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Ayodhya Trust Showcases Features of the Pilgrims Facility Centre at Ram Mandir

Ayodhya Trust Showcases Features of the Pilgrims Facility Centre at Ram Mandir

Written by Sanjay Kumar

As anticipation builds for the momentous consecration ceremony of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, the Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust has revealed the intricate details of this majestic temple. Set to become a symbol of cultural and spiritual pride, the temple boasts a traditional Nagar style of architecture, spanning an impressive length of 380 feet, a width of 250 feet, and towering to a height of 161 feet.

The trust took to X (formerly Twitter) to share more insights, detailing the three-storied structure with each floor standing at 20 feet. The temple showcases a breathtaking design with 392 pillars and 44 doors, emphasizing the intricate craftsmanship involved in its construction.

“At the heart of the main sanctum sanctorum lies the idol of Shri Ram Lalla, depicting the childhood form of Bhagwan Shri Ram. Additionally, the first floor will house the Shri Ram Darbar, adorned with statues of deities, gods, and goddesses intricately placed on pillars and walls,” the trust elaborated.

The temple complex is enclosed by a Parkota, a rectangular compound wall measuring 732 meters in length and 14 feet in width. Four Mandirs dedicated to Surya Dev, Devi Bhagwati, Ganesh Bhagwan, and Bhagwan Shiv grace the corners of the compound. Notably, the northern arm houses a Mandir of Maa Annapurna, while the southern arm features a temple of Hanuman ji. Nearby, a historic Well known as Sita Koop, dating back to ancient times, adds a touch of historical significance to the surroundings.

The foundation of the Mandir is a marvel in itself, constructed with a 14-meter-thick layer of roller-compacted concrete (RCC), simulating the appearance of artificial rock. The complex is equipped with essential infrastructure, including a sewage treatment plant, water treatment plant, water supply for fire safety, and an independent power station.

In addition to the grandeur of the temple, a Pilgrims Facility Centre (PFC) is under construction with a capacity to accommodate 25,000 people. The PFC will provide medical facilities and locker services to the pilgrims, enhancing the overall pilgrimage experience.

The consecration ceremony, scheduled for January 22, is expected to draw over a lakh devotee to Ayodhya. With more than 7,000 guests from India and abroad anticipated to attend, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the event promises to be a momentous celebration. Prime Minister Modi has already urged citizens to illuminate their homes with special ‘diyas’ on January 22, akin to the festival of Diwali, marking the auspicious occasion of ‘pran pratishtha’ at the Ram temple.

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