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The Coronavirus in India: How to Prepare for the Great Unknown

The Coronavirus in India: How to Prepare for the Great Unknown

Mark Taiwan once said, “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” This thought I have been keeping in mind for a quite few years when I realized that too much worrying about something that probably doesn’t matter in my cases and never going to happen. In January I heard that a virus is spreading all across the world from China. At the moment I took simply just because of this thought.

But On March 25, 2020, Indian prime minster Modi announced that India is going to be completely lockdown for 21 days. At the moment, this thought blew up. I never knew in such kind of incident is going to happen. Later, I started drawing a big picture in my mind how our lives and cities are going to look like. I’m sure most of you have pictured it as well.

Since at the moment, we are unknown and don’t know how long this virus will be around us, so I have made a few checklists to stay productive while not being fully active.

Stay Informed
The COVID 19 pandemic is making our life miserable these days, we have been instructed by the government to stay home as much as possible and keep washing hands and many more. In such a situation, there are a lot of fake news are being viral via Social media, and most people don’t know what are the truths about it.

To get rid of misconception, you have to update yourself so that you can act accordingly. Here you can believe in some genuine websites. If you are looking COVID 19 pandemic related news or new update, you should check out the WHO (World Health Organization) website.

Stay healthy
The more important thing to do is stay healthy. Gyms are closed and there are very few grocery stores are running at the moment. I would highly recommend you make some exercise environment at home. You can do exercise on your terrace or in your own room. Since every junk food shops and restaurants are shut down, people are cooking foods themselves at home, which is great for our health. But don’t fall into the trap of drinking all night and sleeping all day.

Get medical help if you need it
If you are sick or feeling unwell, I would suggest you make a call to your family doctor or near the hospital. Tell them about your symptoms, also, you can inform doctors via mobile phone about your neighbourhood illness (in case they are not going to doctor). We should lead by example in our leadership to aid our societies to return to a wealthy and healthy state. The advantage to community and overall business would be fruitful eventually.

Maintain your Finance
Economists have been doing math since they have heard that the whole world is locked down. People have been told that the whole market will be close except for essential business. I know this is more important to prevent the virus. But the most important thing you have to consider how long your saving balance will put food on your table and pay your bills without revenue coming in.

This is about deficiency control, new revenue streams, and communication. Weather, you have a business that is still running or your revenue stream is shut down for a limited period of time.

You have to keep updating your customers and employees about when you are going to potentially be up and open again, and what are you providing if you are still running, and start figuring out ways to monetize things your business or brand can provide that might you never even thought before.

Be grateful
Seeing such kind of situation, it is easy to have fear and uncertainty around us, which can let us fall down the rabbit hole of depression and negativity. With every single day that passes, it will be another missed opportunity, so don’t miss it and be grateful, just do what you like to do by staying home because the day is coming closer and once again we will back to our normal life and all of us being able to pursue our endurance again.

Positively change your perspective about this situation and look at it as a productive vacation. Be grateful for what you have instead of fretting about what we don’t.

Help the community
As we all are in quarantine and we are missing things out, but there are a lot of people who are doing much worse in this situation. In spite of lockdown, a lot of people are returning home from metropolitan towns because they don’t have enough food and essential things to live life. So, if you can help them in any way, we strongly suggest you do so. In this way, you can make lockdown successful.

Although, there are a lot of NGOs and social activists are helping those people now. Recently, I watched a video where an IAS officer was distributing foods among the homeless and daily wage people. However, that is not enough for such kind of population we all have to contribute ourselves to help others.

Keep fighting the good fight
Currently, we all are in a very challenging time and we want to get out of this situation. At the time all we can do is follow the above steps. Also, keeping in mind those five points that keep you safe from the virus.

One more important thing, be thankful to those doctors who are working so hard to recover coronavirus patients.

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