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A visionary wompreneur revamping the maritime industry

In the past few years, the maritime industry has emerged as a testament to the steady spirit of human innovation and determination. This dynamic sector has immense potential that extends across the globe. This industry is a crucial lifeline for the seamless operation of international trade and commerce.

Now when it comes to what is its differentiating factor, the maritime domain apart is the pivotal role played by visionary leaders who act as the guiding lights. These leaders have been steering the space towards uncharted horizons embodying a unique combination of strategic foresight and resilience to combat industrial challenges.

By making a proper roadmap to navigate through the complexities of global waters, they are orchestrating intricate operations that go beyond mere transportation such as involving logistics, supply chains, and international collaborations.

The maritime industry happens to intertwine with economic activities on a global scale where it is constantly evolving under the purview of these visionaries. Be it syncing with technological advancements or addressing environmental concerns, these leaders have embarked on a journey of business improvement and progress.

On top of that, these leaders are setting new benchmarks in the industry. Whether it’s the inclusion of sustainable business practices, the development of cutting-edge technology, or the formation of better logistics networks, their impact penetrates through the maritime landscape. Without any doubt, they are leaving a lasting impact on the industry’s futuristic trajectory.

One such leading lady in this space is Prity Kumar who is the co-founder of Alphard Maritime Group and has been steering the course of the maritime industry. In this writing, we have included the precious excerpts from the conversation held with Prity in a one-on-one interaction.

Company overview

Alphard Maritime Group began its phenomenal journey in 2009 with five people that involved Capt. Alok and Prity. At first, they started off by providing Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement services. Later on, the service portfolio expanded into Ship Security and rapidly became the top Ship Security Company in Asia within two years.

With the passing time,, they broadened their scope targeting Underwater Services, Tugs and Barges, and the acquisition of Cape vessels and Offshore vessels that proved beneficial for their business endeavors.

The backstory

Prity Kumar is the wife of Captain Alok Kumar who is a seasoned master mariner with enormous experience in sailing international waters. She often accompanied her husband on his adventurous voyages. During those long expeditions, the couple observed that the majority of ship crews in International waters were Indian, with a notable representation of captains, chief engineers, and officers.

Driven by this observation, they realized that though Indians demonstrated brilliance and potential in maritime roles, there is a serious dearth of Indian entrepreneurs in the shipping industry. And this epiphany kicked off the inception of Alphard Maritime Group.

As an inspiring wompreneur, her entrepreneurial venture has played an essential role in nurturing emotional stability and maturity within herself. No matter what kind of challenges came in the way, she gradually developed the ability to maintain a calm composure.

In her present role as a Group Managing Director (G.M.D), she has honed her skills as a disciplined and meticulous administrator. She is responsible for bringing precision in all aspects before, during, and after execution of the aspired operations.

With her expertise now, she navigates the intricacies of global business operations aptly. She is tasked with operating within multiple time zones. In this tedious process, she acknowledges the importance of avoiding even the slightest oversight, as it could potentially lead to huge confusion and disrupt the seamless flow of the organization’s global process.

Exclusive vision

There are many challenges that disrupt the proper functioning in the maritime realm, ranging from unpredictable weather conditions to geopolitical intricacies. And overcoming these challenges in the industry demonstrates the mettle of any enterprise in this realm. Many visionary leaders leverage their experience and expertise to devise strategic solutions and have been successful in offering a ceaseless flow of goods and resources to be spread across the world’s oceans.

In line with their vision, Prity Kumar and her husband set out to build a brand that not only renders employment opportunities but also elevates India’s standing in the international shipping market. They envisioned proving that Indians were not only proficient as captains and chief engineers but also capable of becoming successful owners of shipping enterprises.

What’s the motto?

Prity steers the venture with an endeavor represented by the motto “Together, Towards, Tomorrow,”. This motto aimed to establish the finest shipping company which is efficient in bringing pride to India.

Driven by a strong value system, the Alphard family committed to operating in accordance with international maritime laws while respecting local regulations in specific regions. Not only this, they are also resonating with the environmental responsibility, safety, and security for vessels and crew members that holds paramount importance. Everyday team Alphard is ensuring timely and market-standard payments.

In the dynamic maritime industry, the Alphard family closely monitored global developments, particularly the shift towards green energy in transportation. They recognized the importance of adapting to new fuels, such as electricity, green hydrogen, or ethanol, to align with evolving industry trends while maintaining a focus on long-term profitability.

The role of diversification

Diversification played a crucial role in their strategy, both in terms of geographical presence and service/product offerings. Alphard strategically ventured into niche sub-sectors like offshore vessels operations and bulk carrier operations, mitigating revenue risks through a balance of long-term and short-term contracts with reputable counterparts worldwide.

To realize their international aspirations, Alphard established operational teams in multiple countries, including India, UAE, Singapore, and Greece. The company fostered a culture of identifying niche opportunities and encouraging team members to contribute innovative ideas, ensuring a forward-looking approach to industry developments.

Regular participation in relevant events and a keen eye on pilot projects allowed Alphard to stay at the forefront of industry advancements. The company emphasized the need for constant research and development, recognizing the unpredictability of the shipping industry affected by factors like geopolitics, oil and gas prices, weather conditions, and global economic trends.

Pioneering leadership

As a leader, Prity Kumar firmly advocates leading by example where ensuring physical, mental, and emotional fitness of her employee is under her supervision. She remains actively involved in decision-making processes and facilitates open communication channels with department heads.

Alphard prioritizes a professional yet inclusive work culture at international standards. The management is certain to offer the employees continuous skill development training and team-building activities. In many ways, they are focused on fostering a sense of belonging among staff members and create relevance in the workplace.

Creating an impact

Acknowledging the extensive supply chain created by the shipping industry, Prity Kumar highlighted the vast job opportunities it generated, benefiting numerous individuals worldwide. Over the past 15 years, Alphard has made a significant impact on the shipping industry, with future plans to expand its fleet, venture into the offshore industry, and explore opportunities in the Indian shipping market.

The parting words by the founding lady

In view of sharing some words of wisdom with our readers, Prity quips that the aspiring entrepreneurs in the shipping industry should be fearlessly pursuing their dreams, likening the limitless opportunities in the industry to the infinite ocean. She particularly expressed her dream of witnessing more women intrapreneurs rising in the thriving shipping industry, quoting,

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”

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