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CodeBlock Technologies

CodeBlock: Technology packed firm that drives the destinations like software development

For several years now, research & development, and business investments in AI technologies no longer have been the preserve of only big companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, or Apple inc. or their other rivals from China like Alibaba, Tencent, or Xiaomi. Nowadays, you will find a plethora of companies that make the best use focus on Machine learning like  Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Process Automation of artificial intelligence around areas including Productivity, HR and Talent, B2B Sales and Marketing, Consumer Marketing, Digital Commerce, Data Science, Security and Risk, Industrials and Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain,

Similarly, CodeBlock Technologies’ coax software development in often far more secure than traditional methods. Their basic aim is to develop Fundraising apps that generate revenue by Marketing the applications and software. The fundamental idea for their technology is providing the business services to businesses for making achievements.

CodeBlock Technologies offers a wide variety of future-ready customized software and ERP Software’s on the latest cloud technologies. Ever since its inception in 2015, with a commitment to deliver value-based technology consulting & software development services, CodeBlock Technologies has gained momentum to emerge as a driving force in all of its target markets. The company thrive in the market with the vision of the most prodigious and premier Key officials Ms. Tannu Bansal and Mr. Gaurang Bansal, founder of CodeBlock Technologies

“Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering.”~Bill Gates

They have served sectors like Manufacturing, Fintech, Growth Hacking, Events Marketing, Education & Training, Hospitality, Pet Care, etc and pride in delivering them an exquisite bench strength with the right combination of seasoned IT needs, to deliver best-in-class enterprise-grade software.

Cloud computing makes them different

CodeBlock is a pioneer in developing web applications on Serverless architecture especially on AWS (Amazon Web Services), which is a lesser-known to many companies who are still working on cost-ineffective server-based architecture.

There are many clients who want to reduce their IT infrastructure costs without compromising on scalability and security, CodeBlock becomes their first choice for them and sets the nature of one of its kind.

Majority of the CodeBlock’s clients are elite Technical organizations in IT from the US, Europe, Australia & New Zealand. After evaluating so many companies they have shortlisted them by their own that makes them different in the market. Having known of their technical expertise and value-added services, there is a bleak difference left between their clients, team, and themselves.

The Mainstay of the company: Clientele 

Ethics remains their top priority, which comes even before customer satisfaction. This is their shared vision with clients. When an organization knows they have engaged the right IT partner, who are ethical, technically sound and lives by their commitment, they start to focus on their business growth. Hence they successful in binding the clientele trust.

They are designated to be “the Partner of choice” by their clients and are an integral part of their growth strategy.

Over the years, they’ve set benchmark standards in cloud technologies and serverless architecture that help them optimize infrastructure costs and maximize process revenue.

Role of Scrutiny

CodeBlock continually invests in R&D to adapt to newer technologies and the latest trends, it not only provides them an edge over our competition but also develops a new method in improving what is already existing. If something is working excellent it does not mean it cannot be improved.

Powered by our extensive R&D experience, competence in the use of the latest tools, platforms, and technologies, they have achieved significant reduction in “Time to Market”.

Entrepreneurs are leading the way into the future 

“Entrepreneurs are essential to the global economy, they ask tough questions, drive to the innovation and compete with big business.”

Earlier the Software applications were part of businesses, now many businesses have developed themselves with software applications as their core, For Example Oyo. It develops the Hospitality industry to its existing centuries and its expansion is driven by hefty investments in infrastructure, which takes deep pockets and years to build. Oyo has changed many rules, same goes for Ola, Flipkart, etc. There are lots of opportunities in the market to tap and build next-gen enterprises as emerging entrepreneurs.

Employees and Society 

Everyone is treated equal and it’s Democracy at CodeBlock. Most of the policies and workplace culture are formulated with suggestions, voting and joint decisions, which keeps the entire team intact and helps in making a better part of building good company culture.

To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.~Doug Conant

CodeBlock has over 70% female strength, which includes few who have started with them again in their second Inning (after a maternity break), their work culture gives pace to every employee attached with their team. With flexibility, the great work-life balance and having the opportunity to contribute to the development of the latest technologies, CodeBlock always tries to be a second home for its employees. It’s an amazing bond to work here.

Apart from work, Mr. and Mrs. Bansal, spend their time on games and found that very challenging. They play some of the Indoor games like T.T. and Pool and believe that they are the greatest stress busters to both of them.

Future of CodeBlock

A positive grip on their existing team of customers and the branding outcomes for them defines the futuristic growth of their company. A strong business understanding of inner needs is one thing, but keeping it real to solve is another. Hereby, the future belongs to them as they totally maintain their value for all.

Their company does not expect results overnight, but they always try hard and keep at it, to attain their goals. The Success comes to you once, you’ve put and applied the glue better. They always get the proper support and connectivity to the team sponsorship from the top to end and that helps the better future outcomes. Besides that they are highly capable of steering teams in the best place it can be. The founder Mr. Bansal, plays an important role in managing the dedicated budget for future and company’s requirements.  He always cares about the team with a sound understanding of the best practice, appreciation for the rigor required to tackle the entire company running process.

CodeBlock has two verticals – Services & Products. Both the verticals are built on their ability to deliver end to end applications, which people love to use. With a rapidly growing user base on the SaaS applications developed by them, the clients are also rapidly expanding their portfolio and be the right part of secured income sources for them.

Lastly, the message they would like to give to the readers of the Business Connect magazine.

“Intelligent Software applications have widely impacted the business growth of many companies and had responded with higher than most optimistic ROI, so today if you have not invested in any software application for your business or in a company that builds it, the time is ticking.”

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