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Bikaner Global Pvt. Ltd

Bikaner Global Pvt. Ltd

Delivering the ethnic taste of Bikaneri Snacks (Namkeen) – that’s Bikaner Global for you

“Jis cheej ko aap shiddat se chaho, Puri kaynat usse Aapse milane ki Shazish Rachati hai”

– Inder Singh, MD, Bikaner Global Pvt. Ltd.

When we talk about Bikaner, the first thing that comes in to our mind is Namkeen. The place is world famous for its tasty Namkeen, Bhujia, sweets among many others. The place is a paradise for foodies who love to eat ethnic Indian food. But for everyone to visit Bikaner is not plausible. In order to cater to those food lovers, a fast growing company has come to deliver the goodness of Bikaner and that is none other than Bikaner Global Pvt. Ltd.

Bikaner Global Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in June 2016 and started its operation from March 2017. The company excels in the manufacturing of Indian snacks foods. It makes all kinds of Indian savory foods, Bikaneri Bhujia, different sort of Mixture like Navratan mix, Shahi Mixture, Kaju Cornflakes among many others. It prepares all the tasty snacks those are Bikaner’s famous snacks items. For last 2 years now, the company has kept its manufacturing processes ethnic with the original taste quotient.

The founder thought that there is an opportunity in terms of giving the original native taste of Bikaner. He fathomed that in the recent times, due to the commercialization of products, somewhere down the line, quality was being compromised and the original taste was missing. So, to provide a solution to this quandary, he founded the company.

Decades old original taste

As long as Indian savory snacks is concerned, there is very grass root understanding of a customer that when they talk about Indian Namkeen, or ethnic Indian Namkeen, they want one particular set of products which they have been using for last 60-70 years. “My job is to deliver them the same products which they have a craving for so many decades”, says Inder Singh, MD of the company.

“My job becomes really specific and easy when they ask for original Bikaneri Namkeen, which is acclaimed for ethnic taste and Flavour”, he adds further. When it comes to making Snacks, all matter is perfect recipe, pure ingredients and right technique and to achieve this, major impetus was given right from the beginning. Perseverance and consistency is major attribute which lead us to develop our product range.

In last two years, the company has got hold of the overall Indian demographic behavior. People have appreciated the authenticity of the taste in the products. There are Hundreds of competitors in the market and there are many renowned players in the market who have been there for decades now.

There are many small scale industries also. “But ours product are among few authentic and original products as we are based at Bikaner and are using best raw material and best processes for making snacks”, iterates the MD.

Since its inception, expanding to Global Market was one major dream and in short span of time, we have developed our supply chain, prospects & clients based in different parts of world. Not only in Shahi Bikaneri Brand, Company is also eyeing major retail chains across the globe along with Business houses,

who wants to get into Bikaneri Snacks Business, Company can be one stop solution for them to provide Turn Key solution and can provide them the Snacks in their Own Labels, thus enabling them to sell original and ethnic Bikaneri Namkeen all across their Selling Markets. Apart from this, the company embraces the new trends going in the market. As western culture is spreading, their taste is being spread equally.

Making the most out of technology

The company is technically sound in order to make its mark in the market. Technology in terms of production plays a crucial role. It should blend with the ethnicity so that it produces hygienic and healthy products. High end frying equipment ensure that product is fried at optimal temperature and it contains less oil.

This kind of frying ensures that the oil is always maintained at optimal temperature and indirect heating doesn’t break oil consistency and makes it cholesterol and trans fat free. Advance packaging techniques enhances the shelf life of the product thus ensure freshness all the times. The company has taken care of all these aspects in terms of connecting to the customers by increasing the self-life of the product.

Spices and condiments are crucial part of Snacks Manufacturing. Thus, right quality and grading of these ingredients. Being from such academic background of Horticulture, this comes naturally to the owner of this company as they maintain this vital part their strength at the time of selection of spices and condiments.

When it comes to food safety management, it is taken care of by the management in a very assiduous manner. For every process, right from the beginning of the manufacturing, raw material selection to packaging and storage, stringent Food Safety Management System (FSMS) is followed.

Plans for Future

As far as immediate future plans are concerned, Company wants to spread its horizon in entire Indian market and also wants to go aggressively in providing Private Labelling or One-Stop Solution for all Sweets and Snacks for its Indian and Global Buyers, as there is big Indian diaspora residing across the globe and international people have started acclimatizing Indian foods and Indian savory.

Talking about the long term plan, Healthy Snacks Foods, Organic Food Products & Frozen foods are the segments it is looking to tap. To this end, the top management is available for the customers to get their feedback about the products without any intermediary in between. The company is trying to make its headway to as many people possible seeing the outstanding response it is getting from the satisfied clients. People are also looking forward to getting new product offerings form the company’s side.

About the MD

Right from Spending his childhood in the dusty lane of Bikaner city to graduating in Professional degree in Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from Pune, Maharashtra and Post Graduation in Agri Business & Plantation Management from Elite Management Institute from Indian Institution of Plantation Management, Bangalore, this was always in my mind to take legacy of Bikaner to the global level.

After completing his education, Corporate life started with a Corporate Training in companies like Tata’s and full-time career in Indian Multinational Companies like Godrej’s, DCM Shriram’s and USA’s Giant player like Monsanto were the workplaces, where he learnt the corporate business in most proficient ways.

Since Learning and knowledge was always a key objective of his life, in year 2008, he took a paradigm shift from his Agro-based industry to Education Industry.

This was the major turning point of his life and for next 9 years, he not only grew in his professional role from Regional Manager based in Gujarat to heading entire India as General Manager in leading Education company, but also learnt business from close quarters pertaining to Education Pedagogy to Human Resource Management to Financial Management and other important aspects.

About Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is measured in terms of businesses improving conditions for their employees, shareholders, communities, and environment. But moral responsibility goes further, reflecting the need for corporations to address fundamental ethical issues such as inclusion, dignity, and equality.

Klaus Schwab

At the time of foundation of the company, this was mandated in its vision document that all stakeholders would have priority right from end consumer to trade partners to employees. We also are determined to go further on Moral Responsibility front and are planning to bring changes to the lives of underprivileged children.

Giving them access to modern day technology would be our major focus. We are working on establishing a non-profit organization, wherein certain part of our earning will go into our moral responsibility task.

The travel buff MD

Acquiring knowledge is what he always thrives for as he firmly believes in “Knowledge is window to the world” so acquiring knowledge is all his Aim this life. Mr. Singh loves travelling across places and geographical distance is not something which challenges him and being Global is what inspires him, so here comes Bikaner Global on your way.

Corporate Office:
Bikaner Global Pvt. Ltd.
H-79, Karni Industrial Area, Engineer College Road, Bikaner-334004

Branch Office:
G-26, Balaji Tower-VI, Airport Plaza, Tonk Road, Jaipur-302018

Email id- [email protected]
phone no.- +91 98251 31183

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