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Beneficial Apps to efficiently manage Money

Beneficial Apps to efficiently manage Money

With the Union budget 2020 presentation made by the Finance minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, every business person or a related individual just like you would be truly inquisitive to know how to have maximum return from the market, and for that, it’s essential to have market knowledge or skills to grow your business. Various applications are essential for every business person to know and understand in detail to efficiently manage their money. The article discusses a few of them:

5 Paisa App:

It’s a stock market trading application that gives you a better understanding of the stock market. With the help of this app, you will have live updates to better understand NSE (National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.), BSE (formerly Bombay Stock Exchange), and MCX (The Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited) market and would help in analyzing trends of the stock market. If you are new to the market then you can learn from videos on how to invest in the share market.

You will get tips from experts regarding the purchasing and selling of stocks. There is a Robo investment advisor feature which according to your needs and risks prepares a portfolio for you. Other than this it also helps in gaining information regarding mutual funds, digital gold, insurance, etc. You can download the app from the Google Play store.

myCAMS Mutual fund App:

If you wish to invest in mutual funds you can try this application. The single platform provides options for investment in multiple mutual fund schemes. The app provides various features to see mutual fund portfolio through Pin and Pattern login, the opening of the new folio, and the scheduling of transactions of mutual funds. You can have a keen watch on the performance of your investment schemes through the My watch list. This app is available on Google Play Store.

Stock Edge App:

This share market app is based on research and analytics. Through this app, it is easier to understand investments in the share market. It is based on data obtained from NSE and BSE. This helps investors allowing better opportunities in decision making for investment. There are videos available in this application that are useful for a better understanding of the capital market, financial market, equity derivatives, technical analysis, fundamentals, economic, commodities, etc. In my watch list section, there are multiple group options to track the stock portfolio. Other than stock research, and price scan, daily update like facilities are also available. You can download the application for Android and IOS.

 Walnut App: 

If you wish to keep an eye over daily expenses it’s not essential to keep a record in your diary, you can try it in the Walnut app. This is money management and daily expense tracker which automatically tracks the daily expenses made by you. It makes easier to keep track of your monthly expenses on Food shopping, groceries, etc. and gives an overview of the savings made by you. With the help of this app, the expenses made by credit card, bank account, a digital wallet can also be tracked upon. There are facilities for a personal loan with this app as well. You can download the app for Android and IOS.

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