Skills You Need to Get a Job in Artificial Intelligence

A career in Artificial Intelligence requires you to have an educational background in information technology, computer science, software, machine learning, mathematics, or statistics. As these are the essential components of artificial intelligence, these educational qualifications are the very basics of the requirements.

To get a good job in Artificial Intelligence, you will also need other technical as well as non-technical skills. This requires a good plan and a structured approach right from the beginning. Many of these skills demand a significant amount of time to learn and adapt. 

A good job is not only where you are paid well for your services but an environment where the work challenges you. Artificial Intelligence is one such field where you can apply theoretical knowledge to practical use. With the constant increase in the use of AI, this is the right time to enter the industry. An artificial intelligence specialist with a postgraduate degree and a few years of experience can expect to earn 15-20 lakhs per annum. A fresher in the field can expect a starting salary of 6-8 lakhs per annum. 

Educational Qualifications for an entry-level position include a Bachelor’s degree in a technical field such as mathematics, engineering, statistics, etc. For higher-level positions, you might also require a postgraduate degree. Relevant experience in the field along with certifications can also lead to a successful career. You can also pursue Artificial Intelligence courses in Chennai to build your skills. The course will not only help enhance your knowledge but will also make you stand out in a crowd of competitors. 

You will need a combination of technical and non-technical skills to excel in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Following are the technical skills you need to make a successful career in Artificial Intelligence.

Mathematical Knowledge

Applied mathematics is an important skill for any individual working in Artificial Intelligence. Good analytical and problem-solving skills paired with quantitative skills will help you understand the day-to-day roles and responsibilities of working in AI. A good understanding of algebra, calculus, matrices, and vectors would come in handy during the job. Derivatives, Integrals are all an integral part of AI. If you want a job in Artificial Intelligence, you should build your mathematical knowledge. 

Algorithms Knowledge

Algorithm theory is a must for all those who wish to make a career in Artificial Intelligence. Other complex subjects that are used in AI are based on the basic algorithm theory. Therefore, you should focus on building this skill to get a job in Artificial Intelligence. These skills will help you understand things like Quadratic Programming, Gradient Descent, Summations, Convex Optimization, etc. 

Programming Language

This is one of the skills that every professional who aims to work in AI should possess. To become proficient in AI, expertise in programming languages such as Python, R, Java, C++ is mandatory. All these programming languages are important as Python will help in writing complex algorithms, C++ will boost the coding process, R will help in statistics. You can access open-source libraries to learn these languages and become proficient in using them.  

Probability and Statistics

Probability and Statistics include Mean, gaussian distributions, standard deviations, and probability algorithms like gaussian mixture models, Naive Bayes, etc. are an extremely important part of AI. Any software professional who is working in AI would require this knowledge daily. As Artificial Intelligence is all about algorithms, learning about probability and statistics becomes imperative. 

Unix Tools

Most Artificial Intelligence professionals prefer to use Linux based machines to process various aspects of AI. Therefore, a strong knowledge of Unix tools is an essential skill to have. You should have a strong grasp on Unix tools such as grep, tr, cut, awk, find, sort, cat, etc. Along with knowing the functions of these commands, candidates should also be aware of the specific use of these tools. 

Signal Processing Techniques

Good knowledge of signal processing techniques is an integral part of Artificial Intelligence. Professionals working in AI  are required to solve complex problems. These problems are made easier with signal processing techniques. This is one of the most important aspects of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. You will be able to provide unique solutions for complex problems by having sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge of Advanced Signal Processing Techniques. 

Along with the above-mentioned technical skills, the following non-technical skills will also help you excel in your Artificial Intelligence career – 


As Artificial Intelligence is a growing field; you cannot expect instant results and satisfactory outcomes for every project. Research is being done in this field to bring in new technology, a new application, and new outcomes. Results in this field are not instantaneous and therefore, patience is an important skill to have. 

Quick Learning

The field of Artificial Intelligence is continuously changing. With the continuous change, everyone working in the field will have to adapt to this change. Frequent updates indicate that people who work in AI should be quick learners. Therefore, you should focus on building this skill. You should be ready to embrace change and work around it most feasibly. 


Artificial Intelligence is a field that is undergoing continuous research and development and all people working in this field should be curious about the product they are developing. Curiosity about what is happening and what could be happening in the future with the development of AI is an important skill to have. 


Just like any other field, Artificial Intelligence also requires the people looking for a job to be creative. Programming is not just about writing code. It has to be done with patience as well as creativity. Complex problems have to be solved with creativity. 

Communication Skills

This is one of the most important skills that one should possess if he/she desires to work in Artificial Intelligence. Good communication skills are a requirement in whichever job you are in. You should always be able to communicate well within the organization you work. This skill is even more important in Artificial Intelligence.

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