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5 Tips to Maintaining Your Inverter with Battery

5 Tips to Maintaining Your Inverter with Battery

In today’s fast-paced world, almost everyone is busy in their lives, so much so that they even forget to take care of numerous important things. People often complain that their inverter with battery does not work as long as expected. Have you ever faced this issue? Or does your inverter with battery stop working often? Even after buying an expensive inverter with battery, do you end up spending more in terms of services or buying new batteries?

If you feel these issues, then you are at the right place. This blog will walk you through the ways that can help you maintain your inverter with battery. Keep scrolling through to know the details regarding the maintenance so that you can make them work for a long time.

5 Tips to Maintain your Inverter with Battery Effectively

  • Never Cover your Battery from all the Sides

When the inverter battery gets charged, it tends to heat up as the water inside it boils. Therefore, it is essential to cool down the battery and to do this; it needs more space to release heat. Therefore, to ensure that your inverter with battery works optimally, you must ensure that at least one side of your battery remains open to release excessive heat.

  • Clean Battery Terminals at Regular Intervals

When an inverter battery is operating normally, lead sulphate is produced. Your battery terminals might accumulate lead sulphate, which can impair the electrical conductivity of your inverter. If it isn’t properly cleaned with warm water and a nylon brush, it prevents current passage from the inverter, and the machine gradually becomes less effective. To get rid of all this, it is advised to clean the terminal with hot water.

  • Keep a Regular Check on Acid Level

In the case of lead batteries, lead and acid both affect their working. The float indicator in the inverter represents the acid level inside it, and for the proper functioning of an inverter with battery, it is essential to ensure that the acid level remains equal in all the cells. If the level is less in comparison to the float indicator, then you must top up your inverter with a battery with distilled water.

Also, the acid colour depicts the health of the inverter. In case the acid comes out colourless after opening the vent, then it works properly without any error. But if black or brown colour comes out, it depicts that the battery is contaminated or it’s time to get them changed.

  • Keep Battery Surface Clean

A build-up of dirt or dust on the battery’s surface might obstruct the current flow from the inverter to the converter. Therefore, you must try to maintain the battery surface as clear of debris as possible because it can collect on the terminals and interfere with the power flow.

  • Use Inverter Regularly

In order to maintain and improve your inverter and battery life, you must ensure to use the inverter regularly. In case of no power cuts, you must discharge the battery completely at least once a month and charge it back again. Doing this will help to ensure that your inverter with battery remains maintained and offer smooth power for the best operations of electrical appliances.

The average health of batteries after taking maintenance will ensure more than five years of seamless operations. Following the above-mentioned five tips will help to maintain the long life of the inverter with battery. To buy the best inverter with battery, you must visit Luminous India’s website. They offer the most reliable power solution with an extensive warranty period at the most affordable prices. Luminous is India’s first reliable and energy-efficient inverter manufacturer.

Head on to the Luminous India’s website today to check the different power backup options available.

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