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Top 5 reasons why “the customer is always right” is wrong ?

Top 5 reasons why “the customer is always right” is wrong

When we start a company, we all want to see the growth of the company day by day. However, it only way possible if customers like your service or product, you have to make them happy because you remember a very famous phrase “the customer is always right.” So, what do you guys think should we take this phrase seriously or not?

“A woman who frequently took flight for Southeast was always dissatisfied with every aspect of the company’s action. In fact, people named her “Pen Pal” because after every getting down from flight she wrote a complain latter about disliking the absence of the first-class section, having no food, and disliking the flight attendants’ sporty uniforms. After her last complaints, within sixty second CEO company wrote a letter and ‘Dear Mrs. Crabapple, we will miss you. Love, Herb’.” 

Harry Gordon Selfridge (The founder of Selfridge’s department store in London) coined this phrase in 1990. Typically, this phrase is used by the owner of the company to convince the customers. The owner convinces employees as well to offer the best service. However, now it’s time to abandon the phrase because it makes your customer service weak.

I’m going to discusses five points about “The Customer is always right” is wrong. I hope you will understand a lot.

Businesses have limited resources

As an entrepreneur we look at ways to produce a large result with the small resource, that means long term success and sustainability are critical for an entrepreneur. I read somewhere that entrepreneurs are not omnipotent that is so true. The majority of businesses fledgling ones and run with limited resources, limited time, limited funds including certain energy. Having business experience, you know that whenever or whatever you might be given the effort to satisfy the customer’s needs, they will always question and complain about your service.

So, if you are seeing feedback or complain about your service, and you feel guilty and culpable, it isn’t good for your business. In fact, it will affect your business in a bad way. if you think that you have already necessary steps about those complaints to solve the issues. then time to move on do what are you doing. Always keep in mind that, businesses are not dependent on just a few buyers. It will be immature to spend time, money and energy to satisfy someone who complains not only about your business but also their life. just focus on the majority of customer’s requirements and give them your best service as much as possible.

It adds misery to employees

Having a business with a large number of clients will always have its share of hostile, impolite, snappy consumers. At least Five customers out of fifty, who will take your service wrong in a way. if you are reacting to such kinds of customers with guilt and appeasement, it is a good idea.

I have seen most of the entrepreneurs who pressurize the employees because they believe in the phrase “Customer is always right.” It makes them dejected. Taking the side of intolerable and enraged customers and supporting employees, it is the best way to operate service. Customers must get the message that they are like family, they don’t even do anything about it, on the other hand, you should support the employees and tell them they don’t have to worry about it. also, from time to time you must reward your employees for this. constant support from the business owner will Improve loyalty among employees. You should always thankful for them.

Customers are not omniscient

As entrepreneurs, we create an organization and work with the team to build a product and improve the product’s quality so that you can offer the best service in the market. However, customers are not often happy with service because your service or products do not work the way customers wish. They would go any extent and demand unrealistic things that don’t even relate to your service. do you think? you should take care of those customers.

Sometimes you see that customers show you that they have better knowledge about your service and try to share advice on how should you operate the company or improve the product quality. It could be risky if you are offering the customer the liberty to think they are not wrong.

In my opinion, you should ask final authority from a product maker, and offer a precise demonstration and details of the service and product to your customer by showing the best expertise.

It pits management against employees

The phrase “the customer is always right.” For a few times you might be ok by forcing your employees to do what they want, but not all the time. what I want to say that, just favoring the customers, it demoralizes the employees and show a lack of faith in the employees. Supporting employees constantly will create a happier customer network. Because they know what kinds of products or services, they are sealing in the market how to handle the situation. once again do not take the stress from individual buyers. Customers always expect better than your service or product.

You don’t want every customer

We all know that targeting customer is very necessary but not all customer is indispensable. It would be great, you will let go of those customers who are presently become to your company and complaining about it. those kinds of the customer will create an uncomfortable atmosphere among your employees. By focusing too much on those customers complain, you may lose loyal customers who really like your product or service.

If you really want to stay for a long time, entrepreneurs should avoid unrealistic things or disgruntled customers. Losing those kinds of customers might give you fewer profits but, in the end, you will find that it is healthier for your business. Always keep in your mind that

“You cannot please everyone the best thing you can do is just to believe in yourself and do what you think is right for you.”


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