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What is the Best Digital Newsstand to Distribute Your Digital Magazine in 2024?

What is the Best Digital Newsstand to Distribute Your Digital Magazine in 2024?

The latest innovation in digital content publishing, the digital newsstand, empowers publishers to distribute their digital magazines to the right audience while helping readers get an interactive reading experience.

If you are involved in publishing a digital magazine, you must be aware of the significance of content and distribution platform adaptation. In the present marketing landscape, the needs of readers  are rapidly evolving with continuous technological advancement. The way we buy and peruse magazines has changed in recent years, and digital publications will probably soon exceed paper ones in popularity.

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You can’t have a complete content marketing strategy for your digital editions if you have not found optimal distribution channels. You don’t have to limit yourself to hosting online magazines as a mobile application, an iPhone or iPad-friendly website, or an electronic bookstore. Focus on selecting the right platform that will entice brand-interested customers and encourage subscriptions.

In this post, we will discuss how a newsstand operates, how it differs from an app, and why having an online bookshelf to provide material to your readers is a better option.

A Quick Introduction of the Digital Newsstand

A digital newsstand, also referred to as a virtual bookshelf, is a place where one can download and read online newspapers, magazines, and digital ebooks. It provides you access to specialist magazines or news on your computer or other web-browser-equipped devices.

A virtual bookshelf can be an application or a website where you make your digital magazines, brochures, and online catalogues accessible and get complete control over managing your magazine.

Digital newsstand is an excellent solution for magazine publishers; they streamline the process and provide simple and convenient access to content. The magazine is available for viewing as a PDF in Internet Explorer or other browsers. You are able to view the most recent edition or the complete digital archive if you are a subscriber.

After purchase, you can download the magazine to your computer for later reading or view it individually.

The sales pitch for a digital magazine Newsstand is the same: pay once to gain access to thousands of digital magazines. Newsstand publications have access to a far larger audience overall than a single publisher could ever think of.

List of 7 Best Digital Newsstands

To help you find the right platform, we have listed here some of the most popular and best digital magazine newsstands:

01. Apple Newsstand

Apple Newsstand is specifically designed for iOS-powered Apple products. This is the best digital newsstand that enables users to compile and arrange their subscriptions to digital magazines and newspapers. It makes it happen by developing a separate app for every magazine or newspaper that is downloaded from the Apple Newsstand.

It has an in-built button, allowing users to buy any edition directly from the app. It is a common feature that you find on almost all newsstands. The billing of these digital purchases is done through an iTunes store account.

02. Amazon Kindle Newsstand

Amazon to Phase Out Kindle Magazine and Newspaper Subscriptions.jpg
Credit image-The eBook Reader Blog

Likewise, Apple and Amazon introduced their digital newsstand ventures by creating a physical device called the Amazon Kindle Fire.

The best part about purchasing digital products from Kindle Newsstand is that every subscription on this platform offers a minimum of a 14-day free trial. Within that window of time, a customer can cancel the membership without paying any fees.

An additional intriguing feature of the Kindle is that it stores the past issues of your Kindle magazines and newspapers and is available to download again from the cloud, even if you cancel your subscription. So, this is how customers can maximize the value of their subscriptions.

03. Google Play

What Is Google Play?.jpg
Credit Image: Lifewire

Google Play is the digital distribution platform by Google; it is intended for the Android market. All of Google’s digital content services, including games, movies, and music, can be found on Google Play.

The users get to see a wide variety of free material offered by publishers that encourages them to make a payment. It adapts to your reading preferences over time as it gains insight from your readings. Perhaps as a result of Android devices’ decreased prices, Google Play and Android device sales are still rising. Moreover, compared to Apple Newsstand, which customers only access when new issues are released, it operates much like a newsfeed.

Google Play began allowing search advertisements in the Play store, which allowed software developers to advertise their programs for the first time, in contrast to other digital newsstands.

04. Magzter

Get your Digital Access to Newspapers
Credit Image: Magzter

Since its launch in 2011, Magzter has grown to become the largest and fastest-growing self-service, cross-platform, and best digital newsstand in the world. With over 80 million users and thousands of magazines available in more than 40 categories and 60 languages, you get to explore a huge range of newspapers here.

Global businessmen Girish Ramdas and Vijay Radhakrishnan founded Magzter in June 2011 with the goal of empowering magazine and newspaper publishers to produce digital versions of their publications and facilitate global distribution to readers.

The Magzter platform is accessible as a website for reading in a browser and as an app for Apple iOS, Android (Google Play), and the Amazon App Store. For a monthly subscription price, digital readers can access over 7,500 publications and newspapers with Magzter GOLD, the largest “all you can read” subscription service in the world.

05. Zinio

Credit Image: InPublishing

Zinio, one of the best digital newsstands,  is becoming a popular choice among people. Just like Magzter, Zinio’s primary function is to serve as an online newsstand for magazines, while iTunes serves as a generic digital content store. Everything, from well-known publishers to the newest independent digital publication, can be found in the catalogue. Additionally, it comes with numerous features and functions to make it easier for readers to check out the whole edition.

06. Press-Pad

When it comes to the best digital newsstand, how can we forget to mention PressPad? It is a unique platform that makes it easy to turn your PDF papers into applications for iOS, Android, and FireOS users, as well as web browsers. It handles every step of the conversion procedure in the background.

This platform’s only drawback is that, because it is PDF-based, users can download a digital copy of the magazine. However, if the publisher is smart enough to add hyperlinks, the magazine can be viewed as an interactive overlay for print editions, complete with internal and external links, as well as support for Vimeo and YouTube on online video platforms.

What’s more, PressPad provides online publishers with news apps that are compatible with Google Play Newsstand RSS format and WordPress.

07. 2019 EU Copyright Directive

Another digital newsstand, the 2019 EU Copyright Directive, generally allows users to read digital magazines for free. However, several users are not allowed to do so due to the EU’s 2019 Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market. Some others speculated that it would be challenging to accomplish.

Draft Article 11 would enable newspaper and magazine publishers to get paid by businesses like Google for linking to their material. To prevent people from uploading copyrighted content to websites that contain user-generated content, like YouTube and Facebook, without the owners’ permission, the draft Article 13 would require cooperation with rights owners. Thank you. EU citizens are largely impacted by this, although other nations may restrict what you can watch in the digital world.

Sum up…

Here, we have come to the end of this article on the best digital newsstand. Before wrapping, we again highlight the amazing benefits of digital newsstands. They effectively allow you to explore your favourite newspapers, periodicals, and other eBooks online on your computer screen.

You can create your own online magazine using this kind of newsstand and save a lot of time and money. This is an excellent the option for bigger publications as well as smaller ones. You are able to release your work digitally without being constrained by other companies.

That’s it for now! Hopefully, the article will help you choose the right digital newsstand to keep your business on top.

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