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Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electronic Pressure Controller: A Comprehensive Guide

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electronic Pressure Controller: A Comprehensive Guide

A valve is a key component widely used in every industrial system. The application of valves varies from home usage to heavy machinery control systems. One of the most advanced forms of the valve is the solenoid proportional control valve. It is an electronically controlled valve that can control the flow of fluid in proportion with the help of electronic pressure controllers.

Choosing a good controller also affects the performance of the valve in a system how fast or slow the valve will work in case the parameters of the system change. A digital pressure controller is needed to keep the system monitored all the time. Making an automated control system. 

Parameters to consider before selecting an electronic pressure controllers

Choosing the right type of pressure controller is an important step in the successful operation of a system. Let’s explore the factors on which an electronic pressure controller could be chosen

Pressure Range

The first and foremost important point is to consider the pressure range that will flow through the valve so that a controller can detect it and make a decision about it. The controllers are pre-programmed according to a given pressure range. Before buying it check that if your controller can operate at minimum and maximum pressure levels of application. 


For an electronic pressure controller stability of the controller in maintaining the set pressure matters a lot. The response of the controller decides if it is good. A stable response after a change in fluid pressure is what measures its stability. Low hysteresis and fast response time represent that the system remains stable under varying conditions. 


Resolution in the smallest movement of a valve can be made in the same direction. In terms of the controller how much small change in flow rate it can respond? Higher resolution allows for fine adjustment and control over pressure. Selecting a high-resolution electronic pressure controller is necessary where precise pressure control is crucial such as in medical devices, and oxygen control on ventilators. 


In the case of research and calibration accuracy and precision of electronic controller matter. How closely your measurement resembles the real signal value is determined by its accuracy. The degree of variation in your measurements from one to the next is called precision. The pre-established, allowable range of that precision variation is known as tolerance. The level of accuracy depends on the sensitivity of the application. 

Environmental conditions

Consider the material used in making pressure controllers. Before buying an electronic pressure controller make sure it will be compatible with media like gas, water or liquid operating fluid passing through a system. Consider factors of temperature range, and humidity tolerance of device meets the requirement of your application. 

Technical factors to consider

Apart from general parameters let’s look into the technical part of choosing the right controller for your application. 

Control algorithm use

Different pressure control modes are used. Which most common is the PID control system which is a full form of proportional-integral-derivative control. Vary complex technologies like fuzzy controllers are also available in the market but PID is a simple one. Choose a controller that fulfills the needs of your application. 

Communication channels

To connect the electronic controller a communication channel is needed to integrate into your system. Commonly available interfaces include analog signals e.g. 4-20mA, digital communication protocols RS-232, RS-485, and industrial field buses for example Profibus, and deviceNet. 


Hydraulic machinery and industrial systems use high-pressure controllers whereas in medical devices the pressure is low. Along with a selection of proportional solenoid valves for your application choose the right controller for your needs by considering the accuracy, precision, calibration, and environmental effect of the controller.  proportional valve controllers are used for such kind of application where a small change of output is controlled according to set point. 

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