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How Cooking Can Bring Harmony in Life

How Cooking Can Bring Harmony in Life

By: Ashwathy Nair

Want to be a genius in cooking? – Add a pinch of mindfulness, a flake of creativity, and a drop of focus. Then gently blend it together, bake it in a slow oven, and observe your state of mind rising. Serve it hot with a plate of satisfaction. This is the way you can enhance your mood in the kitchen, cooking is a wonderful method that helps in satisfying the body’s need for food and is recognized as a way of nurturing the mind.

People nowadays are so busy with moving in this fast-paced life that they hardly find time to cook. The easiest solution they end up with is to order food from restaurants that would satisfy their taste buds. But have you ever thought that you can cook your food by yourself according to your satisfaction? The consumption of food is safest and healthier when it is cooked at home.

Yes! I agree that food from restaurants is tastier than made at home but why not trying to make the same restaurant food at home? You may fail once or twice but trying it several times would lead you to the same satisfaction.

Cooking comes up with some positive psychological benefits that would bring harmony in life:

A selfless act, when cooked for others

Cooking brings connectivity to people. Our childhood is spent on eating home food cooked by our mom. There has always been a feeling of satisfaction when she fed us. There is a saying that, a mother puts all her love into making food for her family and that is visible in the food. That is what connects us to her, the mixture of love and care. Cooking for others is nurturing, it is sustenance.

A tool to improve relationships

Cooking builds special memories, remember the good old days when during vacations you end up in messing up the kitchen, then mom comes to your rescue and teaches how to manage things in the kitchen. Those times were filled with the excitement of learning new things. How can someone forget the pleasant aroma of brownies that you baked with your mom? Even sometimes when you fight with mom, just enter the kitchen to help her out with small kinds of stuff and you will see that you both ended up in having fun cooking together.

A form of self-care
There is always a self-care part of cooking. When we cook something, we add up a lot of creativity into it which makes the dish look more vibrant. Cooking is an act of making nourishment for yourself and taking the time to feed your body is important. Cooking for yourself not only helps you to eat healthily but also helps in raising confidence.

There is a cumulative effect of cooking that it shows a self-care when you cook for yourself, it helps in taking care of others when you cook for other by putting an ingredient of love in it, it hits on meeting the basic needs for oneself as food is the most important part of life. Cooking is a feeling of connection and happiness that brings people together.

Entering the kitchen opens up a path to endless opportunities that expresses your creativity and leads you to the art of gratification. Spending quality time in the kitchen helps one to ease stress and restlessness, it also enhances mindfulness and brings harmony to life.

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