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Taksha Smartlabz

Taksha Smartlabz

EDUCATION FOR ALL: Transforming Lives And Careers

With the world sheltering itself inside their houses in a bid to escape from the virus, online education has been seen becoming the norm. Even though it was an option way before the advent of pandemic, it has now become the main source of learning and engagement for students. It has stepped in as a viable alternative to school education and significantly reduced the exposure of children to the wide-spread disease. Making online education more feasible for students all over the world, Texila American University Consortium introduced Smartlabz, an online tutoring project with innovative features.

Smartlabz is a project of Texila American University Consortium, founded by Mr. S P Saju Bhaskar (Founder and President) and Mrs. Chithra Lakshmi (Co-Founder) in 2010. Mr. Saju’s prowess is driven upon in-depth understanding of education and innovation. His responsibilities focus on consistency and optimization of the entire operational structure. His leadership has fortified TAU with a robust and value-added system, keeping it at the forefront of the innovation curve.

Mrs. Chitra, on the other hand, is an exceptional strategist in charge of global accounting and finance operations in Guyana, India, China, the Philippines, Hong Kong, the USA and UAE. Leveraging her deep knowledge in Finance, HR and experience in teamwork and gap analysis, she streamlines the day-to-day functions with the company vision and mission. The Texila family has been transforming the lives of students and communities for more than a decade now, with its reach in more than eighty countries.

“We have touched the lives of students with our EduTransformative programs in medical sciences, management, and public health, providing opportunities to all to break through the barrier of success through affordable education.”

Texila has created doctors and healthcare workers, some of them first-generation doctors in their entire community in some remote part of the world. Students from TAU go on to create lasting changes for the greater good of their communities.

Texila’s ambitious project and world’s leading online tutoring company, Smartlabz aims to introduce latest technological advancements into the online education space. The project combines personalized tutoring, learning experience, scientific pedagogy and online teaching to create a learning experience for school-aged students that is fun and educative.

The premier online destination for affordable education, Smartlabz offers personalized tutoring experience to elementary, middle and high school students anytime, anywhere, and in any subject. It also helps students prepare for ACT and SAT exams.

Each individual student at Smartlabz is catered to by a personalized tutor who listens to them and accommodates their learning needs. The program assesses the student’s academic prowess, personality, scheduling needs and scoring goals to match them with the most suitable tutor who would play the role of teacher as well as coach: appropriately challenging and motivating the student throughout the process.

The tutors design for the students a customized learning plan based on their learning and understanding levels and pace that aligns perfectly with their unique learning needs. This is determined through an online assessment that then becomes a starting point to track the student’s progress periodically.

The teaching program is structured to be adaptive and targets the skills the student needs to focus specifically on to speed up their progress, and introduces challenging new content that is fun and interactive to keep the student engaged throughout the program. The platform helps students connect to a tutor instantly, or schedule a session to develop prerequisite skills in whatever subject they need.

An organization distinguishes itself from the crowd by setting up and adhering to its core values and culture. For Texila, its values are integrated in its every activity. It achieves excellence by captivating its integral value system. Their values are centered around:

  • Customers: They value their customers as they are the center of all their activities.
  • People: They value, engage, enthuse & reward.
  • Leadership: They value Leadership without title.
  • Integrity: They value Integrity, Transparency, Honesty & are Ethical.
  • Innovation and Creativity: They Value Innovation in Work & Creativity in Thought.
  • Responsibility: For them, their actions create value for stakeholders, thereby benefiting the community at large.
  • Global Growth: They value sustainable growth that promotes profitability to fuel their global aspirations.

Smartlabz sets itself apart by valuing each student individually. Students have varied learning abilities. Some of them are quick-learners, while others take time to understand the concepts. They need to be tutored according to their pace, instead of applying the same curriculum to all. Home-based education allows for this and enables instructors to devise course structures that address the learning requirements of a particular child. For example, if the student is weak in math and strong at writing, SmartLabs can construct an online tutoring program that challenges their math skills more than their writing skills.

Studies have shown that home-schooled children with online tutoring deliver better results in academic tests
in comparison to students who undergo traditional schooling.

Apart from tailored learning programs, online tutoring also provides a healthier learning environment under parental guidance. Education is not limited to rote learning of subjects; teaching values of kindness, compassion, and love for others is just as important.

Smartlabz has also made it possible for families living in remote areas to gain access to quality education where there is an absence of well-managed schools. Parent-led home-based education with online tutoring enables students to gain a knowledge of every basic and advanced concept without much of a fuss. Smartlabz also provides an extensive library of online content, question banks, animations and simulations for maximum student engagement and learning.

Since its inception over a decade ago, TAU has gained prominence in the education sector as it puts students first and paves the way for them to achieve excellence in their life and career. With advanced degrees, TAU’s proud alumni occupy higher designations in various world-renowned organizations like WHO, UNICEF, etc. TAU equips its students with the skills and prepares them to face the competitive market and excel in their respective professions.

With a vision to “Bringing Education To Life”, Texila undertakes various initiatives to ensure that knowledge is disseminated to all irrespective of age and country. It strives to provide students with advanced learning experience. In the near future, Texila has plans to:

  • Establish three medical schools in three different countries where there is a huge shortage of physicians and healthcare workers.
  • Make SmartLabz a part of the students learning platforms they use day to day, at home and at school, exemplifying excellence in student satisfaction.

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