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Comp-Point Systems (|) Pvt. Ltd.

Comp-Point Systems (|) Pvt. Ltd.

Tech Innovators: Comp-Point’s Journey in Revolutionizing Education


Comp-Point, founded in the mid-nineties during the dawn of computers in India, has continuously expanded its presence in the technology field. With a strong footprint in over a thousand schools, colleges and institutes, the company provides cutting-edge tech educational labs ranging from Robotics and AI to Language Learning and Smart-Tech. Our commitment to experiential learning echoes the ancient saying, “I Hear, I Forget; I See, I Remember; I Do, I Understand.”

Our courseware, developed by professionals from esteemed institutions, aligns with CBSE/ICSE standards. Backed by ISO 9001 certification and 33 years of excellence, Comp-Point has received prestigious awards and recognition. As the demand for coding and STEM education escalates, we pioneer the integration of AI and big data, offering AI-based Tinker kits and programmable humanoids, revolutionizing classroom teaching and empowering students.

Comp-Point’s Robotics Revolution

Comp-Point recognized the gap between available resources and students aspirations, leading to the Robotics Revolution in 2003. Over the past 20 years, CompPoint and its sister concern, Robot-STEM Point, have been instrumental in constructing skill development courses.

Imparting technology to 1000+ schools and colleges, Comp-Point has transformed millions of students into future technocrats. The company’s extensive installations of Digital Language Labs, Robotics Labs, STEM Labs, Maths Tech Labs, EVS/ATL and AI Labs across the country solidify its position in the technology sector.

The Dynamic Shift

In the past decade, the industry landscape has witnessed remarkable transformations, with changes occurring at an unprecedented pace. The demand for quick results and maximum output in minimal time has propelled the IT/AI industry to new heights. Simultaneously, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has revamped its educational approach, shifting from rote learning to creative learning in line with the NEP 2020 guidelines.

This groundbreaking reform has acted as a catalyst, nurturing brilliant minds with a strong focus on technology. As a result, our company has experienced exponential growth, prompting us to develop AI kits and revamp the Robotics Syllabus, catering to the evolving needs of the masses.

Triumph Over Challenges

Our stringent tech team fearlessly embraced challenges, determined to excel in the tech field. These obstacles toughened us, making us resilient in the face of adversity. As the saying goes, top position is never a bed of roses and convincing people to embrace technology in their daily lives proved to be an arduous task. To address this, we developed serving humanoids that assist doctors, patients and the elderly, bringing joy with their communicative gestures.

Cost was a challenge in the Indian market, but we focused on affordable eco-models, ensuring accessibility for all. These hurdles didn’t dampen my leadership; instead, they strengthened my resolve as a born leader who swims against the tides. Our intentions were clear: to serve society and destiny has always been by our side, creating a powerful bond with the courageous hearts driving our mission.

Seamless Operations and Expanding Reach

In our business, we seamlessly operate using both B2B and B2C models, catering to a wide range of clients. Our tech products are readily available through various social media platforms, attracting schools, colleges, hospitals, cafés, hotels and more. These establishments, along with our PAN India channel partners, reach out to us for their technological needs.

With a rich history as pioneers in the IT field and now venturing into Artificial Intelligence-based robots and associated products, client acquisition has never been a challenge for us. Across ten states in India, our channel partners efficiently capture market leads and promptly secure them. We boast a robust service network nationwide, ensuring immediate support for our clients. This level of responsiveness leads to repeat orders and fosters goodwill within the industry, strengthening our market position.

Pioneering Success

The undeniable truth is that pioneers reap the rewards. As the IT boom swept through the education sector, Comp-Point emerged as the leader in the nineties. Over time, priorities shifted and robotics emerged as a new frontier.

The market flourished and traditional chalk and blackboard education transformed into immersive 2D/3D Smart Education. The invention of 3D printers revolutionized product creation within the same ecosystem. With the addition of STEM and AI education, Comp-Point’s dominance as a leader in robotics continues to grow, making its mark in the education and hospitality sectors.

Fueling Growth with Unique Value Proposition

Our Unique Value Proposition (UVP) has been instrumental in our outstanding growth since 1995. Through our strategic marketing approach, we inform clients about our novel products, setting us apart. Fast messaging and effective channels keep them informed and engaged. We define target customers, analyze competition, identify USP and iterate to meet evolving needs. This adaptive and optimistic strategy propels us forward in a dynamic environment.

Innovating In-House

Research and Development (R&D) forms the backbone of our technology-based company. We pride ourselves on not importing any major components or kits, as all our products are indigenously designed and proudly made in India. This approach fuels our drive for innovation, allowing us to create cutting-edge products efficiently and costeffectively.

With extensive warranties and 3–5-years spare parts support, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Our R&D team comprises of talented engineers from esteemed institutions like REC, IIT, NIT, DCE, MAIT alongside professionals from FMS and DSE Delhi, ensuring top-notch expertise.

Embracing the Future

Comp-Point has always been at the forefront of futuristic projects, perceiving the future as the present. In the coming years, robots will serve people in cafes and hotels, becoming emotional companions for the elderly and ensuring timely medicine administration. Students will engage in immersive 3D/4D projects, embracing a digitalized learning environment.

Indigenized humanoids will communicate with college students, providing career guidance. Hi-end IoT/AI robotic kits will be developed to enhance students’ understanding of concepts, poised to make a global impact. Personal medical kits, operated through user-friendly apps, will empower individuals with tools like ECG kits. The future promises a revolutionary era driven by technology and logic.

Dr. Parveen Narang’s Exemplary Career Journey

His career journey began with accolades as a gold medalist in school and a silver medalist at the pre-university level. He soared to new heights by graduating with distinction in BTech (Electronics) from RECK. In 2020, He was bestowed an honorary doctorate in STEM/Robotics. Supported by a formidable tech team led by Mr. Atul Mishra, Dr. Narang’s 33-year journey has been fueled by an unwavering commitment to excel.

Demonstrating mini robots and robo-teachers nationwide, Comp-Point showcased the potential of voice-based AI technology, paving the way for revolutionary advancements in education. Despite economic downturns in 2020-2022, Comp-Point’s pioneering spirit prevailed. Selling over 100 humanoids across various fields, the company is now upgrading its technology to incorporate silicon-based natural facial expressions.

The next target is to develop humanoid robots that closely resemble human movements with arm/hand gestures. By 2024, CompPoint aims to double its revenue by introducing features like multilingual lip movements and blinking eyes. Undeterred by obstacles, the company’s aspirations reach for the sky, personifying VIPs and politicians, enabling their presence anywhere through their robotic counterparts

From Struggle to Success: Empowering Students with Technology Education

In the year 1990, the introduction of IT education faced resistance from parents and school principals. However, our dedicated team persistently visited schools, striving to convince them of the value of computer education. Finally, a breakthrough came in 1990, with just 100 students embracing the opportunity. By 2010, our efforts had impacted ten million students who went on to secure positions in renowned companies like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, TCS and Infosys.

These students received computer education from the grassroots level, provided by our team in schools. After 2010, we pioneered the wave of robotics, despite initial resentment from parents and school authorities. By showcasing the concepts of 3D, the functioning of robotic kits and introducing AI/IoT, we garnered irresistible interest. The CBSE’s NEP 2020 guidelines further emphasized skill development.

Our accomplishments in the technology field have earned us accolades from esteemed figures such as the Late CM of Delhi, the former LG of Delhi, Commerce Minister Shri Piyush Goyal, Transport Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari, celebrities like Mr. Arbaaz Khan and Mr. Raza Murad, sportsman Mr. Virender Sehwag, Global Quality Awards, TAI (Toy Biz) Awards, Best Computer Book Awards from FEPI and even personal greetings from the Prime Minister.

Dominating the Market

Comp Point has secured an impressive 50% market share in the EDU Robots/ Humanoids/STEM Labs/AI/Robotics Labs segment, setting us apart from any other company in India. Our relentless R&D efforts continuously enhance the performance of our humanoids and robotic kits.

We have successfully established AI/ ROBO Labs and humanoids across multiple states, including J&K, Chandigarh, Delhi, Haryana, UP, Telangana, West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan. In the next three years, we will launch new models of humanoids integrated with AI hardware, featuring lively front-screen videos and natural, expressive silicon faces.

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