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ArBhar Consulting Pvt. Ltd.


James Champy to inspire said, “Big Results require Big Ambitions.” Vijay Sampathkumar, the Founder and CEO of ArBhar Consulting Pvt. Ltd. with his efficient team, strives ambitiously to live up the respective quote. The company assists and helps a number of organizations with its incredible and dynamic services.

Defacto, there is no Indian Organization being a part of ‘Big 5’. Beholding a superlative vision for the company, they are quite confident that by 2027, ArBhar Consulting would be the part of the Big League.

Incepted in the year 2017 with a conscious focus on assisting organizations to

  • improve their processes – by providing Process Re-Engineering
  • Assist in Cost Take Outs.
  • Improve Margins – By Optimising operation Cost and reducing Holding Cost
  • Provide Decision Making Predictive Analytical solutions using both Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Provide complete solutions for Internal Audits and Retail Stock Audits.
  • In the Retail Stocks – They envision a day when all organizations would have Zero Shrinkage.
  • They provide reconciliation services and assist in reducing financial losses.
  • Tailor to the customer requirements from almost every vertical such as FMCG, ITES, Insurance, Hospitality, Media, Manufacturing, Data Analytics, Education, Interior Design, E-Commerce, Micro Finance, Banking, etc.


Distinctive traits help the company to stay erect in the competitive entrepreneurial space, which helps it to move ahead. There are several factors that invoke the company to be ahead in the route.

  • They listen to customer challenges in the real-time environment and are very practical in approach.
  • They offer simple-to-use consulting approach.
  • They do loads of pre-sale work and understand the situation better.
  • They customize their offerings as they understand the requirement of every customer is different.
  • They feel pride in faster turnaround time
  • They provide affordable tools, which are quick to implement where the yield showcased in a quicker time.

To keep pace with the changing market trends, they are in constant touch with the customers on a daily basis. They listen consciously and understand the business challenges of the customer. They share the learnings and assist in optimizing the solutions.


To ensure the robust trust of the client over the company is extremely indispensable for the long run. ArBhar Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has a proficient team, which is quite passionate about what they do and they go beyond the extra mile to deliver to customers. Secondly, they keep the communication with the clients clear and live, which means they never leave the client in a state of ambiguity.

Thirdly, they have been able to deliver what they promised so far to the customers and they have always delivered, hence the customers are able to call them back to give new businesses. Fourthly, they do not live in the clouds of assumption- they believe in clarifying with the customers.


To keep the employees content and happy is the need of the hour, and this is the topmost priority of ArBhar Consulting Pvt. Ltd. They employ a team, which is quite passionate and enthusiastic towards the collective mission of the company, and each of the employees is striving hard towards it.

The maestro, Vijay Sampathkumar says, “We don’t go and look around for ‘Perfect’; we identify people with vision and mission and check if they synchronize with ArBhar Consulting mission/vision and then hire them.” What gives them satisfaction is the work they do and the challenges they solve to assist customers on a day to day basis, give them the responsibility and assist in driving that to delivery is the key.


There are quite a few individuals who have started and will continue to start in the management consulting – but other than Digitization, there are not many transformations in this field.  Those organizations are point focused on a specific solution are vertical.

ArBhar Consulting is working towards turning that perception, and they want to revolutionize that perspective and are offering solutions across all verticals.


The connoisseur walks in the footsteps of business tycoon Mr. Mukesh Ambani. He has been and will continue to be a role model for Vijay Sampathkumar. He says, “His vision of having India Corporate on the world map and his big thinking has always been looked in awe by me.”

If ArBhar Consulting has a vision that they can be a part of the Big5 League, somewhere deep inside the confidence is given by Mr. Mukesh Ambani that an Indian and Indian Company can think big and if the path and process are right, they can achieve it. Vijay remarks,  “Though I have never met or spoken to Mr. Mukesh Ambani – he would continue to be the role model and he can be sure that he has played his part in making ArBhar Consulting part of Big5 League.”


They started off as a one-man company, today they are close to ~30 inclusive of their contract employees – and more importantly, senior industry leaders are showing interest in joining ArBhar Consulting – to the entrepreneur, it’s a major milestone.

The Company has successfully won the trust of large corporates and continued to receive new opportunities from existing customers, which is a certificate of their delivery capabilities.


They opt for an aggressive growth path and are working towards partnering with a large global bank as a Fintech partner.

Parallelly, they are also working with a large Legal compliance software company as their exclusive Business Intelligence tool partner.

They have Launched ‘Shunya’ – The vision towards providing Zero Shrinkage to retail customers, which is not just a huge market but a clear focus on assisting organizations to increase margin and reduce cost.

They are also looking for setting up operations in South East Asia and the Middle East in the next 18 months.

Vijay Sampathkumar has a message to share with the readers of Business Connect.

“This is an amazing yet focussed approach by business connect. The content they provide and the sincerity with which they bring article which is unbiased and showcases honesty in their work.”

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