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AMS Legal

AMS Legal

A Renowned Legal Venture, Delivering Comprehensive Legal Solutions

AMS Legal is a boutique law firm based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, that brings a comprehensive service portfolio, offering end-to-end corporate and commercial legal solutions to an expansive array of clients, including prestigious multinational corporations and HNIs.

Incepted in 2021, AMS Legal was envisioned to bring various spectrums of law under one single group. So, instead of focusing on one single stream of law, there is a dedicated team handling every single stream of law.

With foundation stones of knowledge, experience, faith, honesty, and trust, AMS Legal has evolved from providing corporate and litigation services to its initial clients to having associated with leading law firms and independent practitioners in key legal hubs such as Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Allahabad with a notable service portfolio.


AMS Legal is unwavering in its dedication to minimizing legal complexity and providing streamlined, commercially astute legal solutions. Our commitment extends to creating an environment conducive to the optimal and efficient delivery of corporate and litigation services across diverse sectors.

In the corporate realm, AMS Legal offers a comprehensive array of services, spanning financial expertise, venture capital, and beyond. In the realm of litigation, our specialization shines in adeptly navigating white-collar crimes alongside expertly handling complex commercial disputes. This nuanced approach positions AMS Legal as a beacon for effective and tailored legal solutions in both the corporate and litigation domains.

Spearheading alongside other key executives, Mr Mukil’s role as a partner is crucial to the process of reaching the goal of becoming a client’s first choice for all legal needs, including commercial transactions between multinational corporations. The Coining of the Idea Two young and enthusiastic law professionals, Mukil Basker and Ashwin Kumar, came together and started out as a small chamber of practice in a co-working space.

Throughout the journey, the firm came up with numerous services. They identified individuals who are talented and have expertise in each field of law. “We meticulously identified prospective individuals, engaging in comprehensive discussions about our innovative concept.

Subsequently, we extended a cordial invitation to join our esteemed association, fostering a strategic alliance destined for exponential growth. Our adept acquisition of diverse talents and resources has fortified our organizational infrastructure, enabling us to adeptly navigate multifaceted departments.

As our cohesive team expanded, so did our corporate prowess, leading us to selectively recruit from Tier 2 academic institutions. Notably, our recruitment efforts included the acquisition of highly skilled and dynamic legal professionals. The undeniable dynamism and effectiveness of our enterprise are a testament to the exceptional calibre of our team.,” explained Mr. Mukil when asked about the firm’s inception story.

Today, with a 15-member team, they step ahead to handle various financial and commercial disputes for various reasons on a global level. They are further pushing the team to handle every stream of law individually by having dedicated experience in that particular stream.


AMS Legal seamlessly integrates technology into its operational framework, boasting a fully automated office infrastructure. In this digitally advanced environment, all documents find a home in the cloud, while the adept utilization of legal management software facilitates streamlined workflows.

Client inquiries are methodically cataloged as data, with meticulous records encompassing files, related content, and exhaustive details of the associates involved in each case. The centralized approach, made possible through cutting-edge technology, underscores AMS Legal’s commitment to efficiency and precision in its professional endeavors.


In the legal industry, AMS Legal has developed a solid clientele that includes large national and international corporations as well as HNI. Additionally, they cater to a large number of foreign clients from the USA, Europe, and APAC. Since its founding, AMS Legal has placed the utmost emphasis on providing client services. The team works very hard to delight customers.

“Trust, a cornerstone of our client relationships at AMS Legal, is a virtue cultivated over time, not hastily acquired. Our commitment to understanding and delivering precisely what clients seek is coupled with an unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards of integrity and professional ethics. A key element fostering this trust is our transparent communication approach—eschewing ambiguity, we forthrightly communicate potential outcomes in transactions and litigation. This steadfast commitment to candor and client-centric service forms the bedrock of the enduring trust our clients place in us,” apprised Mr. Mukil Basker.


The key driving forces behind AMS Legal are Mukil Basker and Ashwin Kumar. Mukil Basker comes up with over half a decade of expertise in the same domain. He is excellent at handling all the corporate verticals and transactions, including cross-border transactions.

Ashwin is an accomplished attorney who has a track record of successfully resolving conflicts, and he is particularly knowledgeable on key white-collar issues involving enforcement directories and CBI cases.


At AMS Legal, there is a vibrant and adaptable work environment. The AMS team collaborates as a family, enabling one another to grow and thrive. Additionally, the company’s perfect workplace culture keeps employees inspired and ready to face unforeseen obstacles and provide exceptional service to clients.


AMS Legal has witnessed incredible growth and expansion in the last two years. At the moment, their primary goal is to ensure steady expansion in terms of serving more individuals and clients in the cities where they have already made an impact. They are further planning to expand to other countries, especially Malaysia and Dubai.


Aspiring legal professionals should be open-minded when selecting the area of law they want to practice. They should also remember that this is a service industry and that it won’t pay them right away. Instead, they should concentrate on accomplishing consistent, hard work. The more committed and persistent you are in your education, the more successful you will be in the legal field.

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