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Asia Pacific Inc: Expert team of Corporate Advisory tailored to your needs.

Asia Pacific Inc: Expert team of Corporate Advisory tailored to your needs.

A company may have a growing list of complex business processes to deal with. As the world transforms at a rapid pace, organizations are looking ahead to grab every opportunity, be it profitable mergers and acquisitions, expansion opportunities, or strategic alliances. These transactions can have several business and legal angles. The company will have to study the feasibility of the project, the impact assessment, the political outcomes, sources of financing, and other similar aspects. A company may find a need to restructure its operational or financial structures to revamp the current state of affairs. It may be due to financial compulsion or the need to revamp the current state of affairs. Whatever be the reason, restructuring has to take place considering the business and accounting perspectives. All this requires specialized handling and demand professionals with exposure in such areas of services. Such specialists enable a hassle-free service.

This is when a corporate advisor comes as a specialist.
Asia Pacific is a leading Corporate Advisor with a strong presence in M&A Advisory, Private Placements, Structured Finance Advisory, Equity Capital Markets, Institutional Broking, and Alternate Investment Management. Asia Pacific focuses on high growth industries where Indian companies have a strategic advantage globally, including IT Services, IT Enabled Services, Media, Life Science, Automotive and Engineering, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Infrastructure ancillaries, Financial Services, and Consumer Products and Services. Asia Pacific is having a strong presence through its offices in Hyderabad and Bangalore and is rapidly expanding its
operations into other cities. S. RADHA KRISHNA, Business head at API shares “We assist funders in identifying right investment destinations & assist our corporate clients in finding suitable investment partners on the way to create an effective & strong financial presence. Our clients have and are being benefited through our services filled with quality, integrity, and responsibility. We take pride in conveying that there is no client in the last decade that we have not served more than once. ”

The Inside Story: Rise and Rise of API
1992 saw the emergence of a new India as a consequence of liberalization. With the opening up of the economy, private participation began in all the sectors. It was during this time that a group of professionals with broad-spectrum global experience got together to catalyze and facilitate debt and equity capital investments in the country.

Subsequently, Asia Pacific Inc. (API) was formed and with the global experience and expertise of the promoters, API., have moved towards the set goal and developed associations with renowned Institutions and Organizations worldwide who are pioneers in their respective sectors of Finance, Civil Construction, Marine Construction, Dredging & Reclamation, Development of Deep Seawater ports and Airports, Power, Paper and Packing industries, Healthcare & Real Estate.

Speaking to Business connect Krishna shares
“We provide end-to-end consulting & advisory services in the field of corporate finance – debt syndications, private equity participation, structured finance, project funding, corporate restructuring, M&A- a one-stop showcase of investment opportunities for the investor and to the vast clientele base nurtured all through these years since inception. The speed that we come up with the choice of solutions, the ability to package and execute the solutions, and a highly motivated and dedicated team are our primary differentiators.”

Overcoming the Global Pandemic:
The world has changed dramatically faster than ever before. We are at a state of war with a very powerful enemy. How organizations were primarily envisioned and designed, has critically evolved. Business models are turning innovative. Companies that can rightly manage their systems are bigger, and bigger companies with a poor vision are not necessarily bigger in the corporate conundrum. Thus managing business strategies become all the more vital factors for every enterprise, especially when there is a steep rise in the number of companies falling over due to an absence of structural strategic development & implementation. It is very critical to adopt a disciplinary
mindset to revamp company policies. API advisory services become all the more important at present.

“API is known for its quality of envisioning and planning, says Krishna. “We are engaged with many corporate clients in their successful journey of entrepreneurship by providing all the three capitals i.e., Financial Capital, Human Capital & Social Capital. Financial Capital comes from our nurtured relationships with Funders worldwide. Human Capital comes within our committed team and partners. Social Capital comes from our wide network of Level–3 to Level–5 of relations. Every assignment that we handle, although looks like a run of mill kind, is quite dynamic within its contours. It challenges our past experiences and forces us to expand our
perceptions. Our nurtured relationships with the funders worldwide come handy in providing simple solutions for complex situations.”

Speaking on the technological front, Krishna says, “keeping up pace with the latest technology is strategically the most important aspect of this era. Understanding the need and foreseeing the changes required we have invested a lot of time and effort in research and development and ensure that by all means we stay updated with technology.” The team closely follows up with the technological advancements in all the segments, able to
visualize its trajectory and are positioning themselves as market leaders. We understand the need for aggregation to continue the aggressiveness of the Indian economy in the world markets and are closely working on creating Clusters in SME, Healthcare, and Real Estate.” says the business head.

API is setting up clusters in SME, Healthcare, and Real Estate that gives enough liquidity and wider access to institutional funding, smoother exit options for the investors, and a splendid network that throws a basket of growth opportunities to the respective companies. “The objective is to always enhance the return on our relationship” shares Krishna. “This is possible only when we are responsive, reasonable, responsible for providing our services. This approach of our “RRR” is 100% aligned with our ever-growing clients and their aspirations."


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