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Communications Training Is The Key To Future Digital Economy

Communications Training Is The Key To Future Digital Economy

Written by: Dr. Amit Mishra

When we discuss managerial insights, to hone “effective communication” or “soft skills” or “Communication skills” is always on the top. It is the best introductory dynamic step in professional development as it increases your impact, leads your team and transforms your business entirely. In recent times Soft skills or employability skills are being included in schools, colleges, and the internship program’s curriculum and is at the center of new business Start-ups.

In business, Good communication between the manager and team members hallmarks a thin line between successful performance and lackluster performance. With the expansion of ICT (Information and Communication technology) in recent years, especially in developing countries, has led the availability of the best collaboration and team communication software’s (Google docs, Igloo, Troop messenger, Skype, Animations, Twitter, Instagram) making communication process achievable today for every Young Entrepreneur to put his business on the right track. It helps in flawless communication with clients and the team.

Effective communication increases the accountability of employees ensures collaboration and teamwork. Recent results of Lok Sabha elections 2019 held in India is the perfect example of high productivity because of powerful communication. Mr. Narendra Modi, one of the most popular leaders in the world, being the best communicator, pulled 303 seats for his party BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) and stunned the entire opposition parties with the outstanding results.

For the communication to be productive, the receiver must figure out exactly the same idea or information that the communicator is interested to transmit. A manager should have proficiency in all the three types of communications viz., Speaking-Listening, Writing-Reading, and Visualising-Observing. Always consider readiness in communicating thanks and gratitude as a valuable act.

In the English language, the derivation of the word communication has been from the Latin word “Comunics” which means “Common”. Thus communication precisely stands for sharing of common views. Basically, it is a process of transmission of ideas. It is also a process of transmission of methods, a process of transmission of skills and a process of transmission of thoughts. The clothes worn by an individual also communicate. The eyes and facial expressions communicate non-verbally, in fact, the entire body communicates technically termed as body language.

The language chosen for communication must be easily understood and appreciated by everyone. Peter Drucker, one of the most widely known management gurus, while analyzing the modern management gave vast emphasis on the significance of impressive communication. According to him, the manager is truly a communicator. Anybody who has to manage something needs a specific means. That means is information. The purpose is to motivate, guide and organize people. For that, he requires either a written or a spoken word.

In India, the Vedic ages (1500BC – 600BC) recorded advancement in science, literature, mathematics, engineering and logical analysis through effective communication only. Vachaspati Mishra, an Indian Philosopher, written article ‘SankhyaKarika’ titled ‘Sankhya Tatwa Kaumudi Tika’ in 6 BC gives useful guidelines in medical science, how to investigate theories and propositions before reaching to any conclusion.

How to improve communication in your team?

  • Define the goals, projects, milestones, deadlines and expectations of employees putting achievable goals each individual separately, speak plainly and politely.
  •   Deliver a clear message to the team what you want them to do avoiding confusion.
  • Among mediums to communicate, Face to Face communication is the best but in case it is not possible direct messaging is a good option with Skype, e-mail, or issuing a memo.
  • Involvement of employees is vital and so the accessibility of key persons is a must. Lines of communication should have an open environment.
  • Listening to the team members at every juncture is of utmost importance. A true listening shows respect and solves many unwanted issues.

Hence, it is important for Young Entrepreneurs to understand that business communication is of paramount importance for a successful business in modern times. An inclusive, sustainable, and trustworthy digital economy in India is possible only by training effective communication skills in the workforce.

Effective communication is inevitable for success in business as the binding affinity of the individual, group, organization, and community in all human societies is possible only by strong transmission of information. In today’s business, because of changes in the employee’s needs, Young Entrepreneurs must ensure that the environment provided is encouraging and gratifying much more than just physiological and safety needs.

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