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5 Best Things you need to know before starting a business

Things you need to know before starting a business

Being a businessman person or entrepreneur, life can be a roller coaster. You cannot tell anybody where you are spending time even sometimes your family can be mad at you. But this how we live. In the middle of the decades, the majority of people are thinking about a new startup, this occurs because of digital transformation. The internet world has changed the business landscape. You have noticed in the interviews; they ask you where do you see yourself after five years.

So, I do, where do you see yourself after starting a business. I know, if you are new, then you are going to say, I want to create a business, like Facebook or Google. If you have started in business and got failed, then pretty much, you don’t have an answer. So, do you want to start an adventure life by starting a business? So, let’s know about somethings which you know when you are starting a business. Here are six most important point that will help you to starting a business.

Don’t underestimate a business plan

So how would you like to start a business? By taking funding, if not then I’m sure you have a formal business plan. then write out about everything like forecasts and marketing strategy. It is very effective to hone your vision. Also, when you are asking a question make sure your question should be centered two essentials: first does your product represent a major market chance? And second how your business is going to serve people because they would be your customers. Staring to businesses is not all about to make money, it is about filling the gap.

Also, I would like to mention that, don’t overlook the exit strategy for the first time. Like, I want to see after getting successful or I want to hand over the business my child. It is hard to think about these kinds of questions. As you are building a block of your business, it should vary depending on what you are preferred to end result.

Don’t get stuck in the past

As you are stringing a business, you have to focus on customers’ needs. One of the friends stared business 2001 but after two years, he had to shut down the business marking issues. He said he is not going to start a company ever again. So, the point is if you have closed business in the past, and starting business again, just don’t go in the past. Only review past mistakes, which you are not going to do again.

Like I used the word before, adventure, staring a business is a real adventure. The marketplace and your company plan very important, these are living entities. They are constantly in flux. It doesn’t matter your first company or 8th.

Don’t make friends at the company

First, don’t hire relatives to do your project at lest when you are starting a business. It may ruin your business and relation. Second, do make friends at the office when you are doing business it will create difficulties. I know it will generally create a positive vibe. Once you make friends, your productivity gets low. In this way, you can grow business as well.

What I want to say that be professional if things don’t work out just put aside sweet feelings and trust them to those people who are better for this job. They won’t let you down. It is a good thing to believe in people but having blind faith will bring you trouble. You are not going to afford it at all.

Don’t dive in without a plan

Starting a business, you need a plan to think differently about your business. Once you launch you have to see the outcome. If your business is growing, in the midst of startup, you can easily wrap up every single new idea. But keep in mind that you are not going to lose attention to what you are doing. Moving ahead is very difficult for any new starting business. And changing the constantly, it will delay this forward progress. So, if you are launching a new idea rethink again otherwise, the situation could be anything. Overall, I want to say that clear your goal and then dive.

Don’t fall into a discount trap

As you have seen a big company poster, they give a big discount to sell the product. So new entrepreneur, please don’t do this otherwise you will face so many difficulties which you didn’t have expected in the past. I have seen a lot of entrepreneurs, who initial time like to give a discount to grow the business. For your information, if you are giving quality customers don’t care about the discount.

Giving discount mean, you are like getting in the rat race which is not good for new starting a business. As said focus on customer needs and offer the best service to the customer, once you do, none of the customer care about those discount things even they trust your firms. This more important for the business.

Don’t be afraid to fail

I like Michael Jordan’s quote “don’t afraid to fail to be afraid not to try.” Fear of failure is not a good thing. Because if you are not going to try, you never know what is good or bad. I know the Entrepreneur path is very difficult and sometimes it becomes a little bumpy. It is natural to feel stress or downright panicked, but that doesn’t mean you give up the goal because of fear. Your strategies should be running in your mind not fear.


While you are doing business, nobody gives you a guarantee that you are going to succeed.  But You have to create a business where people life gets easier. Also, it will take your time to become a good entrepreneur. Once you succeed, you can become an inspiration for other people.

“if you don’t build your own dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.” Tony Gaskins 


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