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Best Career Prospects After AWS Certification

Best Career Prospects After AWS Certification

In order to stand apart in today’s competitive scenario and be up to the industry standards, every IT professional needs to learn about the technological advancements that are occurring all across the world. And one of such technological advancements is cloud computing. Even though it has been around for some time now, it is witnessing a high adoption rate every year.

There is a wide range of cloud technology services that offer better computing capabilities and a safe network that can be easily accessed from a remote location. The top cloud technologies are Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Ever since it was launched in 2002, this cloud technology platform has been gaining huge adoption.

As more and more organizations are implementing AWS, there is a huge demand for professionals who are adept at working with the cloud platform. That is why freshers, as well as professionals, are looking for AWS certification courses that will increase their employability. But, most of them don’t know about AWS certification and what jobs they can get with one. So, let’s dive in:

What is AWS?

Amazon’s AWS certifications have been introduced to validate a candidate’s working experience with cloud technology. Through these courses, the aspirants can demonstrate their knowledge and skills related to the cloud. They also become eligible for different roles such as Cloud Practitioner, Architect, Developer, Operations, etc. Here are the different types of AWS certifications:

  • Foundational Certificates – Cloud Practitioners
  • Associate Certifications – SysOps Administrator, Developer, and Architect
  • Professional Certifications – DevOps Engineer and Solution Architect
  • Specialty Certification for Big Data, Advanced Networking, Machine Learning, Alexa Skill Builder, and Security.

Jobs you can get with an AWS certification

When a candidate has an AWS certification, he will be able to avoid the career instability risk and get a better paycheck. Here are the top 10 jobs that a candidate with an AWS certification can apply for:

1. Cloud Architect

These are the professionals who oversee every aspect of cloud technology including computing strategy, adoption plan, designing and deploying cloud application, monitoring, management, and every other detail of the cloud infrastructure. Every organization that has adopted or is planning to implement cloud solutions knows how important these aspects can be. Also, a cloud architect can earn around $100,240 per annum.

2. Cloud Software Engineer

In order to be a cloud software engineer, knowledge of different programming languages is a must. A candidate must know how to use and design the software on the AWS cloud platform. Also, they are responsible for maintaining the cloud-based software/system development and ensure that they are properly working. The average annual income of a cloud software engineer is about $120,613 in the United States.

3. SysOps Administrator

SysOps is made of two words – System and Operations, meaning that it includes the activities related to cloud systems’ operation. A SysOps Administrator has the responsibility of handling the complete lifecycle of an organization’s cloud systems. Their work also includes deployment, operations, and management on the AWS platform. An AWS SysOps Administrator can earn an average annual income of $130,610.

4. DevOps Engineer

The job of a DevOps Engineer is enabling faster delivery of software application and code release through collaboration with IT professionals in the organization including developers, system operators, production teams, and testers. They must have knowledge of the cloud environment and what to do if there is any malfunction in the organization. They can earn an average annual income of somewhere between $137,000 and $180,000 depending on their skills and experience.

5. Cloud Developer

The work of a Cloud Developer ranges from designing to developing a cloud product/solution/service in an organization. Whether it is building web applications or data and application integration, everything is handled by the cloud developer. They need to have skills like cloud platform, informational security, and database programming and can earn an average of about $127,037 annually.

6. Networking Specialist

The foundation of cloud computing is efficient networking and that is why every organization working with a cloud platform needs a Networking Specialist in their team. A Networking specialist’s job includes performing tasks like maintaining network security, analyzing networking performance, routine testing, and troubleshooting problems for avoiding time loss. Installing firewalls, routers, and other networking systems, devices, and tools in the organization is their responsibility as well. On average, a Networking Specialist with an AWS certification can earn about $52,124 every year.

7. Cloud Security Expert

In a constantly evolving technology-induced industry, security is one of the main concerns. And that is why the demand for Cloud Security Engineers is always at its peaks. Cloud Security Experts have to build a well-developed infrastructure in the organization for the cloud platform. They are also responsible for managing data security, configuring network security, and implementing regulatory standards. With the AWS certification, they can earn an average of $73,477 per year.

8. AWS System Integrator

A lot of companies all over the world have implemented AWS. There are different systems involved in services like infrastructure management, communication, networking, data storage, etc. That is why they need professionals capable of troubleshooting system-related problems and deployment issues. This is the responsibility of an AWS System Integrator who can earn an average of about $70k annually.

9. Machine Learning Specialist

Someone with data science and development skills can see a huge increase in his capabilities and income with the AWS Machine Learning certification. A Machine Learning specialist is responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining ML applications and tasks in the organization. Based on their skills and experience, they can earn somewhere between $37,392 and $138,404 annually.

10. Big Data Specialist

The world is running on data. Each day, a huge quantity of data is processed and this amount is only increasing. That is why companies need Big Data specialists who can help them use data to their advantage. Getting the AWS Big Data specialization certification will increase a candidate’s chance of getting the job. The main responsibilities for this role include collecting, processing, organizing, and analyzing data for creating valuable results and insights for the business. A Big Data Specialist’s average annual income is $107,801.

As AWS is adopted in organizations across the world, it has led to the creation of a plethora of opportunities in the field. Opting for an AWS certification can help a candidate take advantage of these opportunities and boost his career.



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