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10 Indoor Places to Avoid Due to Coronavirus

10 Indoor Places to Avoid Due to Coronavirus

As lockdown 4.0 has ended, the ministry of home affairs has issued a new set of guidelines called “unlock 1.0” under this guideline malls, restaurants, religious places, and many other shops are reopening. However, people have been still told by the government to “Stay home as much as possible.”

Since Coronavirus is still spreading rapidly, we have to be more careful and look for any sign that the risk of catching the virus may be higher than you would want. Indoor, enclosed spaces are at high risk as compare to outdoor locations because wind and other elements are around to help overcome the virus. Although, not all enclosed spaces are the same.

Stay away if you see any of the following 10 signs:

The layout is too tight to say at maximum six feet apart.

According to the ministry of home affairs, only 50 people can present at wedding functions or any other ceremonies. However, it still has a chance to spread viruses (in case someone is sick). So, if you are planning to attend any functions, ensure that ceremony’s location has enough space so that you can stand at least 6 feet apart from everyone else. After the ceremony or party If the party-giver asks you to stay at night with them, which you love to have fun by staying. But don’t get into such kind of situation.

Beware of place that has a narrow walkway, numerous obstacles, and little maneuvering room.

Poor Ventilation and air circulation.

Try to avoid those places where air or any gas could linger, it indicates that room may not have sufficient ventilation and air circulation, that could allow virus-carrying respiratory droplet nuclei to remain moving in the air. That doesn’t mean you have to leak any gas to check the ventilation of a room. Rather, looking for open windows, running air conditioners, open doors, air vent.

Low air space to person ratios.

When you decide to visit a place, do not only ensure space between people but also space above the people. Lower ceiling or vault may leave little room for anything in the air to disperse. Many pub crawl bars and clubs are designed to have a lower ceiling so that the place looks attractive. During this COVID 19 pandemic, this isn’t the right time for anyone to have a party in the bars that you ‘ve been dreaming of since lockdown.

People are talking a lot, shouting, singing, painting or coughing.

Visiting an enclosed location where every individual is panting is not a good idea. If they are calling you while painting. Say sorry run away. One report shows that even just commutating can spray droplets into the air that could hang there for minutes. Think then how many droplets can be produced by those who are singing or a lot of talking, especially when you are not putting a mask. In worlds, if whole choir stat singing their favorite singer song, it would be quite better to leave the place, even you are feeling alone.

Not ready access to hand washing and disinfection.

Often people 5 or 6 times or more touch their faces. It is inevitable. It will happen intuitively. Our faces and hands are like a couple that can keep getting back together over and over again. This is why ensure that you are carrying soap with water or more than 60% alcohol-based sanitizer in your purse while traveling.

High touch objects that you have to touch.

Be wary of those places that require you to touch something which has been touching by many people like doors, knob, a pen, bus polls, fingerprinter reader, keyboard, statue, food menu, and many others. If there is something you have to touch, then ensure that thing is being actively and frequently cleaned and disinfected. If you have touched something without knowing anything, then your first priority is to use soap with water, Or sanitizer.

No obvious cleaning and disinfecting are occurring.

Usually, shop keepers or showroom owner clean their places on closing time. But, amid of this pandemic, cleaning and sanitizing should be happening actively and very frequently throughout the day. Look for cleaning supplies and every individual really using them properly. If you think that something is happing isn’t right, don’t be afraid to ask for their cleaning strategies. If they feel uncomfortable giving your answers, it means they are taking precautions seriously.

People are lingering for a long time and there’s no regulation of people traffic.

Any site or place should not look like “The storming of the bastille.” There should be someone regulating how many people can go inside the place or enclosed room at a time. If more people are entering an enclosed location and will stay a longer time, then it will be a higher risk to get infected in case someone is infected. Lockdown is unlocked, that doesn’t mean you are back to in your normal life.

People are not following rules or taking precautions.

Must pay attention to how many people at the places are actually following precautions very seriously to not infect others.  In precaution, it can include wearing a medical or home-made mask, frequently rubbing hand with soap and water or using ethanol-based sanitizer, and maintain social distance. Visitors and workers at the location must follow appropriate precautions. Appropriate infection control procedures must be followed in place. Of course, it does require training for employees.

Any sign that the employer or employees believe that the Coronavirus is not that serious or a hoax.

If such kind of faith having a mind, that indicates they are not following proper precautions behind the scenes when you are not there.

The bottom line is just the government has announced to reopen the location, that doesn’t mean the pandemic has gone. So, whenever you are making a plan, you have to be more selective about location. Also, be observant and be cautious.

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