketing, management, and system analysis, they are committed to growing the brand’s reach. Their expert team analyses and filters the target market, and works towards generating accurate results in the form of delivering genuine reach and driving quality leads. They offer a spectrum of services including Social Media Marketing, Search Marketing, Influencer Marketing, E-Mail & SMS Marketing, Website Design & Development, and Content Creation & Branding.


They are always associated with the clients, who are connected with them professionally as well as emotionally. Some say business is about building professional connects, while they believe business revolves around building an emotional connect with clients to reflect their depth of thought in their way of conducting business along with extending the hand to professional networking.

Their clientele includes Trujet- airlines, EduconIndia- student consultancy, Swapna Health Care- women’s healthcare institution and many other potential clients belonging to a variety of domains from F&B, clothing, education, e-commerce, and technology.

Their celebrity accounts include- Samantha Akkineni, Anasuya Bharadwaj, Suma Kanakala, Pradeep Machiraju, Deepthi Sunaina, and others.

A multitude of factors are responsible for creating an unbreakable faith of clients over the Company. Some of the prominent factors, which Vhonk supports are- commitment, transparency and on-time delivery along with the goodwill of holding the right communication.  These are the essential attributes, which bind a knot of trust between Vhonk and their esteemed clients.


The limelight of the Company is on – what, when, and how?

What we are today and what we want to be tomorrow, when and what changes are to be addressed and foreseen, how can we meet the requisites and spin the hour of the market.

They stress on transparency, commitment, and innovation. Speaking of them, they are one among the very few or the only known and recognized agency to handle Digital Media and Marketing services. Striking the right balance between them, they connect brands and influencers/ media content to proportionally weigh the benefits, which the two sectors seek within each other.


TEAM serves as the axis of rotation for any company, and Vhonk has always been recognized for its team.

Digital Marketing is one such profession that requires permutations and combinations of professional and creative heads, dealing with an intermixture of designers, content curators, web developers, data miners, market strategists, and media experts. Only multiple techno-creative heads can drive and derive the right strategy and timely deliverables for any client.

 Binesh Gaddam states,

“Clients belonging to different sectors requiring various kinds of digital commodities is what keeps me and my team committed to work, explore and pump up the positive energy.”


Digital Marketing can be characterized as a service domain with the ever-changing, constantly evolving trends and technologies. For instance, time slipped by a wink of an eye from Orkut to Facebook, and now the current viral podiums of media- Instagram and Sharechat. Audience preferences change swiftly also causing the trends and analytics driving us towards a change. And so, it falls on their shoulders, for that matter, on every Digital Marketer, to equip with the latest technological weapons.

The technological advances pertaining to the analytical tools are beneficial to them. Currently, the upscale of the graph seen in the utilities provided by BigData are in the run. Currently, they are using the subdomains related to BigData to pool, identify and filter out the right kind of information to frame a potential strategy, and arrive at the right digital channel. They, in fact, are working on a short term plan to incorporate into the services a full-fledged BigData analytical team, which could elastically execute they are galore of A-Z list of services


They have snippets of achieving good results for their clients. Recently, they had been featured along with their client- EduconIndia in prominent magazines like Silicon India, Knowledge Review, and Business Connect.

Their growing team, the expanding clientele and the empowering recognition for VHonk, are the achievements that need to be celebrated.


  • In a short span of three years, they have created a reputation in the market. They are the only recognized company that deals with the Digital Media and Digital Marketing services all together under an umbrella.
  • Towards the end of their first year in this field, they rose to recognition as the partner Digital Media Agency status with
  • Close-to-heart, they reach to a number of top South Indian celebrities & social media influencers.
  • Cordial associations with many major South Indian Digital Media houses.
  • An agency with a very unique and rare balance of full-fledged Influencer Marketing and Digital Marketing Teams.


On a short term basis, they are currently serving as one of the best agencies for both Influencer Marketing and Talent Management services, and they target to soon penetrate into being recognized as the top influencer marketing agencies in the south.

Speaking of the long term plans, they strive to be recognized as the top Digital Media and Marketing Company, and this they wish to achieve by imbibing fast pacing technologies as BigData to serve as one of their main domains alongside the existing digital marketing algorithms.

To reach out, check their website at or contact the founding partner Binesh Gaddam on 9703419000.

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