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A Pioneering Consulting Firm, Creating A Better World Through Esg, Sustainability And Business Excellence Consulting

Spearheading the domain of management consultancy and enabling businesses to overcome obstacles in risk management, business excellence, sustainability, and ESG Consultivo stands out as a beacon of brilliance with unwavering dedication and a commitment to excellence.

Led by the visionary CEO and Chief Mentor, Mr. Saikat Basu, and the dedicated Director, Ms. Madhabi Guha, and Ms. Medha Basu, Lead, Communications and Engagement, Consultivo has successfully accomplished 2000+ projects across the value chain and served 500+ clients in over 4 continents and 19 countries.

Positioned as a leader in the ever-evolving field of ESG consulting, Consultivo has partnered with esteemed universities, research centres, and industry associations to build effective business solutions tailored to clients’ needs. The company adheres to over 200 national and international codes, standards, and guidelines and embodies a transformative journey propelling companies toward accelerated growth.

The Genesis and Initial Team Formation at Consultivo

Two inspiring visionaries, Saikat Basu and Madhabi Guha, laid the foundation for Consultivo in June 2009 with the shared goal of creating a better world through sustainability and business excellence consulting.

After inception, creating a robust and scalable team at Consultivo, a pivotal aspect of the advisory and consulting firm, revolves around the recognition of individuals as pivotal contributors to delivering high-quality outcomes. Their team-building strategy encompasses the selection of two distinct profiles.

Those in the first category are those who have core competencies in different areas of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and sustainability. To guarantee that the clients receive the highest-calibre consulting, auditing, training, and CSR advisory services that are customer-requirement-focused. These professionals go through rigorous training and calibration.

The second category consists of people who have either recently graduated or have not had much experience in business. The organization has painstakingly created an internship program and other activities to foster this talent’s potential.

A Comprehensive Suite of Services

Blazing the path to success for those who seek its expert counsel, Consultivo offers 100+ solutions in social, safety, environment, climate change energy, management systems, organisational development, and human capital across the value chain. It provides these solutions at the strategic and operational levels through training, research, assurance, and advisory services.

ESG and sustainability solutions include the development of a sustainability strategy, a voluntary sustainability standard (VSS), sustainability reporting as per the GRI, SASB, CDP and other standards, materiality assessment and study, stakeholder engagement, water sustainability management, carbon footprint, energy audit and conservation, ethical supply chain management, due diligence, and related services.

Major industry sectors where Consultivo has worked include:

• Metal & Mining
• Engineering
• Cement
• Oil and gas
• Chemical
• Construction
• Hospital
• Mall and Warehouse
• Technology and Telecom
• Supply Chain
• Agribusiness

Negating the COVID Pandemic

COVID has affected every industry, vertical, and business operation. Throughout the pandemic, Consultivo crafted approximately ten solutions available for online delivery to customers. These offerings include online culture and perception surveys, remote auditing, interviews, and more, leveraging advanced technology.

To help the team adjust to these new skill sets, they also made an investment in upskilling them. In addition to protecting them from layoffs during the COVID-19 pandemic, this proactive strategy gave the firm better opportunities in the post-pandemic environment.

Embracing the Newest Tech Developments

Consultivo has been inherently tech-focused since its incorporation. They provide clients with solutions based on technology platforms, software, and tools by harnessing human contacts, knowledge, and expertise. Their qualitative and quantitative analytics solutions are entirely reliant on cutting-edge software and AI tools.

Clientele and Corporate Ethos: At a Glance

Consultivo caters to three distinct customer segments.

• The first type or segment comprises of several well-known international brands like Coca-Cola, IFC (International Finance Corporation, a World Bank Group organization), KfW Bank, ZERO, Yokogawa, Suzuki, Holcim, Lafarge, Toyota, Diageo, Clariant, Hyundai, JCB, Capgemini, and more.

• The second segment consists of the greeted Indian conglomerates, including Tata Steel, Tata Communications, Tata Consumer Products, Aditya Birla Group Companies, L&T, ITC, ONGC, IOCL, ACC, Berger Paints, Bridge and Roof, CESC, CDSL, IGL, Godrej, and Exide, among others.

• The third segment involves national and international development organizations like Tata Trusts, Solidaridad, IDH, OCA, Rainforest Alliance, ETP, and others.

Positive word of mouth, referrals, delivering high-quality services, fostering innovation, and adhering to ethical practices are some of the major ways Consultivo gains and maintains the confidence of top-tier organizations.

The Significance of R&D

To stay ahead of the curve as market leaders and problem solvers, Consultivo is highly focused on investing in research and development, spanning both product and process domains. Innovation is ingrained in Consultivo as a methodical process that conforms to the CII Innovation Maturity Framework to bring about subtle enhancements and revolutionary changes in their practices and services.

Several of their innovative solutions have emerged as market leaders in their respective domains. Their exclusive safety culture transformation program, “SMILe,” is especially noteworthy for its customized approach to the subtle cultural differences and pragmatic factors of the Indian subcontinent.

Other proprietary solutions include ‘AagniSafe,’ a fire risk management tool; ‘ImpactMap,’ a CSR and social impact mapping tool; and ‘ProtoSafe,’ a safety management tool.

Their ongoing developments in the field of ESG and sustainability consulting solidify the company’s position as the preferred choice for clients looking for innovative solutions.

A Culture of Motivation and Dedication

As a consulting firm with a primary emphasis on people and their competencies, Consultivo’s team embraces thoughtfully designed motivation programs. Their measures for positive reinforcement include well-defined career growth tracks, flexible work schedules, a hybrid home-office work paradigm, and extensive training and competence-building procedures. They prioritize appreciation and recognition by implementing policies that make duties, power, and accountability crystal clear.

Complementing these interventions are their financial schemes, including loyalty bonuses, monthly performance incentives, yearly performance bonuses, and surprise gifts.

Awards and Achievements

Throughout its incredible journey, Consultivo has earned prestigious accolades, including being honoured with Business Excellence Awards, SHE Awards, and OHS Awards, in recognition of its outstanding processes and performances. Further, this MSME organization is NSIC-registered and certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 17020 standards by international bodies.

Exploring the Future Horizons

Consultivo is strategically poised for future growth, with a focus on expanding its global footprint. Moving forward, the organization aims to tap into emerging markets, broadening its global footprint. To support this expansion, Consultivo is committed to building a more extensive and diverse resource pool, ensuring a wealth of expertise to meet the evolving needs of clients worldwide.

Simultaneously, Consultivo is gearing up to provide more tech-driven solutions, leveraging the most recent developments to enhance its service offerings. Slate of Swan is the first spin-off that provides impact communication solutions to organisations.

A Piece of Advice from the Visionary

Advising aspiring consultants, Saikat Basu shares, “Make the customer your focal point. Understand their needs, listen actively, and build solutions that address their pain points. Rather than fixating on problems, cultivate a mindset to deliver solutions. Challenges are inevitable, but viewing them as opportunities for innovation will set you apart in the business landscape.”


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