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How women entrepreneurs are overcoming the start-up challenge?

women entrepreneurs are overcoming the start-up challenge

There was a time when women were known as a housewife. Later, somehow women started working outside as less paid employees. At the time, entrepreneurship among them was like looking water on the marks. It was very exceptional. Also, in the 1900s it was very hard to do business. Then comes the IT era, the internet has changed the business landscape very quickly. the way we are selling products, services, and innovative ideas. it cannot be that easy without the internet. We should really thank the internet.

In the middle of the present decades, digitalization transformation has increased so rapidly and become so common across the industries. By getting digitalization transformation, start-up culture has been catalyzed all over the world. 2017 report from American Express, it has shown that over the past 20 years, the majority of the women who owned businesses has increased by 114%. It is more than 2.5 times has seen national growth.

As you know that every start-up faces some problems and challenges in the initial state. So, if women are facing it, this is no exception at all. Yet, there are a lot of hindrances relatively to women entrepreneurs. And they are overcoming them, here are more common challenges they have been facing and overcoming.

 Curbing challenges through effectiveness

Having great interpersonal skills, it helps you to convince people (inside, outside, and both of them) that is good for the organization. Being emotionally balanced and having soft skills, businesswomen have ability to convinces the client to fix the deal. Actually, they are growing rapidly with the help of these skills. To achieve business growth and find the right track, Team should start cooperating with the leader and distributer to deliver the exact requirement.

A business requires two valuable assets first people and second creative ideas.  by having a knack of leading people in women entrepreneurs, hindrance will never touch them. Also, every entrepreneur should have great communication skills.

Taking advantage of the changes in the system

Nowadays people have made a start-up culture around the world which is good for the country. A new successful start-up doesn’t just help you to enhance countries’ GDP but also at the same time, it’s empowering women entrepreneurs and gathering them good business options in both ways (physical and virtual landscape). According to Forbes, recently 3 percent SME (SMALL BUSINESS SIZE) has owned by women entrepreneurs.

Also, I was reading the Forbes article where it has mentioned that the government has made an announcement and launched an online portal that helps you to sanction loans up to one crore. It is really helpful for a start-up; in this, you can get over from financial challenges. Besides, in the digital ear, they are able to sell their products with the help of e-commerce. Also, having shopping apps are helping them grow. Now they don’t need a big investor to start a company. They don’t require posh office space to perform the things as well. All they need, a laptop and a smartphone. With the help of these things, they are handling all demands.

Emphasizing teamwork over individualism

Sometimes we make an unhealthy decision to lead the company. however, in this way, you will have unnecessary collateral damage and will lose energy. Cooperation is a very essential thing that will help you reduce fear. Nowadays women entrepreneurs are growing so fast by emphasizing teamwork. Everyone requires leadership skills. Women do like to focus on it, they know that cooperation is a great principle than others. This is why they are working together. I think women entrepreneurs agree on these quotes.

“A team is not a group of people who work together, a team is a group of people who trust each other.” Simon Sinek

Looking at the world through the eyes of other people

If you don’t consider wisely actual flaws in your plan, you get caught up in your own idea. women entrepreneurs think very differently, they step back first, then get a fresh perspective. According to the situation, they are doing everything to expand the narrow idea. also, you should know that showing yourself what you can do like a new challenge, idea, and many creative things in front of new people, in this way you can engage with people and see the real problems. Women entrepreneurs believe that more if they more integrate or learn, they will evolve and grow more.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ~Wayne dyer

Be respectful toward others

Business grows when you have a good transaction with other people. Having a respective nature will bring you more customers. Suppose that you are doing business where people don’t go and don’t like to work with you, because of abusive nature. What is going to happen with your business eventually, I’m sure businesses won’t run for a long time. However, women entrepreneurs have taken these things so seriously. They treat others with full of respect. Because they know in the way to keep up the businesses for a long time.

“Respect is the most important thing. be respectful toward others and have respect for yourself.”

Showing up simply

We know that Women entrepreneurs life is full of adventure when you are passing the path that you have created; you never know what’s going to happen next. When things get tough, it is very tough to stay in the field. However, nowadays women entrepreneurs are becoming strong to take intuitive ideas. they know that running away isn’t the solution. They have to fight until getting success. Also, as entrepreneurs, we should keep in mind that issues do not identify that things are going wrong. It means you are moving forward and you need a big source to grow.

“Difficulties allow us to change for the better, to rebuild our lives in the way our heavenly Father teaches us, and to become something different from what we were.” ~Thomas & monsoon

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