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Apex Insurance Consultant Limited

Apex Insurance Consultant Limited: The Compassionate Consultants Nurturing Medical Centred Environment

There is no medicine like hope, no incentive of cure is so great, and no tonic powerful as expectation of something tomorrow. Tomorrow is so powerful as it is not seen, real medicine can only exist when it penetrates into a knowledge of proper consultant. Hence, the duo of pioneering leaders Mr. Vijay Arora (CEO & Joint Director) and Mr. Sanjay Mishra (Joint Director) mark their revolutionary vision in Medical Insurance Consulting.

They forge the AICL (Apex Insurance Consultant Limited) as a company that embraces the human being with respect to body, soul, and spirit. Apex insurance was formed under the Indian Companies Act 1956 with a pure intention and Purpose of helping Indian Medical Professionals. To bring all the needed revolutions for the welfare of mankind without fearing the complications of the Law and Legal System.

It was the toughest choice for Apex because, in the country, 90% of the population doesn’t know anything about Medical complications and effectiveness. The same ratio of Medical Professionals not even ready to open up to new Change. There were confusions but Apex insurancewas seeing a bigger picture.

The medical industry was bound to grow and so were the professionals associated with it. It was a clear decision to give Medical Professionals a big platform to perform simply assuring them of risk-free tomorrow.

The Idea Behind Inspiring Professional Journey

They started analyzing all the prevailing situations of health care and Conditions of medical professionals around the nation. In a country where they are born with Risk-taking abilities, it is really hard to plan for Risk Management.

It was a roller coaster ride for Apex insurance as the majority of professionals at that time were not ready to visualize that it may land in deep trouble if something wrong happened. The acts and laws were already in force but since the number of cases against medical professionals was very rarely reported. This thing boosted the confidence among the majority of Doctors that nothing much is going to happen against them.

“Life is a journey, and if you fall in love with the journey, you will be in love forever”. ~Peter Hagerty

Therefore, they took this as their prime task and started arranging meetings of small to moderate groups of Doctors and Hospital owners in and around Delhi. They met insurance experts and managers to explore the World of professional indemnity. After that, they came to the conclusion that it was not at all a complete solution to the ever-growing problems of a doctor.

Light on Clientele and Market

This was the time when their efforts to address and resolve the legal issues faced by the medical fraternity was in full swing. They made their mark in Maharashtra, Kolkata, Bihar, &  Jharkhand apart from Punjab & Rajasthan. They saw the scenario of the doctor-patient relationship changing very fast. Any death or severe injury pertaining to medical treatment or procedure landed physicians in the court of law both civil & Criminal.

Apex Insurance with its unique expertise was working in more than 7 States and had a great track record of carrying out some effective crisis management operations in the Medical sector. Their efforts and story were instrumental in acquiring proper risk management teams in many Medical associations across the country. Although they never stopped on one solution but kept reinventing the new dimensions for both client and market.

Building top-notch Solutions

Their services offer to cover each and every crisis of a doctor from professional to personal. They gave a new definition and dimension to Insurance solutions. The whole insurance cannot help a company to avoid crises, but it can help customers to avoid some negative financial consequences. They realized that if Apex Insurance worked wisely then they can be an Insurance company with good viability. Unfortunately in previous times, the insurance officials were just scared of selling it with an open mind and were having apprehensions of landing into unnecessary liabilities.

Skills that make them Unique among Equals

Apex Management with its team of dedicated professionals is ready 24X7 and offers doorstep service to its clients in case of an emergency. This is the profound skill that makes them top in this area. Its experts include the Doctors who have done Law and Medico-legal course and are known as Medico-legal, Lawyers and trained Risk Management Professionals are cherries on the top for their uniqueness among peers. They have a Membership base in 26 States with Offices in All Major Metros. Just have a look at some of the feature that reflects their diversification:-

  • They have 65000 Doctors and Hospitals as Members with more than 90% renewal ratio. Has 2.5 Lac effective Doctors data whom we had worked and who are in touch with us through different Promotional Program
  • 24×7 Working/Service backup through their dedicated call center at Mumbai.
  • Others have illogical promises and discounts but they have dedicated experts to help the members on each step of their crises and logical infrastructure for their assurance and safety.
  • Their so-called competitors sell Insurance policy with a promise that Insurance will Help them in their Crisis. They sell out their Membership with a written guarantee that will help the clients for anything and everything.

From Struggles to Opportunity

“Risk is an inevitable part of human life, and there is no aspect of life which is not at risk”. It can be financial, related to health or business performance. There is an emerging need in the era of globalization of companies that offer reliable risk management solutions. Their services give much peace of mind to customers and make their lives more secure.

“A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.”~Vernon Howard

Apex Insurance is one such company that launched its operations in the year 2001. When ‘Risk Management’ was a foreign word to people and a few understood the fact that, what it is and how it helps an individual.

Being the benchmark

Apex Insurance Joint Director, Sanjay Kalika Mishra and his long term team partner and Friend Mr. Vijay Arora, the CEO of Apex Group founded the Company in 1999-2000. They came up with a revolutionary idea to help professionals in solving their crisis when there was a colossal budget constraint.

AICL was formally registered in the Year 2001. Sanjay has essential formal educational degrees while Mr. Vijay Arora has a degree in Law apart from MBA. Sanjay primarily looks after the Sales and Planning of the Company whereas Mr. Arora manages the most complicated day to day operations and Services of the Company.

Change is the future

The five key formulas that the duo has established has now become the guiding principle of the company. They are: Organize a Planning Team, Access the Scope of the Problem, Develop a Plan, Test that Plan, keep all actions and plans updated. Apex Insurance Group with its unique expertise today operate in more than 26 States and has an excellent track record of carrying out some effective crisis management operations in the Medical sector.

 Risk management solutions are essential for the growth-oriented professionals today, and Apex Insurance believes that the future, is of course, here and there is much more to be achieved

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