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Marketplace For Virtual Events Launched By Zoom

Marketplace For Virtual Events Launched By Zoom

By: Sneha Chaudhary

For simulated activities, Zoom has become the go-to software mainly by mistake. As event planners defaulted to it after their live events were victims of the pandemic, Zoom was a common live streaming platform, experiencing a time of ubiquity.

Meanwhile, dedicated virtual event networks with more robust interaction and development features for investors and industry searching for some way to get back to work, stepped up to the plate of severe planners and were warmly welcomed.

Most individuals experience Zoom fatigue between work meetings, kids’ classes, and talking with friends and family. But the video conferencing Company hopes that people can log in for a few more hours to take advantage of its new platform and marketplace for online Virtual events.

With a range of free and paid online activities covering everything from education and entertainment to health and home, the public beta for OnZoom was launched on Wednesday.

In an announcement, product manager Aleks Swerdlow said, “We were humbled and motivated by all of the incredible ways the world responded to a literal shutdown of in-person activities in COVID-19.” “When company owners, developers, and companies of all types had to find a way to remain on track and manage to supply their clients with resources, many turned to Zoom. OnZoom simplifies the experience.”

OnZoom, an expansion of the centralized messaging network of the Company, allows paying users to build, organize, and monetize interactive activities such as fitness courses, concerts, comedy shows, and lessons in painting. List and sell tickets, distribute and support events, and attract up to 1,000 people from new global audiences.

In the meantime, attendees will browse for activities, gift tickets, donate to charities, and discover favourites, share, and rate. Depending on length, subject, and presenter, OnZoom’s current offers vary in price from free to $50.

A similar scheme of interactive experiences was launched by Airbnb in April, helping hosts to keep earning and users to keep learning during the coronavirus pandemic. From the convenience of your house, Airbnb Online Experiences invites users to meditate with Buddhist monks, meet Chernobyl’s puppies, and cook with a Moroccan family.


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