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20 Amazing Winter dishes in India

20 Amazing Winter dishes in India to Keep You Warm this season

In the winter season, we all try to warm ourselves by wearing court, jacket and many other fancy clothes. However, being Indian how can I ignore our traditional delicious food?  Here I am going to introduces you to 20 winter dishes that keep you warm in the winter season.

Malai Makhan

Malai Makhan is also known as Nimish that is a sweet snack. This heart-melting beverage is prepared by churning milk and cream until it develops feathery-forth, in the end, it is garnished with khoya, dry fruit, and Saffron. This healthy drink is available during the winter season in Lucknow and many other states.

Methi Pakora

Methi is produced in the winter season and very beneficial to keep warm our bodies. it is prepared with Methi leaves. So, if you have free time or want to spend quality time with family, I would say add Masala Tea and hot Methi Pakora. I’m sure your goanna them and can’t wait for next winter.

Paya Shorba

For those who are non-Vegetarians, Paya Shorba is one of the best delicious options for you. It is basically a mutton soup and can preparer very easy. This heart-warming dish is made with lamb trotters that are prepared along with aromatic. Even you can make this dish at home. it is also a very famous soup in India.


I don’t know why people named Panjiri, but I do know how delicious it is. Panjiri is made with a wheat mixture of ghee, almonds, and sugar. I hope you have tasted before, if not believe me; once you taste it, you are going to become crazy about this dish. This dish will keep your fits and improve your glowing skin.


Another one, a lot of people think that Gujarati foods are almost species but I want to tell you that Gujarati foods are sweeter than another state. by taking a sip of Raab, you feel amazed. But here is one problem; you would like to have this dish over and over again. It is prepared with Edible gum, Ghee, castor sugar, Almonds, Cashew nuts, and desiccated coconuts.


Chikki is one of the great Indian nutritious bars of nuts that is a sweet and crispy dessert. Probably you can ditch your candy for this healthy and crispy bar. Basically, it is snakes and the best dessert. By having a bite of this Chikki, you can beat your boredom. These nutritious bars will help you stay away from winter.

Carrot Poriyal

Carrot Poriyal is South Indian and veggies based dry dish. This dish is enough for mouth waters. It is made with stir-fried carrot, cumin seeds, coconut and so many spices mixed with chilli paste. The sweet carrot and chilli paste give a perfect balance of taste. Having a spoon this delicious dish, you feel unexpected taste. It is really a great Indian meal.

Til Pitha

Til Pitha is the most delicious Assamese sweet dish that can be severed during the winter. It is like a pancake. Til Pitha is stuffed with Jaggery and Sesame seeds. Jaggery is found in the winter season this is why called winter food. this soft and crunchy combination dish can be enjoyed whenever you wish.


Again, Gujarati dessert, it is halwa that is made with Lapsi and jaggery. This hearty healthy dish is one of the most appealing sweet dishes that is concocted with broken wheat, sugar, and cardamom powder. Broken wheat gets roasted in a generous amount of ghee that offers the Lapsi a rich brown colour. In winter, if you want yourself to keep warm, I would say try this delicious breakfast.

Rogan Josh

Once again, I am going to introduce a non-vegetarian food called Rogan Josh. this is strong and healthy spicy lamb curry that is covered mutton on the bone, this button can be served with any roti. This delicious spicy mutton is best for winter that keeps us warm and make us feel super cosy.


Nihari is a Mughlai cuisine that is made with beef, mutton or chicken with spicy nihari masala. This dish isn’t only famous in India but also in Bangladesh and Pakistan. However, in India, Nihari has own masala which means you will have a completely different experience from other Nihari. The dish will win your heart by having it. for non-vegetarian people, this is the best cosine in the winter season.

Gajar ka Halwa

During the winter, every Indian prefers to make Gajar ka Halwa. It is one of my favorite dishes. This is prepared with fresh carrot with Ghee and sugar. Also, you can add so many different kinds of things to improve the taste. In the end, added on dry fruit make delicious. Carrot can be found in winter in a big amount which means you have the opportunity to make Halwa at home and enjoy wintertime.

Sarson Ka Saag

It is Panjabi’s traditional dish that is served with maze roti. All over the county cannot resist this delicious Saag. Winter could be incomplete without having Sarson Ka Saag. It contains much potent nutrition. So, in winter if your mom tries to feed you, do welcome this healthy dish because it makes warm better than another dish.


We all like noodles; generally we make noodles at home by adding some spicy masala. Now you can make a different dish with noodles called Thukpa. This is an Indo-Tibetan noodle soup. it is made with Cloves of garlic, shallots, fresh ginger, tomato paste, red paper, and many others. By having this Tibetan food, you will become a fan of this dish.


Gushtaba is one of the most prominent Kashmiri cousins that is concocted with minced mutton and has all taste hot and spicy. It is shaped into balls and made in a full of flavour yogurt gravy. It is made with rich ingredients such as yogurt, black cardamoms, dry ginger, and fennel seed. It will take an hour to prepare before being severed this appetizing dish. Gushtaba is very heavy food and perfect for winter.


Undhiyu is such an amazing dish and healthy for winter that is cooked with mixed vegetables, fenugreek, species and big amount of Ghee. I know it will take more effort and time to make this flavourful dish but believe me, in the end, this dish will definitely pay you off. As we all know that most of the dishes are usually rich and indulgent. However, Undhiyu is not like other foods.

Sakarkand Rabdi

Sakarkand Rabdi contains a generous amount of nutrition that will make yourself comfortable in the winter season. The Sakarkand Rabdi is prepared with grated sweet potatoes along with the right amount of milk that gets boiled. Adding on cardamom, and server dry nuts and saffron will increase the taste of this Rabdi. This dish is known as a winter specialist.

Nolen Gur Sandesh, Rasgulla and Rasmlai

Nolen Gur Sandesh is a very sweet and bangle dish. We all should thank them who have given so many sweets such as Rasgulla and Rasmlai. These all sweets are mouth-watering. if you are a sweet lover, then I would highly recommend you to try Nolen Gur Sandesh.

Gond Ke Ladoo

Gond Ke Ladoo is a mouth-watering dish that is more renowned across north India. The flavourful dish is made out of edible gum extract. Gond comes from a barks tree. This is really the best traditional Indian food and good for the winter season. There are several ingredients can be found in this dish like a generous amount of Ghee, cashews, almonds and wheat flour.

Beetroot Thoran

This dish is actually famous in south India that can be eaten with rice or roti. This dish is cooked with coconuts, beans, cabbage, raw, banana, and carrot. If you haven’t tried yet, you must try this winter season. It is very healthy and will keep your body warm as well

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