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Autosys Industrial Solutions Private Limited

Autosys Industrial Solutions Private Limited: Enhancing your shop floor!

Automation of the processes in industries has brought a technical boom and eases up the lives of humans around. One such emerging startup is Autosys Industrial Solutions Private Limited, which has shown tremendous growth in the arena of Automation and experiences a manifold expansion.  The director of the company is Aaditya Anish Damani.

In a conversation with the team of Business Connect, Aaditya Anish shared deep insights of Autosys Industrial Solutions Private Limited.

Please walk us through your company profile and its services.

Aaditya Anish: Autosys Industrial Solutions Private Limited was incorporated on February 17th, 2016, and has expanded vastly over the past three years in what seems to be the futuristic field of technology. Embracing the journey of smart manufacturing, Autosys introduces the Quad Platform that automates various business processes on your shop floor accelerating towards the next industrial revolution – Industry 4.0. “We have developed a unique platform that uses artificial intelligence to enhance your shop floor experience.” This emerging startup raised a series A at a whopping valuation of 30cr.

“Industrial tools and products are dominated by the big brand OEM’s, and there are very few players from outside the industry who can scale to add significant value. Walking across a shop floor it is disturbing to see the number of issues and the kind of issues faced in this digital era.

Traditional practices of manual logs, excel data entry and analysis still persist in majority of the organizations.” Autosys aim to eradicate most of the manual interventions on the shop floor, thereby automating various business processes to relive the resources to what they do the best – manufacturer! “Industrial Data science is going to dominate the manufacturing sector in the near future.”

“Every machine manufactured will be Internet-enabled and seamless data procuring protocols shall be made available – in simple words, every machine of tomorrow will be an IoT based machine. Machine manufacturers will be reengineering their processes, evaluating their own performances and enter the race of making a better machine each day by the means of data science.

A lot of exciting times are coming ahead where our actions shall be reciprocated by the machines by self-correcting various breakdowns and maintenance activities. Machines will be able to talk to each other and understand the status, health, quality of production and a lot more.”

Kindly elaborate on the roles of the key officials in the company.

Aaditya Anish: Jayesh Rohira is a part of our technical team who has voluntarily ensured that the company’s tech-stack is always updated and we are using the best of the technologies available.

Harshad Patil is the man behind our electronics. His dedication and commitment towards his work have made every on-site challenge,

seamless for us.

Sagar Jedgule leads the deployment team, knowing Sagar we are assured the soldering iron is never put to rest. Lastly, one of the strongest pillars, Mr. Sanket Dhole has been holding together all the operations of the company. Sanket has not only held on to operations but has also streamlined the deployments.

How do you feel you are different from your competitors?

Aaditya Anish: “There are a lot of key points that diverge us from our nearest competitors. Most companies out there are focused on the end solution to the problem, which leads them into developing a product. It is important to understand that Industry 4.0 is an industrial revolution and cannot be solved by any product.

It has to blend into a platform which comprises of a suite of products of different kinds, all closely integrated into one. The first process is to create a digital twin of the factory. With the help of Internet of Things (IoT) – a suite of sensors can be plugged into the physical system that can continuously communicate data in real-time, of various ongoings to the remote platform. The digital twin can be programmed to behave conditionally. This gives a realization of the actual shop floor on a virtual desktop.

  • We are a platform! The factory has the facility to create their own applications with their plant-specific use cases pulling data from the central data warehouse using OPEN API’s.
  • Our analytics dive deeper than just the cycle time, we aim to provide you the data of what happens once the machine door closes. This identifies any errors/bugs in machine programming and facilitates condition-based monitoring.
  • A real-time control room which lets you walk into your shop floor and see exactly what is going on digitally, without any cameras!
  • We are a fully automated platform with almost no manual intervention. This helps you realize true data without any human errors or manipulation.
  • The Quad Platform is supported by the artificial intelligence infrastructure at the back of it, which enhances your entire shop floor experience.
  • The integrated platform which facilitates easy plug and plays for any new module/feature requested by the customers.
  • Speed and performance are integral parts of our development kit. We use the technology that is robust and industry ready. The customer never waits for a page to load.

Who is your role model in the business/entrepreneurial world and what have you learned from the person?

Aaditya Anish: “When it comes to picking out a role model, there are plenty of them, starting from Bill Gates to Elon Musk, but for me, my family tops the list. I have grown up seeing my father Anish Damani tirelessly work to provide nothing but the best for the family and my mother Parul Damani has been a constant and strong pillar of support for the entire family.

My sister Priyanka, being the youngest one has always taught me that hard-work never goes waste. Through them, I have learnt the true merits of dedication, hard work and perseverance. Today, those qualities keep me motivated to give in my best each day. It has been over 4 years and yet we clock in 100 hours each week to make sure we have made the best platforms in our domain.”

Did everything come easy, or you have your story of struggle?

Aaditya Anish: “We started off with limited capital, when we raised the first round, our company was merely valued a little over 100,000$. We struggled to get a paying customer as we had developed something that the market was not ready for a few years back. Every company we visited was happy to take a demo of the product and eventually waited behind the fence until an industry leader took a bold move to implement such a solution.

We were crushed multiple times and almost faced bankruptcy where the founding members stuck their necks out and exhausted the savings pool they had just to keep the vision afloat. We did everything we could to secure one paying customer that would bring back the silver lining, at least we thought we did. With that persistence and a blessed team of engineers we are at a comfortable spot today with a few marquee customers like National Engineering Industries Limited (CK Birla Group), Victora Group of companies, Bohra Rubbers, Technico Industries Ltd, etc.”

How do you ensure unbreakable faith of clients in your company?

Aaditya Anish: As a fundamental principle, we believe in customer service, we work tirelessly each day to ensure the best customer experience. Working in the industry exposes us to many customers spread over different geographical locations. This makes it challenging to make sure each customer has the support when at their beck and call.

Our team has devised a phenomenal customer service program where a service engineer will provide technical support in less than four hours of the call or reach on-site within 24 hours if required. We strongly believe that customers trust is a byproduct of commitment towards quality and excellence in deliverables.”

Can you tell something about your workforce and its responsibilities?

Aaditya Anish: “As a part of the company’s strength, we are proud of the team we have. We have Amit Shah & Bouyant Partners who believed in the vision even before the platform was developed. Amit has always been there as one of our key advisors. Amit’s acumen for finance has helped us shape our business model incrementally over the years. It is merely because of his endless belief and Sachin (Bouyant Partners) that we are breathing in a comfortable spot today. During the growth stage, we were supported by Mr. Chandrakant Mehta & Family along with Saurabh Saboo.

Eventually, Mr. Satbir Singh Banga, CEO of Victora Tool Engineers Private Limited joined our team and has helped us grow exponentially with his immaculate network. Satbir participates in day to day ongoings of the business with equal passion and plays an essential part in facilitating the growth of the company. In spite of his busy schedule, he has always made time for Autosys and is critical in expanding the company’s vision while treating it as his own. We are really grateful to have him as a part of the Autosys family.”

Recently, we joined hands with Mr. Amit Bohra & Family, Mr. Amit Gupta from Bohra Rubbers Pvt. Ltd. and Technico Industries Ltd. who are committed to enhancing our presence in different industrial belts and with their experience shall empower us with the right structuring and resources.

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