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5 Favoured Brands For A Career in Freelancing

5 Favoured Brands For A Career in Freelancing

Freelancing is a very massive trend in the future of work, although it is trending too amid the Covid-19 pandemic. We all choose to be independent and to be our boss as well. Currently, millions of freelancers are earning money by using their own skills. All you gotta do is to develop skill what you like, and join this freelance community.

Today, I am sharing the five most popular online marketplace companies that you could choose to make money.

  • Fiverr International Ltd.

Fiverr is connected with an extensive network of freelancing to businesses all over the world. In 2010, the company was launched by Micha Kaufman and Shi win and is seen as a good player in the world’s growing economy. These two came up with this concept of a marketplace providing a two-sided platform for individuals to buy and sell very different kinds of digital services. This freelancing website is mostly known by everyone and Many are getting handsome amount of pay from this freelancing site.

Aera Activation – Worldwide.

Industry – Online marketplace and outsourcing.

Launched – Feb,11,2010

Headquarters – Israel.

Employees – more than 419

Website –

Printed in, the company announced $107.1 million in revenue for the fourth quarter and full-year 2019 result. The company has over 50 million transitions between 5.5 million buyers and 830,000 out workers. The platform has 1050 categories of services ranging from writing, translation, graphics design, programming, really anything that business might mean.

  • Upwork Global Inc.

Upwork is a web-based marketplace platform that makes freelancing possible all across the globe. With the millions of jobs posted on this online platform annually. The Upwork allows the freelancer to really focus on talent what they are doing and letting the platform handle the rest. The company was found two decades ago, in 1999, had a name called Elace-oDesk. In 2015, the company with this name was merged and named Upwork.

Founded – 2013.

Employees – More than 500

CEO – Hyden Brown

Headquarters – Santa Clara, California, U.S.

Website –

In addition to that, Upwork allows organizations to create a project quickly and effectively by using the E-commerce experience of browsing through a catalogue of millions of services. They have more than 8 million registered freelancers and over 5 million registered clients. In 2019, the company generated revenue of 19%, $300.6 million.

  • Limited. is an Australian outworks platform where enterprises and people associate to conduct business effortlessly. This online crowdsourcing marketplace was created in 2019. The company has around 500 employees and is ranked 2nd competitors out of 10 competitors. The company is situated in Sydney, Australia. The company has connected more than 48,839,800 employers and freelancers worldwide from all across countries.

Founder & CEO – Matt Barrie

Employees – More than 500.

Headquarter -Sydney, Australia.

Website –

Alexa Rank in India – 506

The company has acquired many outsourcing online businesses such as,, LimeExchange,, Booking center,, and Rent-A-Coder & vWorker. In April 2015, the company announced the acquisition of an internet services provider company called

  • Toptal.

Toptal was ranked 33rd on Deloitte’s 2015 Tech Fast 500 list. The company enables potential employers to choose freelancers as per the requirement of your enterprise. This freelancing platform offers many services like software engineers, designers, and business consultation. Taso Du Val and Branden Beneschott are the founders of this company, introduced in the 2010 year ago. The most interesting fact is, the company has not a headquarter.

Industry – Remote Company.

CEO – Taso Du Val.

Activated Area – Worldwide.

Website –

Founded – 2010

The applicants have to undergo an extremely screening process including language, personality, and later skills testing. As per Wikipedia, only 3% of candidates got this platform through this process. The company has a connection with thousands of senior developers and more than 2000 clients.

  • People Per Hour Limited.

Founded by Xenios Thrasyvoulou and Simos Kitiris. People Per Hour came up in 2007 with a simple vision to bring freelancers and clients on a single online platform. This UK-based company has owned and led by the founder. This company is the longest-running freelance service in the United Kingdom. The company keeps working to grow the community of freelance.

The company started with a pen, paper, and a pad. However, a lot of things have changed since then. More than 1 million businesses and freelancers have been contacted through this online marketplace.

Headquarter – London, United Kingdom.

Website –

CEO – Xenios Thrasyvoulou

CTO – Simos Kitiris.

Alexa Rank in India: 2,380

I hope this article will be informative for those who want to know about Top 5 Freelancing Websites in India. With the help of this list of top 5 freelancing sites, you could earn money remotely.

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