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Aman Gupta: An Entrepreneurial Success In The Business Seas Through Branding Brilliance

Aman Gupta: An Entrepreneurial Success In The Business Seas Through Branding Brilliance


The budding entrepreneurs couldn’t help but find themself surfing the internet to get to know the net worth of Aman Gupta after catching wind of his extraordinary marketing manoeuvres. And after Shark Tank India came into existence, he gained immense popularity when people got to know his brand-building strategies. And who didn’t come across advertisements and memes circulating across digital platforms, that left an indelible mark on the minds of casual TV and social media enthusiasts.

Initial years

Aman is a Delhite and completed his education in New Delhi itself. After the completion of his B.Com, he completed CA in 2002 following his father’s advice. Though he was one of the youngest CAs in India at that time, he lost interest in the field and wanted to test the entrepreneurial waters.

After his very first venture, Advanced Telemedia Pvt. Ltd. struggled, he pursued MBA(Finance and Strategy) taking advice from his wife. After working for KPMG post completion of his MBA, he laid the groundwork for the parent company of his thriving venture, boAt i.e. Imagine Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd.

Age, work, and address of Aman Gupta

Aman Gupta was born in 1982, making him 40 years old. He is currently Boat’s CMO and a co-founder. He has also made investments in several businesses. Though he is now living in Mumbai, Maharashtra, with his family, his birthcity is Delhi.

Inspiring Journey Of Boat

The origin of boAt

Aman Gupta: An Entrepreneurial Success In The Business Seas Through Branding Brilliance

Today, Aman Gupta is dubbed as the most entertaining and cinematic shark. Even in a conversation on the Kapil Sharma Show, he shed light on the origin of the brand boAt. His venture is now reigning with a commanding 48% market share. Despite the abundance of “music-friendly” monikers at their disposal, Gupta wanted to name his brainchild such that it could etch its own identity on consumer’s memory.

In the current landscape, boAt is a brand that caters majorly to the millennial demographic. It specialises  in consumer audio gadgets and wearables such as headphones, headsets, smartwatches, speakers, and more. Within 2 years of its inception, the venture reached INR 100 crores in sales. Revolutionising the market with initial offerings including an Apple cord and charger, gained global acclaim. The products skyrocketed to become Amazon’s best-selling item.

Dominating the music-earwear space

Dominating the music-earwear space
Aman Gupta: An Entrepreneurial Success In The Business Seas Through Branding Brilliance

Under Gupta’s strategic leadership, boAt steered to dominate the music-earwear industry in 2019. At a rapid pace, Aman earned the title of Entrepreneur of the Year in the Consumer Durables category in 2020. Today, the brand boasts of over 5000 flagship stores with over 20 million satisfied customers.

Participation in Shark Tank India

Aman Gupta: An Entrepreneurial Success In The Business Seas Through Branding Brilliance

Be it his entrepreneurial prowess, strategic acumen, and flawless execution, Aman firmly solidified his reputation as an eminent entrepreneur in the Indian business landscape. At present, his net worth is estimated at around INR 700 crore, according to GQ India. Putting great confidence in India’s entrepreneurial surge, he has actively invested in several ventures out of which many have graced the spotlight on Shark Tank India.

Aman Gupta Shark Tank Salary And Net Worth

Aman Gupta gets paid between Rs. 6-7 lakh every episode on Shark Tank India. Aman Gupta’s pay at BOAT is reported Rs. 40 crores a year, his net worth was estimated to be approximately 700 crores in 2024.


Priya Dagar was a partner of Aman Gupta. His father is Neeraj Gupta, & his mother’s name is Jyoti Gupta. Mia and Aditi Gupta, his two kids, are a blessing. Aman believes that Priya, his wife, is mostly responsible for his success as she inspired him to pursue his goals even after they were married.

Here, we have entailed all the ventures in which Aman Gupta has invested so far:

  • The Renal Project
  • WickedGud
  • Bummer
  • Freecultr
  • Skippi Ice Pops
  • Shiprocket
  • Anveshan
  • AyuRythm
  • 10Club
  • Peeschute
  • Beyond Water
  • InACan
  • Get-A-Whey
  • Farda Clothing
  • Ariro
  • Raising Superstars
  • Nuutjob
  • Altor
  • Revamp Moto
  • Growfitter
  • Chargeup
  • Hammer
  • Loka
  • Bluepine Foods
  • Beyond Snack
  • EventBeep
  • Meatyour
  • The Yarn Bazaar
  • Let’s Try Foods
  • Find Your Kicks India
  • Brainwired
  • Namhya Foods
  • Jain Shikanji

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