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WaroftheWits Solutions

WaroftheWits Solutions

A Steadfast Ed-Tech Start-up

Written By- Mehak Malhotra

Education technology in India is setting new benchmarks with each passing day. With digital books, multi sensory classrooms, remote learning, virtual sessions, etc. Education has surely seized a reformed configuration. It succors students to acquire exemplary learning experiences and contemporary technological advancements. The global pandemic has played a prominent role in reviving the significance of e-learning. It has stipulated educational institutions and students to progress their learning online. Besides, this sitch has also opened the doors for many Ed-tech firms to make an unparalleled impression in the industry.

Likewise, in this exclusive edition, our magazine Business Connect is presenting the vision of an EdTech company, WaroftheWits. Their idea is to impart an efficient and reliable learning platform while minimizing the cost and efforts of the students. The firm comprises of highly qualified IT professionals, subject matter experts, teachers, tutors, volunteer parents, students & mentors

WaroftheWits is an innovation-based firm that offers e-learning packages for students, coaching institutes, schools, and for the aspirants of competitive exams like JEE, NEET, Olympiad/NTSE. It is a technology driven digital platform delivering enhanced academic performance through self-assessment, gap-remediation, memorization, and practice. The mission is ensuring a succeeding pathway for both students & institutions alike.

The company offers various provisions for schools, tutors, and coaching institutions for rapid digitalization, expedited teaching, revision, assessments, LMS, IMS/ SMS, CMS etc., all through their flagship platform.

WaroftheWits came into existence in June 2018 by three friends with a vision to disrupt the digital education industry – i.e. to make learning simple, easy, affordable & fun. Ever since it’s inception, the company is perpetually growing and scaling new heights in the Edtech industry and has been rated amongst top 20 most promising Edtech Startups of India.

For every enterprise, it is salient to be ahead in the market. To clinch that gauge, they need incessant synchronism with the technological advancements.

Apart from 40+ e-Learning courses for individual students, WaroftheWits also offers several features for Schools, Tutors & Coaching institutes. Some of these are:

  • readymade notes, auto-evaluated assignments, objective & subjective tests, group revision activities, games, quizzes, and competitions
  • live video classes, digital notice board, attendance, admission, student and fee management
  •  practice-oriented, adaptive & machine learning, automated workflows & real-time reports
  • various research edtechniques applied for higher comprehension, retention & recall
  • co-branding, white labelling support, improved educator-parent-student collaboration etc

The firm promulgates various services, rendering an edge over its peers in the industry. Some of them are catalogued below:

  • multi-user, interactive, individual & group learning & teaching
  •  focus on individual learning styles for best results
  • B2B, B2C & hybrid revenue models supported
  • high visibility of efforts, progress, speed, accuracy, coverage, rank
  • catalyst for collaboration between student, parent & teacher
  • weekly live competitions to foster competitive spirit

Most importantly, they render extremely cost-effective prices as opposed to others in the digital education space

WaroftheWits offers various online courses to their students for subjects such as Maths, Economics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Social Studies, Accounts and Business Studies ranging from 6th to 12th standard. They also offer courses for aspirants preparing for IIT-JEE (Engineering), NEET (Medical), and Olympiad/NTSE.


  • The CTO of the company, Mr Manoj Bisht (PG in Statistics & Computer Applications) is holding experience of 21 years in IT development and architecting software solutions using Microsoft Technologies. He also specializes in Cloud (Azure & AWS), AI & Data Science.
  • The CFO of the company, Mr Sandeep Goel has strong business acumen, he is involved in multiple businesses spanning across different industries and has a keen interest in emerging EdTech arena
  • The CEO of WaroftheWits, Anil Kumar Sharma who has credentials such as MCA, MBA, EPLM, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, and a dozen more, has 22 years of experience in heading product management & delivery,
    R&D centers of various software, training and consulting firms

WaroftheWits is rated amongst The Top 20 Most Promising Ed-Tech Startups in India. They also have empaneled many top schools and coaching institutes throughout NCR & some cities across India.

The company plans to target under & un-digitalized schools of 2nd/3rd tier cities, explore and expand underinvested channels like B2C, corporates, affiliates, etc., scaleup presence, pan India and globe. WaroftheWits team believes that there is huge potential in the EdTech arena in the coming years. With schools and other educational institutions being closed, COVID has essentially increased digital education demand and there are still limited set of serious players in coaching arena & low cost eLearning solution providers. WaroftheWits has been self-funded since its inception. So, they intend to attain investments to target larger user base and geography.

WaroftheWits CEO: “Aspiring entrepreneurs, we are coming out of COVID menace and the business are bouncing back to normalcy so it’s a great time to start or expand your venture. However, do not commence anything in haste – do a detailed market research & feasibility study, competitor analysis etc. before you dive in.

Our foundation team researched for more than 1.5 years, visited several countries, studied education systems of a dozen of countries, and carried out alpha & beta tests on 500+ students before formally rolling out our platform. Still, we faced a lot of hurdles, setbacks & learnt hard lessons in the due course – so prepare wisely before you make your next move and then stay invested, as sooner or later things certainly do turn around!”


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