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Applied Cloud Computing

Applied Cloud Computing

Applied Cloud Computing flourishes as a pioneer in the landscape of cloud computing by accommodating top-notch services, solutions, and processes

Businesses are moving towards employing the cloud for every activity, whether it is data storage, web deployment, or any type of IT-related development. And AWS is the industry leader when it comes to cloud computing. Acknowledging the increasing popularity of AWS cloud at the moment, we have decided to feature one advanced AWS consulting partner that is delivering a variety of cloud security services to strengthen AWS infrastructure and applications running on it.

Applied Cloud Computing, a pioneer cloud firm for leading banks, FinTechs, media, and healthcare companies, has positioned itself strongly in the market. Incorporated by an industry enthusiast, Nilesh Satpute, in 2014, ACC is accelerating “Digital Transformation” through cloud native. The company has delivered more than 100 cloud migration and application development projects.

In addition to Atlas AMP, an application modernization platform, ACC also provides OTTOHM, a comprehensive video, and OTT platform; Atlas CLM, a cloud life cycle management solution; and Smart Contracts, a cutting-edge platform for contract automation and management.

Dynamic Leadership and Humble Beginnings…

Nilesh Satpute, the CEO and Founder of ACC, started his career as a software engineer and gained valuable experience at companies like Citi Bank and NetSuite in the USA. It was at NetSuite that he discovered the potential of cloud computing. Nilesh’s MBA internship with industry giants further solidified his understanding of the business potential of the cloud.

Motivated by the rising demand for cloud computing, Nilesh established ACC as a one-man operation in his home before expanding to a small garage. Today, ACC is the leading provider of cloud computing solutions, serving top banks, NBFCs, media houses, and stock exchanges in India with a dedicated team of nearly 400 professionals. Under Nilesh’s dynamic leadership, ACC thrived and welcomed Shubho Pramanik, an expert with over 12 years of experience in product engineering and digitalization.

Shubho played a pivotal role in shaping ACC’s technology strategy, driving innovation through R&D, and launching initiatives like Cloud Native Microservices development. He also oversees global operations focused on Open Banking, Digital Health Initiatives, and Open Innovation. Nilesh Satpute’s visionary approach and Shubho Pramanik’s expertise have propelled ACC to new heights, pioneering cloud computing solutions and setting industry standards. Their journey exemplifies the power of innovation and determination in shaping the future of technology.

USPs of ACC at a Glance

One of the distinctive factors of ACC is that the team consistently completed projects on schedule, with the requisite quality, and in a cost-effective way. ACC did not restrict themselves to a particular technology or platform whenever they had a task or a problem that needed to be solved.They looked at various technologies and made sure the client would receive the necessary support.

Initially, they were working on technologies like Java accelerator, but as they started exploring more, they built capabilities around React, Node.js, and Flutter, and eventually built capabilities around Python, Snowflake, and databases, and that is how the company progressed.

ACC’s Unique Business Model

There are three types of operational models. The first model is dedicated to customers. They give customers dedicated resources as and when there is a requirement for additional resources. The team hires people from the industry, trains them, and gives them to the customers.

The second model is where they have a core team that provides services on a shared resource model to multiple customers. The third aspect of the support is that they provide 24/7 monitoring and application support services.

Industry evolution over the years

The cloud has transformed from an experimental concept to the new industry standard. Budget allocations have shifted significantly, with 50% now dedicated to cloud services. Customers are no longer merely hosting applications; they are developing cloud-native applications. This evolution signifies a fundamental shift towards leveraging the cloud’s advantages for agility, scalability, and innovation in the digital era.

Overcoming Hurdles Along the Way

In the dynamic landscape of cloud computing, ACC has successfully navigated through various challenges, emerging stronger and more resilient. One of the initial hurdles faced by ACC was the scarcity of skilled manpower. Despite this challenge, ACC persevered by employing talented individuals and providing comprehensive training.

While some employees were eventually attracted to larger organizations after a year, ACC’s commitment to nurturing talent remained unwavering. The second challenge arose from the rapid migration of companies’ applications to the cloud, coupled with ACC’s agile methodology. Although planning may have been overlooked initially, ACC quickly recognized the importance of governance and financial management. Through proactive measures, they addressed these concerns and ensured a seamless transition for their clients.

As the prominence of cloud computing grew, security became a critical issue. While early years saw fewer attempts to hack the cloud environment, the community has become more aware of vulnerabilities. ACC’s proactive approach involves being constantly vigilant and acknowledging that infrastructures, whether on the cloud or not, may be subject to hacking attempts. By staying ahead of emerging threats, ACC ensures the security and integrity of their clients’ data.

ACC’s Insights on the Significance of Technology and R&D in Business

At ACC, the cloud is considered an enabler for business transformations. Also, the team works hard to develop a variety of cloud-related capabilities in preparation for changes that use them. Technology, especially cloud computing, will continue to have an impact on ACC in the coming years, and they want to keep expanding and innovating to keep their position as a top supplier of cloud consulting and outsourced services.

R&D serves as a crucial institutional cornerstone, and the majority of ACC’s offerings are the results of over a year’s worth of R&D work. They started an R&D initiative in 2015 to investigate platforms for hosting the APIs they develop. This endeavour led the team to the development of a service bus called the Power Service Bus, which later evolved into an API management platform. They continued their R&D by delving into application modernization, resulting in an application modernization platform where customers can upload their monolithic applications.

Accomplished Milestones and the Road Ahead

ACC’s roadmap has been divided into four orbits. During Orbit 1, the team focused on creating capabilities to deliver cloud migration and support projects, which lasted from 2014 to 2018, and they established a cloud services firm. The revenue during FY 2017–18 was $315,000. In Orbit 2, from 2018 to 2022, they are focused on the full product lifecycle, engineering, digital transformation, and going to enterprises.

The revenue during FY 2017–18 was 2.68 million. In Orbit 3, from 2022 to 2026, they are focusing on building capabilities for total outsourcing projects and application modernization and seeking investments and collaborations to accelerate growth. Since its inception, ACC has had a clear vision to be recognized as the leading global cloud consulting and outsourced services firm. Their future plans include expanding their skills in total outsourcing projects and application modernization while maintaining their focus on cloud-based services.

“We will also be expanding our market presence geographically while retaining our focus on BFSI and media as key verticals. Our goal is to become a $100 million company by 2030 and to achieve this growth, we will restructure the company around four dimensions: acquisition, relationship incubation, enterprise growth, and business transformation”, the visionary leader asserted.

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